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January 25, 2022, 10:59:16 pm

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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 180  (Read 1211 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 180
« on: February 13, 2010, 11:49:07 am »
February 12th [180] - Olive Garden Truly Likes Us...

I did not go to Haight and Ashbury because other things came up. More important things now that I found out the reason why Big Black Chocolate Thunder did not want to go to Haight and Ashbury. I respect her wishes and understand her adamant reasons about not going to Haight. Chocolate Thunder was kind enough to make it up by suggesting we all go out to Olive Garden. After the last time we hit the Olive Garden a week and a half ago, I wondered if the old waiter would remember serving us. By serving us, hopefully, he remembered how much we laughed and cracked dirty jokes. Olive Garden was not lying at all about their expression of 'when you are here, you are family' because the waiter, T.M., felt like an older brother rolling and laughing at our dirty jokes.

We did not get T.M as our waiter but another funny and handsome male. He even gave N and Chocolate Thunder an extra soup even though it is against policy to split more than one soup at a time. He also made N. who is now twenty-one a Shirley Temple and while the three of us walked over to Olive Garden, N. declined having alcohol placed into her Shirley Temple. I tasted a bit of her Shirley Temple while N. and Chocolate Thunder took the whip cream from my Strawberry Daiquiri with no alcohol. I too, did not want to walk drunk back and forth to the mall and get arrested by mall security. Nonetheless, the three of us laughed and enjoyed ourselves. Now, you have to understand how our friendship works because anyone walking by would think we loathe one another with insults we fling at one another.

We love each other and have become fast and good friends. Hell, we now change in front of one another while keeping up a conversation. The three of us yell in the apartment because we are too comfortable in our seats or wherever we are to move around to talk. We are comfortable and we like to poke fun at one another. At first, it was awkward because N. is not, how to put it bluntly, white.

Nothing wrong with the fact she is but when I met her and I joked that I planned to cross the border this weekend for kicks and giggles, N did not know whether to laugh or ask if I was here without papers. Give a bit of background, N. was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA and she comes from a middle class family. Her parents are very nice people who I have met and are aware of the fact we all rib each other for fun. In fact, N. told her mother over the phone I called N. a certain word because we were trying to throw the better insults to one another because we both have a class together on Multicultural Counseling. In our class, we had to come up for stereotypes and insults people used against themselves and other races. This is how the insult went if my memory does not falter (anyone who finds offense, I suggest you skip a paragraph or two down or you can leave this thread if it gets to be too much).

Moi: You racist b#$%^.

N.: Oh yeah? You still work for me. Go washo the windows, ese.

Moi: I rather wash your husband's b@#$%. I am sleeping with him since he cannot stand sleeping with a frigid b#$%^ like you.

N.: My husband would not touch you jumping bean.

Moi: You know my four kids? Three of them are your husbands.

N: Just more brown babies to clean my toilets.

Moi: Oh yes, they clean your toilet...with your toothbrush!

By this point, the two of us are busting up laughing because she is flinging insults while cutting paper while I am making lunch. Now, if you did not know the relationship the three of us have with one another, you would think we are horrible people who are flinging derogatory comments at one another. Well, we do fling insults but at the end of the insult-fest, the three of us hug and kiss each other on the cheek. I guess it is because the three of us are in certain classes dealing with racism, classim, sexism and so forth that we want to remember the fact that while racism still exists even today (it may be subtle or in your face), we do not let it hit the three of us and tear us up inside.

The three of us know we make light of the situation to make a point that we are not going to let someone calling us, 'An illegal immigrant' or 'white cracker' or even a 'terrorist' eat away at us. We all know the truth. I know I am not an illegal immigrant sucking away at the benefits because I was born and raised in California, I am working two jobs to support myself and I have not filed for unemployment or feign an injury to receive worker's compensation. The same goes for Chocolate Thunder and N. They are secure in the knowledge that they will not let some male or female who flings insults at them to define who they are and what they are not in the eyes of anyone wishing to tear them down. I am glad to have found these two people and as we throw insults of who is the biggest cheap skate, we pay our tab and head to the mall.

I think when Chocolate Thunder's birthday comes up in October, I want to buy her a gift certificate to Sephora. Expensive store but Chocolate Thunder is worth it since she was the one to put on the makeup when I wore my red wig. Plus, she will be our makeup artists when we all dress up in drag on Sunday. I told her I want handle bar or an imperial mustache drawn on my face.

Though the drag is for Sunday and today we went to the mall where I found out Mrs. Fields can take one of their cookies and make a shake out of it. I was happy to spend five dollars on a huge milkshake that tasted delicious. Well, Chocolate Thunder put it more as 'epic milkshake' and I know we are all going to get sick from sharing food and drinks together. Who cares.

We made it back home where Chocolate Thunder and I watched 'A Knight's Tale' and on Saturday we are going to Fisherman's Wharf. We plan to take the Muni or rail because parking is going to be hell and having to pay a lot of money if we spend a few hours at the Wharf is not worth the pain. Plus, we can put the 12 dollars it would take to pay for parking on clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. I do not like clam chowder but I am all about the sourdough bowl. Alright, I think I hear the roommates waking up and I need to get ready for Fisherman's Wharf. I will make sure to have a few pictures posted up instead of my beautiful words later on tonight.

Tempting red apple in one hand and a whip in the other,

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments.