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Started by desert ashes, February 12, 2010, 07:18:11 PM

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desert ashes


The reverie won't come today, held back by the revered devil
who's trying to make me sway from the heaven I've claimed.
Dreaming of sweet Italia and fading into guilt-ridden charm;
an angel in disguise and lost in hell's playground.

Fighting so hard, creating the warfare against the mirrored truth.
My vision's clouded by an arsenal of color, a kaleidoscope of
bullets that have defined my golden simulation.

Playing to the hypnotic tune of nightmares and tears,
dancing to the rhythm of honored deceit and family scandal --
eyes wide to the promise of tomorrow and the clouds of yesterday.
A magician of twisted minds and a doll for silver society;
a treasured siren of lost muses and a dreamer to the unknown.

make me forget
how to breathe

leave me with the
taste of your sin
they will lie about you, insult you, hurt you,
betray you, injure  you, set you aflame and
watch you burn. but they will not, shall not,
c a n n o t, destroy  you. because  you, like
R o m e, were built  on ashes, and you, like
a phoenix, know how to rise and resurrect.
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let there be beauty born from ashes


Cara, è molto bello, grazie.