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June 21, 2018, 11:34:25 AM

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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 178  (Read 1707 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 178
« on: February 11, 2010, 02:09:47 AM »
Well, it seems things have gotten off course with this blog series. In fact, I have been bad in not updating everyone on what is going on with moi. I will say I am in a better place than a few months ago. Having moved out of a hell hole with crazy and psychotic ex-roommates helped to relax me a lot more. The pressure of having to deal with those women along with finishing out the first semester at San Francisco helped out a lot.

As of now, the roommate situation has been resolved by chucking the old ones and moving into a new place with my friends. The three of us have not stopped laughing and cracking jokes since we moved in on the 21st of January. In fact, a few days ago, I let one of the roommates who is makeup savvy made me to look like the ultimate beautiful chola. You can see the picture here but for the unapproved, you will merely have to wait until you can see the fabulous red hair I have along with the make up. It is not too garish and in fact, I enjoyed the way my eyebrows were drawn along with the lip liner. Sorry, but no glue stick was used to make myself look chongalicious.

Now, let us try to get back to Marguerite & The City. For those of you who are new, The City is San Francisco and I am the lovely Marguerite.

February 10 [178] - Back On Track...Until The Wheels Fall Off

I managed to wake my lovely behind up around seven in the morning because of S. who I now share a room with; I love her to death and doubt I could get too angry at her. Old roommates are gone and the new aura of N. and S. surround and support moi. Cracking open my eyelids, I silently watch S. put on her makeup for the day while I lay back in bed. Since the heater in our room does not work the apartment complex has given us a space heater to keep our behinds from freezing to death. Living in San Francisco, I know now to slap on layer or two no matter if the day looks sunny and bright. The space heater makes the room toasty and to the point I throw off the thick covers to cool off but I love it to death.

As I watch S. put on her makeup, I go through the list of things I need to do today. I have to shower because while I had my hair cut two weeks back, I have to be tedious in washing and prepping my hair. Seems from the damage I have given my curls has landed me to shorten my hair by several inches. Do not get me wrong, I adore the new look and it shapes my face in a flattering way but I cannot pull it back in a severe bun for class or for 'work' nor can I put it up in a clip because the strands are too short and usually fall around my face. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the fact I can style and prep my hair in different ways. Yes, male readers you can ignore this certain paragraph because it is talking about women's hair and how pretty and wonderful and exciting and too many damn and's to count. Still, be happy I am telling you to compliment a woman on her hair especially if it looks as if she had it recently dyed or cut. Do that and be rest assured it will give you brownie points to redeem at a later date.

After I managed to wake my whole being up around 8 in the morning and N. and S. went off to their morning classes, I hopped onto Elliquiy. As a mentor, I try to make sure to go through my duties and as a writer, once more go through my threads. Though lately, I have grown bored not of my mentoring duties but of my threads. Honestly, I am one to enjoy a face pace game but almost turning my two year anniversary on Elliquiy (in July) I know that good games take a while. Not to say the fast-paced ones are bad, take a look at the games I have with Eden, Consort, Kaz and others on my Elliwiki (I need to update the bloody thing) and you can see I enjoy writing like it was my drug. However, after seeing no reply has been made to games, I busied myself with my non-vanilla work, vanilla work and reading for my classes.

Those of you who are barely starting to get onto the Marguerite & The City blog wagon, I am a part-time Dominatrix in San Francisco and no I am not a prostitute. If you want to learn about what I do, you can always ask me in private or even look through my first few blog posts here on Elliquiy for more information. Now, for my vanilla work I am part of a group who aids in preschoolers and sing them songs. Yes, I, Marguerite, sing the eensy weensy spider and jump around with children. Scary thought since those who know me can see I do not enjoy being petted nor hugged without permission. Those who intrude on my personal space will know next time not to do it again with my stern words and smirk.

Why don't we skip it a few hours since the hours between showering and before heading off to class are a bit non-special. Though I will say I managed to end up on the floor laughing because the roommates and I made it a habit of doing the cheesy but always classic, 'That's what she said', comments. Now, onwards a few hours.

-Skip a few hours to where I am not dead Elliquiy tired-

Right now I feel drained. I know part of it is because of the class day being longer and taking a chance on attending three hour classes. I wanted to sleep in later in the morning and get my class done without going three times a week. Right now I am going to class two days a week and I work on two other days but somehow tonight took me out of it. The Adolescent Psychology class I am taking is two days a week for ninety minutes but it puts me to sleep. The room is comfortable that I could and the Professor sometimes falters in her lecture but I do enjoy it. Perhaps it is because I am not fully engaged in the class because she lectures, lectures and lectures, sometimes she asks for participation and we usually end the class with a video on adolescence. There is the first exam coming up this week but really, I could not care less about the damn class.

As for the two other classes, I do like the subject but the classes are three hour which sucks the energy from this female. Hell, it is more work than the last job where I had three men before my feet in a hotel room. They did not leave me with a headache and the need to sleep for hours. Well, the men were delicious enough to service a female all in their fantasy to cater to a female and fight for the right to take up the first position while the other two serviced one another. My other job as a Domina is going well enough and the roommates support me one hundred percent in what I do. Of course, I have to gloss over a few things for the youngest, S., because I do not want to warp her mind...just yet. Nonetheless, whenever I have clients, I call them and they call me to make sure all is going well. Though with the way I prepare myself for 'work', I am not going to end up in trouble.

However, Sexuality in Latino/a Communities and Counseling in Multicultural Communities are both draining in how I must spend three hours but it is only for one day. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy being about to talk about sexuality in one class and in another class talk about culture and expectations. Today, I talked in Counseling about the fact that while women should stick together and have one another's back, we can easily stab each other in the back to make it to the top. Not to say everyone is a back stabber but I am not going to lie nor make myself look like the goody two shoes. If I am up for a promotion against another woman, be rest assured I will make sure her ass never makes it past the starting line. In this economy, people are throwing others under the bus to be able to secure a job or keep their current one. I can attest to being thrown under the bus plenty of times by women especially those who I knew would one day have to throw me in order to get ahead. Still, it does not take the sting out of the betrayal.

Once class is over at 7 it is already night. Damn Daylight Savings Time by making night come faster than it should. Just like a male in puberty to get to his Eden in under fifteen seconds. Nonetheless, I am safe to carry my pepper spray and I am not going down without grabbing gonads or snatching out an eyeball Kill Bill style.

The Kill Bill style seems to be gearing towards the neighbor downstairs who we all suspect is dealing illegal narcotics. How do we know? The youngest roommate texted N. and I in the middle of class to let us know the police came by to arrest and take the suspected criminal to the police station. Apparently, the cops that have been around the apartment complex were here for him but I plan to get the story out of the cops if they come back around tomorrow and our apartment manager. I am not sad since the male made blatant wolf-whistles and comments towards the three of us since we moved in. Plus his erractic behavior and his tendency to smell like Mary Jane gave us a tip he was dealing in cannabis. Hopefully, the people living in the household with him are not thrown out because of his stupid actions.

After hearing about the neighbor and once I finished my counseling class, I managed to walk back to the apartment with my roommate/friend (who is also in the same class with moi) before ending up throwing myself into bed. I did end up going through Elliquiy before the need for a nap took over. Must have knocked my ass out because I did not hear the roommates cleaning up the house and vacuuming the white carpet we have. I hate the fact we have to take our shoes off (because we have white carpet) before entering into the house. If we are in rush, we must stop, put the shoes back on and run our asses down two flights of stairs. Once I made into the apartment, I headed to the room, changed into pajamas and threw myself onto my bed. I did not care there was clothes and hangers on the bed only that I wanted to sleep.

I woke up an hour later with a groggy head and watched Mulan with S. I unwound with PM's, checking a few things on Elliquiy and setting up appointments with clients for next weekend. Sorry, but this weekend is dedicated to the roommates/friends. Oh, you will enjoy the next blog post especially with Friday, Saturday and culminating with dressing in Drag on Sunday which is Valentine's Day. Screw having to feel mopey about being single, I plan to bust out in drag and pick up a man while on the way to see Valentine's Day. No holiday is going to put me in a bad mood.

Until next time and there will be a next update:

Tempting, red apple in one hand and a bull whip in the other,

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments.