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Started by Arkaniel, February 09, 2010, 01:01:23 PM

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I am looking for people to roleplay with. My interests are varied, and I have small plot-outlines for many stories in my head. Most of them are more focussed on a plot than on sex, even though adult scenes will be played out, as long as it fits with the story. Because I have so many likes and ideas, I am just going to list the kind of stories I would like. If any of these interest you, post her or PM me. I also like crossovers, alternate universes, playing with canon and non-canon characters,... you name it, it is most likely in here somewhere.

Current Crossover Cravings:

Star Wars/Buffy (A jedi becoming a scoobie)
Star Wars/Charmed (A Jedi crashing into Earth's witching World)
Harry Potter/Star Wars (Perhaps a weary Harry Potter or other Wizard finding himself in a Galaxy Far Far Away, during either the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War)

Also really craving Star Wars Stories in general, whether canon or OC!

Star Wars story can have any setting, though preferably pre-New Jedi Order, as I dislike it and most of what came afterwards, too. I like playing Luke Skywalker, but also several Original characters, going from new Jedi, Sith apprentices, adventurers, anything really. I just want this to be a typical star wars story, so with a perfect mixture of action, adventure, epic stuff, battles, intrigue, mystery and romance (and for Elliquiy, adult scenes added.)

As for pairings, my characters are all straight males. My partners are preferably women playing straight or possibly bisexual women. On and offs are alsways open for discussion, and ratings may vary from Light to Extreme.


Like the idea of Stargate role play.  What sort of characters or situations were you thinking?
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QuotePerhaps a weary Harry Potter or other Wizard finding himself in a Galaxy Far Far Away
An idea which always haunts me.
QuoteStar Wars/Charmed
Interesting, but I would only be able to play a boring Jedi.

I prefer to play female characters,
beginner at RP but willing to see it thru.


Sorry, I am looking for female players to females.

A male player with a female character is one of my few turn offs.


Hey, I'd love to try this out! I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and I would love to play a bisexual Jedi.