The stairs bit me!

Started by Lupus of Inritus, February 08, 2010, 11:53:09 PM

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Lupus of Inritus

Over the weekend my area got quiet a bit of snow. Most of it was around knee deep, but there were drifts that where thigh high. Sadly enough it falls on me to shovel us out. First I had to lower the snow level in the yard so the dog could use it. I could have left it and simply let her bounce through the chest deep to her snow, but I myself wouldn't like to have to sit in snow to relive myself so why would I make my dog? After that I came inside in an attempt to warm up, only to find that my neighbor across the alley was trying to get his minivan out of the alley. I ended up having to go down to help him get it unstuck and back in it's spot, falling into a very deep drift along the way. My eight year old son thought that was funny, so it was worth it. just as I thought I was going to be able to warm up .. the neighbor we share a walkway with asked when I was going to get that done. He's letting me use his yard to make the kids a snow fort, so I am shoveling his portion too. By the time I had the walkway cleared, my clothing had a layer of ice on it and there were some rather good sized chunks in my hair.
I come into the porch and nudge open the inner door with a pathetic little cry for help to which my mother tells me there is no help for me and pushed the door shut. A snicker later I repeat the action only to be told that abominable snowmen were not allowed in the house and have the door shut again. Several snickers later I nudge the door open again and she actually helps me get the frozen clothes off. In repayment I hovered over her while she talked to my sister on the phone, so that I could drip on her as my hair melted.
Later that night I had to trudge over to my fathers in order to assist him in digging out his work van from behind the house so that he could get out of the alley the next morning.

Morning comes and he calls to tell me that he got a call from one of his employers that a water heater had burst. My father is a general contractor and is the handyman for several people who each own thirty or more properties a piece. It's Sunday, so we won't be able to replace it even if we didn't already have plans for the day, but we need to go take a look to see what will be needed.
So while going down the steps into the basement to check .. the stairs jumped right up and bit me! Alright .. maybe I slipped and slid, but still ..
Managed to break skin on my elbow through my sweatshirt and jacket, but it didn't bleed. The main damage was to my poor butt. We checked out the job, and the woman who lives in the house was nice enough to give me some painkiller. We leave and stop by a convenience store for drinks, at which point my father decides to throw snowballs at me. I resort to covering my head with my jacket and limping away quickly while I get hit with them. We step in the store and as I lower my jacket I notice snow on my sweatshirt next to the front pouch, I peek inside to see a large snowball sitting there .. He claims the shot was intentional, but I have my doubts. As we leave he tries to convince me to throw the snowball at a cop car waiting at the light, to which I refuse on the grounds that it's illegal. He points out that technically hitting someone with a snowball is assault .. to which I pelt him with it and dart around the other side of the van.
Still, my butt is wounded .. The bruise that developed is a very dark purple and in a rather odd shape that has me confused. And of course it's sore, so I have to be very careful what I lean against or sit on.
The best part? We are supposed to get a repeat of this last storm again tomorrow (I suppose it would be today now, actually) night. Wonder what trouble I'll manage to get into this time ... :P
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