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Author Topic: It began with a Masquerade Ball (seek F for M&F play)  (Read 697 times)

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Offline silverstarTopic starter

It began with a Masquerade Ball (seek F for M&F play)
« on: February 07, 2010, 04:45:59 AM »
This is the summary for the story I have developed foundations for.  If you're interested, my 2nd post will have more information.
Please PM me if you want to play. This won't be first come first served, I hope to choose someone that seems a right fit with me on this one :)   

Basic Story:
Soren (19?20?) is the son of the King of Osskill.  However, he is not a rightful heir to the throne as he was born out of wedlock and of a commoner mother.
At a Royal Masquerade Ball in honor of the union between Osskill and Naera -the neighboring country they just ended a war with- he meets a lovely masked lady, and sparks fly. 
Neither of them yet know that She(18?), who happens to be the Princess of Naera, is to be betrothed to the rightful Prince of Osskill, Soren's half-brother, to cement the allegience between the two nations.

About Me:
-I'm a female, and most often play female characters.  However, my current inspiration leads me to a story in which I prefer to be the Male character.
-I'm experienced playing as various male characters, so I imagine you will have fun playing with me as long as you don't mind :)

-I'm looking for a female that will be descriptive and creative, and care about developing a fun and interesting story line with me.   
-I'd like for us to share in the task of making this a full world, including playing side character bits at times.
-I'd like the story to have dramatic turns, adventure, and of course sexual tension and a developing romance.
-I am trying this as a Forum RP, as I will not always have extended amounts of free time that coincide with your schedule (so you might play this game in addition to others:). However I will consistently contribute to our thread, and hopefully our free time will overlap for quicker turnarounds sometimes.

Looking forward to meeting you :)

Offline silverstarTopic starter

Re: It began with a Masquerade Ball (seek F for M&F play)
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2010, 05:23:33 AM »
Inspirations (where my head is at as I crave this RP):
I'm inspired by A Song of Fire and Ice series for the themes of power struggle, arranged marriages for royal politics, and also the king's bastard son.
Escaflowne's power struggles also inspire me, as well as the setting of the strange tech/medieval fusion.  I imagine the timeline to be closer to this. Less "primitive" medieval.
Romeo and Juliet - I'd like there to be a whirlwind star crossed love story that begins quite like R + J.

The setting:
The story is set in a fantasy other-world in its own time of renaissance.
I'm drawing from medieval, victorian goth, and a more elegant steampunk.

The Story:
Two major kingdoms, Osskill and Naera, have recently finished a war in truce and are beginning an alliance.
A grand masquerade ball is held in celebration of the newfound peace. The anonymity of the guests is meant to encourage conversation, camaraderie, and leave aside the distinction between the two nations.

   My character is Soren.  He is the bastard son of the King of Osskill.  He was born shortly before the King was married and began a legitimate family of heirs.  He was not welcome as part of this family, but he was raised on the castle grounds as a something of a squire, (perhaps an apprentice to the master at arms). 
   Soren grew up alongside his half-brother, and heir to the throne, Prince Jaegar.  They were childhood playmates, and later on partners in the Prince's arms training.  They became best friends and enjoyed a healthy rivalry in all of their games.
   Soren's heritage is not a secret to those at the castle, and not really a point of interest or drama to anybody including himself.  He is not treated as royalty, but also not as a disgrace. Though, the Queen has never liked the idea that Soren exists or that he remains at the castle. But the king's decisions are not to be questioned.

Your character is a princess from the opposing nation Naera now joining forces with mine.  We meet at the Masquerade ball, and fall for each other. The problem is, you are arranged to be married to Prince Jaegar in the name of unity between the two countries.

How quickly we fall in love, whether we know of eachother's identities, or at what point either of us discovers your engagement - this we can determine together beforehand or during play.

   I have a backstory and personality idea for Soren and Osskill. As for your character's personality and kingdom, I'd like for you to have fun with it and bring what you'd like to these aspects. Though I'd like to request that she be a princess with inner strength and will.  I don't prefer that she is the purely helpless and "innocent" sort. Just realistically headstrong for a princess...
   When it comes to sex, I prefer that she be spirited and interested in sex. Not annoyingly timid or in need of coercion/convincing/force.  Though I expect that she would be a virgin as a young princess might realistically be. Soren may be as well, we can discuss that.  Not looking for anything sexually extreme/fetishy between these two.  Just general youthful excitement about sex and first love.

My taste in looks for these characters, so we're on the same page:
   In both men and women, my fantasy characters are graceful creatures.
   Soren will be averagely tall, lean build. Not into overly muscular/beefy macho men.  He's young so he'll be maybe a bit ruggedly cute, but something beautiful about his face. I guess I like a bit of prettiness in my guys, hopefully whoever plays with me will enjoy that sort of guy.
   For the girl, anywhere petite to tall is fine but I imagine the proportions will always be lengthy, slender, and lithe. I like faces that are beautiful in the sweet and gentle sort of way. I dig pale skin.  I also like breasts to be average or on the small side.

All that said, i'm not looking for characters to be "perfect" in appearance or personality.  Gorgeous, yes, why not :), but "perfect" tends to be boring.

Also, I may or may not really be interested in seeing imagery of either of these characters.. just because sometimes imagination based on a good description is more enjoyable for me :)

Thanks for reading!
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Offline jazz

Re: It began with a Masquerade Ball (seek F for M&F play)
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2010, 11:27:40 AM »
I would simply love to fill the role!  Sounds like a lot of fun.  Contact me if you'd like me to RP with you.  I'm new here, but not new to RPing. 

Offline The Dark Raven

Re: It began with a Masquerade Ball (seek F for M&F play)
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2010, 01:39:03 PM »
I have sent you a PM. :-)