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May 23, 2018, 07:54:24 PM

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Author Topic: It's about time for another GM request..! ( 1-on-1s abound? Perhaps more? )  (Read 719 times)

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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

Description : Much in the same blood as the "viper" hentai games. A young college girl on campus is having a lot of problems with money..that is, until the "RED" group showed up on campus. Putting an ad in the school newspaper reading..
"Short on Cash? REDcorp is here to help you! Come visit us on block 38 next to phi beta lambda. Inquire within for details.."
Upon inquiry, "RED" stands for "Randomized erotic dungeon." Only the strongest-willed will make it to the bottom of each floor, or so the clerk said..Each floor is laced with a set of monsters and traps..but offers a cash prize in completion. Failure means loss of equipment, clothing, and here's the real kicker - everything you feel in the game, you feel in real life. Rumor has it..some students are getting trapped in here...forever.

Setting :There are several types of traps : Mechanical - which use some sort of mechanical restraints, Organic - Living parts ( Mushrooms, etc ) and Magical ( summoned creatures, pentagrams, etc ), and "curses". Curses do nothing to your in-game avatar but inflict a curse on the real-life player such as making them unable to wear undergarments for a week , et cetera.
Saves are offered every level upon completion, but you can't log out of the VR game until the end of a level.

System : D&D 3.5 Featuring GUCK
Players :I imagine this could support more than just a 1-on-1 ( player interaction in-game..) but I think we'd be best off in small groups ( 1-3 people ) or for the greatest part, seperate with perhaps paths crossing sometimes. To potential players, please wait for a GM before you reply you want to join as a player. Thanks. ^^;

Description : A straight girl is invited over to a slumber party with a few other girls..who are insistent upon skewing her sexuality, no matter what means eventally retrieve pictures and have a little slave at their beck and call due to blackmail.
Alternate: One-girl only.
System : Freeform
Players: a 1-on-1 with GM playing multiple characters is fine..though  If there are other people who'd be willing to play the other girls that's fine too. It'd eventually turn into a giant erotic fiasco..

*~*Heaven or Hell*~*
Description : A lonely girl begins chanting and makes a soul pact that whatever higher beings out there make her climax first can have her soul. An angel and devil both reply to the call..And she just might end up visiting both..but would the afterlife be all it's cracked up to be in either direction? When heaven knows your every desire? When hell knows how to make you scream?
Players: If anyone'd like to play the female angel and devil that's fine, otherwise 1-on-1 is good too..
System : Freeform

*~*Mahou Shoujo XXXXX*~*
Description : Your typical magical girl story. Two teenage girls, who are best friends, get bestowed extraordinary powers. One, with the ability to transform into a high-powered version of herself, with a magical weapon , and armor( skimpy as it may be ) the other gets transformed into a smaller-sized almost fairy-version of herself. The fairy-version naturally gives the magical girl a good dose of powers..that is, unless she's being sexed up...And on top of that, the little fairy version feels everything the magical girl feels..times five, since she's in a smaller body.
Setting : Present
Players : GM, and 1 other player to play the magical girl. I want to play the sidekick..

*~*~La Blue Girl - Neo*~*~*
Description : Set 180 years after the last turn of events, the war of ninja has resumed. Great-Granddaughter of Miko Mido, Satsuki Mido is just a typical average ninja - trying to complete her training at the Shikimia Joint Academy of Ninjutsu where training exams occur with the other students in the all-female academy. But rumor has it there's a traitor in the midst..someone working for the Akahime syndicate, a well-trained group of scarlet-clad all female ninjas with weird, psychokinetic powers..
Setting : Alternate Present
System : D100. Give task difficulty ( Roll a 50 to jump this cliff )
1-on-1 with GM..Familiarity with the setting a plus. ^^;

Up for Any D&D game with sex rules, or Exalted with same..just let there be unnatural stuff involved! Come on, Mia needs more games!
And that's it for now! If I asked for players in any game please wait until we have a GM post in this thread, before you post and tell us you'd like to join. ^^; Thanks for looking!
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Offline indarkestknight

I'd be willing to GM ViperSRT.

Offline Lirliel

I'm up for after the incident, I love post-apoc ;)

Online Jefepato

I wouldn't mind playing the hero in the Journey Abroad game (he has either the best or the worst job imaginable, depending on one's perspective).  I'd prefer Exalted to D&D, but I'm flexible.

Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

This topic deserves a bump!