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May 20, 2018, 02:22:12 PM

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Author Topic: Star-crossed lovers.... with guns? (LF Female, Spy, MAYBE some light Bondage)  (Read 483 times)

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

        Agent Casper - Officer of the CIA's HNICOM
HNICOM, pronounced 'Honeycomb' and standing for High-risk Deniable Operations Command, is the top-secret arm of the CIA that operates within the Agency's National Clandestine Service. HNICOM operatives, colloquially called Hornets, are recruited from all walks of life: Ivy League graduates, exceptional civilian examples, United States special operations soldiers, professional athletes, etc.

Operatives must show abnormal prowess, physically and intellectually, to be recruited in to HNICOM, and once recruited, must go through extensive initial training and tests. Only one in every four hundred recruits manage to pass the first round of training. Once they have shown they have an aptitude for HNICOM activities, they are paired with a more seniour member of the organization. The FNG (a term adopted from the armed forces, 'Fucking New Guy') then participates in missions their mentor deems 'first rung'. It is up to the mentor to determine if and when their recruit graduates, although once a year, the President of the United States (POTUS), Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA), the Director of the National Clandestine Service (D/NCS), and the Commander of the High-Risk Deniable Operations Command (COM-HNICOM) review the agent's progress and skill and, upon the considerations of the seniour operative in charge of the recruit, will deem if the recruit shall graduate.

My character, Daniel Casper (an alias), has been a Hornet for close to ten years. Due to the small number of Hornets (less than 1,000) and the incredibly difficult elimination progress, he has only mentored one other agent in those years. Your character, a fresh female recruit (your choice of history, but I think it'd be interesting if she was recruited from the civilian sector), has managed to pass her initial training, and has been assigned to Casper. The game is designed for the two characters to clash. My character is a hardened killer, yours is, by and large compared to Casper, pure and innocent.

A bond would form between the two characters, through bloodshed and gunfire. The game wouldn't necessarily develop in to a romantic plot (spies don't fall in love) but there would be sexual tension between the two. The details of how it develops would be up to our own discretion.

This game is open to females only, as I find, for the most part, they know how to write for a more realistic woman, and I'm more comfortable playing in a game where romance might be present to an extent with women. Cock hungry sluts are all fine and dandy, but that's not the kind of game I'm looking for this to be.

Post here if you're interested! One thing though, this isn't a first-come first-serve game.
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Offline Midnight Sky

Hey there Marlow,

I am very interested in this plot, finding that it would be quite entertaining to plan out. I do have a character in mind, a mixture of a techie nerd and martial arts master of sorts. PM me for details and/or further discussion. :)

Offline MarlowTopic starter

Excellent. Sending you a PM now Midnight. I'm going to still let people post their interest for a bit before deciding, to be fair.

Offline Chelemar

Hi marlow, I am very interested as well.  I will PM you a character Idea.

Offline MarlowTopic starter

Sent you a PM, Chel. This isn't closed yet, for anyone still interested.

Offline MarlowTopic starter

Alright, I'm closing this thread now. Chelemar, I'll PM you the link to the thread.