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Author Topic: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)  (Read 1174 times)

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The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« on: February 02, 2010, 12:29:27 PM »
Important Information

This shall be my fancy little ideas thread. You will find a vast assortment of ideas here, ranging from those that will turn you on and those that will turn you off. I have done my best to organize them into an easily readable manner.

If you find an idea you like, I suggest that you then check out my On/Offs and my Rabbit Hole to see what sort of things I am into when it comes to the game. If that still holds your interest, then go ahead and send me a PM, making sure to include something in the subject so I know as to which game you refer.

I strongly suggest sending me PMs as I am more likely to respond to them. Make sure you read my On/Offs first so we don't run into any issues.

The newest ideas will appear at the TOP of each post, and I shall divide this idea list into three posts: The first shall hold Contemporary Ideas. The second shall hold Sci-Fi and Fantasy ideas. The third - if there is a need of a third - will include everything else.

Ideas that are taken will be striked out and potentially contain a link to the active thread.

Let it also be said that, unless stated in the game idea, I am only looking for people to fill in the FEMALE roles of these ideas.

Let us begin!
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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2010, 12:33:10 PM »
Contemporary Ideas

Ideas with a modern, contemporary flavor.

Forbidden Relationship

This idea can take place in any time period. The boy can be a bell boy, delivery boy, a university student, etc.

The lonely wife, days spent at home with nothing to do but read and write, her husband forcing her to stay home at all times despite rarely being there herself. The window is her escape, able to look out into the park in front of her home. That is where she seems him, the innocent youth, the bellboy, the delivery boy. She craves interaction with some one, desperately wanting to connect with him.

She invites him up and the talk. Things start out innocently enough but as time goes by she finds herself drawn more and more towards him until finally she can't control herself anymore and introduces him to a world he had only ever dreamed of.

The Rise of a Star
Rise of a Star

Every story has its beginning, ever star has her rise to fame. But where, exactly, does it all start?

Athletes are born, needing an exemplorary combination of genes and the right level of nuturing and development so that their athletic careers peak at just the right time. Many burn out, promising young stars who fizzle right before they make it big - and never do. Others peak at just the right time but when confronted with professional atheletes all on the same level as them, they don't stand out and flop, quickly finding their way to the bench and then out of the league. Others peak too late, only getting a year or two in professionally before their age becomes too large of a risk factor.

Actors and those destined for hollywood need good looks, family connections, and need to be expert liars. They need to start at an early age, making important connections that will land them those break out roles. Many child-actors burn out and have drug problems, others enter ther industry so late that they never land that big role though play numerous supporting roles very well. Lots of money to made too, plus the fame of awards and the chance to sleep with some one famous - if you can tell with all the tabloid pressure.

But what about pornstars? Where - how - do they start out? Are they abused by their step-dad, using sex as a means to gain self-confidence? Do they just crave the attention - and the fans - posing naked gets them? Or do they really just love sex that much that they'd rather get paid to do something they find fun (and would do for free) when its so much better then having to work a 9-5, 40 hours a week, and give in to suburbia?

Clearly becoming a pornstar is something you decide to do as a teenager, the big "18" being the first time you can legally star naked in anything. But when, exactly, does it begin? When is that decision made? Is it fucking around with their drunk dad, learning what sex feels for the first time? Or is it the first time the football team gangbangs them at the Championship party? Maybe its when they start having an affair with a teacher to get a passing grade in class? Or is it the first time getting drunk, getting naked, and getting banged by a stud in front of all their friends? Maybe its that summer fling with the pool boy, or the late night babysitting and getting a little 'extra' payment at the end of the night? There are so many possibilities, so many explanations.

[I plan to explore/chronicle the life of a Pornstar from the very first time she loses her virginity at the age of 16, to her first hardcore scene at 18, following her rise to stardom as the years progress. This will be a very intense game so serious applicants only need to apply.]

Two of a Kind

At which point in a relationship do you decide that things just aren't what they're supposed to be? At which point is 'cheating' considered cheating? Rayven thinks that she is at that point in her relationship to her husband. Their sex life just isn't what it used to be and she's pretty sure his attentions have shifted onto his secretary. But thats when he springs it on her - he wants to spice up their sex life, he wants to experiment with swinging! He's already done some research and has found an online Swingers site and has already found a potential couple, if she was willing to go through with it. Reluctantly, she agrees. A few days later, things are set, and they drive out to meet the other hotel at a motel, renting out neighboring rooms. But Rayven is not alone.

Drews marriage has hit that point too, but having a relationship with his secretary was too clichy and tacky, and he still loved his wife. They'd always been an open minded couple, and when she brought up the idea of Swinging he hesitantly agrees to it. Arriving at the motel with his wife, they soon find the other couple and move things up into the rented rooms where things slowly start to heat up - at least between his wife and the others husband.

Alone in a room together with Rayven, Drew is shocked to discover that her thoughts on 'Swinging' and her spouse were very similar to his own. In fact they seem to make more then just a sexual connection (which itself was amazing) and they both leave the following day feeling like what they shared was more then just a sexual experience. A week later, at a Swingers Party, they seem to gravitate towards each other once more, spending a wonderful night together. In the morning, against his better judgement, Drew gives her his business card with his phone number on it.

Such an act is strictly against rules, but he would like to see her in a more 'normal' setting, and get to know her better. He knew it was crossing the line, that it would be the end of things if his wife found out that he had started to see some one outside of the 'rules' they had set. But Rayven had as much to lose as he did in the matter and she was just as committed to it as he. How far would their forbidden relationship go? Was it more then 'just innocent talk' and dinners?

-Looking for Rayven-

The Teacher-Student

(This can take place in either HS or College - setting can be tweaked around too)

A Teacher is supposed to teach his students everything he knows. Their quest for knowledge fuels the Teacher on, expanding their horizons, sharing the wealth of knowledge with them. But things are about to change for this teacher, his first year of teaching at an All-Girls School. The Teacher is about to become the Student, but not in the quest for knowledge.

The Teacher, you see, is rather awkward around girls, especially cute girls, and falls victim to one of the real firecrackers of the school, who sees this as an opportunity to lend a helping hand to a man in need while also keeping her straight-A record in what promises to be a tough course.

-Looking for a firecracker of a student-

Casting Call

John isn't a real agent, but the girls don't know that. He was a former pornstar, of course, but has found an easier to make money while getting to fuck girls who are true amateurs. He has set up a recruiting agency, where girls looking to get into the business come in and get interviewed on camera by him. The girls are clueless and since they have no experience, they have no choice but to listen to him. It doesn't take them long to get naked and before you know it he is banging them in their first amateur porn video. Only they won't be getting any of the money, or a call later that week.

-Looking for a several girls for this one, sorta a One-Shot type of deal before moving on to the next girl-
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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2010, 12:48:31 PM »
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Ideas

From Medieval Fantasy to Futuristic.

The Imager

Austen has a unique ability. His is an exceptional artist, something his parents discovered when he began drawing on their floor with charcoal from the firepit at the age of 4. Poor peasants, they quickly realized that if he was able to become a courteasan then he'd have a chance at a better life then they could offer him. With much convincing (and his mother sleeping with the man) they were able to apprentice him to a local artists.

Austen quickly developed his skills and soon exceeded that of his 'Master'. Once he learned what his Master had required of his parents, specifically his mother, he flew into a rage and drew a picture of his Master burning to death in his home. That very night, a fire broke out and his Master perished in the flames. This was how Austen discovered his real talent.

Several years have passed since then. Austen has been careful about his 'special' talents though he hasn't quite figured out how to use them or control them. Since the death of his first Master, he has not had any run-ins with his talent and is beginning to think it was just a coincidence. Fate will soon force his hand as drawing landscapes does not bring the money in and he is resigned to offer his services as a portraitist.

What will happen if he discovers his hidden talent has just been hiding along all this time?

Fate of the World

For as long as she has known - for as long as she can remember - she has had the tattoo. It has grown with her, its fine lines never blurring or stretching. She no memory of who gave it to her, or why, or when. She covers it up, hides it from view, as it shames her to have such a marking whereas no one else in the village has a marking quite like hers. Her family do not mention it to her or answer her questions when she asks and she has long given up trying to discover its origins. Little does she know how shrouded in history she is - or how perilous her life has been.


Her past, as mysterious to her as it is, is one rich in history. Sixteen years ago, at the age of 2, she had been amongst the last of the refugees allowed to flee the Fortress-Monastery of the Brotherhood of Destiny. Of the estimated 2,000 followers of the Brotherhood who holed up in that mountain stronghold it is said that only 50 survived its destruction. Many of those survivors - women and children under the age of 14 - have died since then.

The Legion of Light, the most fanatical soldiers of the Order of Light, saw to the destruction of the Brotherhood, the final showdown at the Fortress-Monastery wiping the Brotherhood from the face of the earth - or so they thought.

The Order of Light, believers in the one true God, have sought to convert for centuries, eliminating the Old Religions (usually by force) and conquering new lands with their massive armies. The most famous army of the Order was called the Legion of Light, comprised of the most fanatical and ruthless warriors who followed the One God. Their very presence sent fear through their enemies and have since been elevated to an Elite Status, serving the Council directly, impervious to the laws that govern all other Soldiers. They are sent to quell rebellions and bring breakaway sects back into the fold.

The survivors were quietly spread amongst the lands so that they would not be able to gather a following or rise up once more, all families required to attend church in the hopes of 'cleansing their souls' from the doctrine that the Brotherhood had put in their minds.

The Brotherhood of Destiny had been founded by Brother Balthasar, a man of immense power and knowledge, who believed that Destiny could be changed, that there was more then one path to take, and had made great strives in discovering a method to 'see' into the future, to be able to divert such paths at the critical time. He was, of course, seen as a major threat to the Order of Light. Rumor had it that he had even been a young disciple in the Order of Light, a close friend of Pope Benedictus - the current spiritual leader of the Order of Light.

In any case, Brother Balthasar had come far closer to unlocking the secrets of the future then anyone knew. Not even his inner circle, the Council who ruled the Brotherhood, knew the progress he had made. The Legion of Light had sought to end his life and the ensuing battle between Balthasar and the Commander of the Legion, Commander Lionus Rex, had saw the complete destruction of the mountainside that the Fortress-Monastery was on, burying the ruins under tons of rock. How Lionus Rex had survived was anyone's guess, and the Legion of Light returned victorious though badly shaken.

Brother Balthasar, having seen the future, performed one final act before the final assault, knowing full well that it would leave him drained for the final battle. But it meant saving his life's work, giving it a chance for it to survive and be re-discovered. It involved an ancient magic, transcribing a scroll that contained all his secrets onto the back of a baby girl, only two years old. It took the form of an elegant tattoo on her back, the memory of pain erased from her mind, and she was amongst those allowed to leave. The tattoo went unseen as the baby was wrapped, the cursory search revealing no items of ill omen. The last great thing Balthasar had accomplished had slipped right under the eyes of the men who sought to destroy it. But what good is such magic and secrecy if there is no one to unlock it?

Brother Balthasar had an apprentice, Konrad Balthasar Roht, an 8 year old boy he had fathered with one of his most devoted followers in secret. The apprenticeship had also remained a secret, starting as soon as they boy could walk. He possessed great potential, power to rival his own, and Balthasar employed him as his personal man-servant, allowing the boy access to parts of the Fortress-Keep that no other people were allowed to. Balthasar had spent many sessions implanting magical seeds into the boys brain, teaching him things he would not remember until he was older, until he was capable of using them, in the hopes that the boy would be able to continue and succeed where Balthasar had failed.

Konrad Roht, as he went by, had been old enough to know what was happening and had spent a troubled childhood, memories and abilities appearing to spring up at random. He has only recently started to piece things together and at the age of 24 he aimlessly wanders the land, knowing that there was something that he had to find but not knowing exactly what he was looking for, his powers and prowess growing all the while. Little does he know that the teachings of his father have guided him through life, bringing him towards the ultimate goal nearly 16 years after his fathers death.

Konrad Roht was only 8 years old at the time, but had been the secret disciple of the Wizard Balthasar - the most powerful of Wizards in the Brotherhood. He was allowed to escape the death and destruction, and over the years he has been uncovering clues and secrets Balthasar had spread throughout the land before his demise. At 24 years of age, Konrad - armed with raw magic and a strong sword arm - has embarked on a quest to find this girl - now grown - who bares a special tattoo on her back. But he is not the only one searching for her as the Legions of Light march to war once more.

-Serious players may apply only. I will be picky in choosing my partner for this epic idea.-

Fairytale of New York

Not every prostitute had been forced into the lifestyle, some chose it. They loved strutting their stuff, they loved the attention man gave them, they loved wearing skimpy outfits and walking a fine law with the Law. They could make good money every night they walked the streets and the risk of being beaten kept them on the toes. And they enjoyed the sex - it wasn't just a job to them. At least, thats how she viewed things. Sex was something meant to be enjoyed, to be shared - the Johns were usually men who had interesting kinks or were just as addicted to sex as she was, and one of them had requested to meet her down the side of an alley, at the spot he always met her. He was a semi-exhibitionist, not yet to the point of doing it in a park, but an alleyway allowed passerbys to hear and possibly see them in the act, and he found that a huge turn on. However, this time as she walked down the alley, her vision started to shift and go blurry and she stumbled, only to find herself in a forest and clearly a long way from New York City. What the hell had just happened? Had she fallen asleep? Been hit on the head? Was this a dream?


Marcus was a trouble maker, but had so much damn potential. Any other boy would have been kicked out of the Academy years ago but not him. He was too dangerous to let go and risk some one evil taking him under their tutelage. But Marcus had no interest in Academics - he just wanted to be a Mage! He knew he was more powerful then the other boys his age, that much was obvious from the few spells they were allowed to caste, but he just hated all the classes and things they had to learn first. Why couldn't they just focus on magic? It was so much more fun that way!

He skipped classes too often and was falling way behind. He knew he was on their last straw this time - failing a class would get him expelled and they would surely make him shovel stalls out all day. Not to mention he'd be the laughing stock of all the other boys! And, well, he just couldn't stand that! But he wasn't about to go to one of the Magi for help, and he already had all the books. The Final Test was in just a few days so he would have to practice. He knew it was illegal to perform such magic with out supervision, but he wanted to prove to them that he was smarter then all of the others!

The woods outside the Academy had become like a second home to him. At least, the immediate vicinity. Before the Academy he had been a farm boy so was very comfortable outdoors, whereas most of the others were noble born or from wealthy families. It was a place of refuge for him, and also a place where he practiced magic when he wasn't supposed to.

The test was a summoning spell, so he decided he would practice my summoning a creature from near his home that wasn't found in these parts. That way he'd know that he had done in correctly, and a rabbit or what have you just hadn't been passing by when he cast the spell.

With everything set, he began the enchantment, feeling the magic stir around him, until suddenly something appeared in front of him! He had done it! He had summoned the Stag! Wait a second, he thought, blinking to clear his eyes. That was no animal! That was...was...a girl! She was wearing very outlandish clothes he had never seen before and looked mightily confused. He hadn't heard anyone moving in the forest and his warning-barrier spells were still unbroken. Had something gone terribly wrong?

-Looking for a New York Prostitute-

Little People:
Little People

Dwarves are short, hardy men (and women) with long beards that can shape anything from rock or metals. They're very gruff and keep to themselves, locked away in their mountains, battling Fire Demons and Dark Dwarves who have turned from the light. But not every Dwarf is like this.

There are those that live in the forest, looking every bit like a human if not for their small size. They are agile and quick and almost as good with their short bows as the Elves. And if rumors are true, while they are proportionate, the males apparently have 'a third leg' that would be most impressive even on a regular-sized human. Such stories are only rumor, of course, and a local girl, living in a village on the edge of one of these forests that these Dwarves lives in, decides to find out for herself.

-Looking for a sexually curious Village Girl, see picture-
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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2010, 11:38:46 AM »
Picture Inspired Ideas / Picture Inspiring Ideas

The below are pictures on the web that are marked accordingly, ones that are erotic or awe inspiring, that I am hoping create thoughts of ideas in your mind. If any do, please feel free to share them with me.

NSFW Picture 1
NSFW Picture 2
NSFW Picture 3
NSFW Picture 4
NSFW Picture 5
NSFW Picture 6
NSFW Picture 7
NSFW Picture 8
NSFW Picture 9
NSFW Picture 10
NSFW Picture 11
NSFW Picture 12
NSFW Picture 13
NSFW Picture 14
NSFW Picture 15

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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2010, 12:20:59 PM »
This thread contains EPIC ideas:


Brief Summary: Fantasy meets Reality in this game, which warps between time and different worlds. It brings into question Mirror Universes, Taboo's, and Dream Worlds. Character names can be changed - just using fillers right now. I am trying not to include every plot twist in this summary (below) as I do not wish to spoil everything!

Game Summary: Sarah was budding into a beautiful 19 year old, getting ready to go to college though it would mean leaving her family behind. Her mother had died when she was much younger and she had filled those large shoes in the household, taking care of her younger brother who had just turned 17. Their father had grown more and more distant recently, spending more and more hours in that mysterious little shed in the backyard that he forbade them from entering. It's windows had been blackened out on the inside and no light ever escaped. A padlock on the door kept it locked at all times unless their father was inside. He loved them, she knew it, but work and stress seemed to be taking a toll on him with each passing day.

Little does she know the truth behind her father, or herself.

Brother Konrad, meanwhile, is on the verge of a breakthrough. After years and years of research and study, he has finally located the Lost Tome. This Tome holds the secrets from a Millenia ago and has been lost for Centuries. The Great Evil Mage, Balthasar, had reportedly discovered it and many of his Dark Arts were acquired through the use of the Tome. Balthasar, of course, was the greatest Mage of his time and it took the entire Council to destroy him. Konrads ambitions do not follow those of Balthasar.

Brother Konrad sees the Tome for its wealth of knowledge in general, not its insight into the Dark Arts. He has long sought it to prove his own theories, on Alternate Universes, Time Travel, Dream Walking and the like. He is well aware what it does to Mages of lesser power so he is slowly starting to learn its secrets, taking every caution that is possible while doing so. Little does he know that his research, his experiments, will shake the Council to its very core and pave the way for the return of Balthasar.

You see, Balthasar was not destroyed as many thought. Balthasar, in his last moments, had cast a spell that transported him to an another world, a mirror world of there own, where the landscapes were similar but the time period and people were so much different. He knew of its existence as he had sent Sarah there as a babe. His connection to her allowed him to follow her through, and he has been living a false life on this 'Earth' all in an attempt to return to his world. He would have killed Sarah if not for the fact that he knew she was his key to returning to his World.

The Slave Princess

The Royal Carriage looked anything but that of the Royal Family. It more resembled that of a Merchant. The dozen horsemen that surrounded it were no ordinary guard however, equipped with the finest weapons and armor, hidden in fine cloaks. They were 12 of the most trusted Kings Own, the bodyguards to the Royal Family. Inside the Carriage was no Merchant, but the Princess and a serving-girl.

The Princess is not of the Kingdom she is traveling through, however. She is acting as a diplomat, part of a marriage deal that will unify and bring peace to two neighboring countries, turning their armies onto a common foe instead of each other. But not everyone wants to see such a union and the hidden and armed soldiers waiting up the road from the Carriage can only mean ill-will.

The Princess, once captured, quickly discovers that her royal ties mean nothing where she is headed, only that she will fetch a far higher price on the slave-block. Can she use her cunning, her skills, and her sexually appealing body to move up the ranks to the enemy-kings personal Harem, discovering the secret behind the conflict and truths many are afraid to face?
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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #5 on: March 04, 2010, 12:28:43 PM »
Updated with a New Idea.

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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2010, 01:48:09 PM »
Updated with the first EPIC old idea that had apparently fizzled out of interest with the original partner.

PM me if interested in any of the games.

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Re: The Ideas of a Lord (MUL)
« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2010, 10:50:16 AM »
Updated with another Epic idea.