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June 17, 2018, 11:12:39 PM

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Author Topic: A F/F sci-fi romance and adventure log [Multiple]  (Read 513 times)

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A F/F sci-fi romance and adventure log [Multiple]
« on: January 31, 2010, 08:47:26 PM »
All right so welcome to the thread. This first post is going to end up very long so I want to ask that you have some patience as you read through it. In it I will try to be as specific as possible since this game idea, and especially the character, is very near and dear to my heart. I want this game to be very special and epic. If you just want to see the short version of it, you can scroll down to the very bottom

Risa Starwing is a technological mastermind for the science fiction setting of which she appears (a custom Sci-fi space setting first designed by myself and with some help/input from Rydia). I want to do a rewind with her and go back to the time before Sliepner happened and before she was thrown through time and reality (these are both loosely explained in my primary games thread). In this time she was a simple outlaw trying to make a living by selling solutions to any problem but it wasn't long till she recruited a partner. A woman specialized in security, piloting, and firearms that brought "muscle" to pair with Risa's intelligence. Now I'm sure 90% of the people who read this are going to think of a "butch" partner and while that can be one way of thinking its not the only one. Other interpretations could be an athletic or slender women from some of the following backgrounds or even something I haven't thought of: ex-assassin, a gunslinger, a soldier, an ex-cop, or Private Investigator. Another fact is that these two eventually fell for each other and that Risa was definitely the submissive of the relationship. This doesn't necessarily mean that the partner has to be a complete dominatrix but she does have to be dominant as the relationship develops. Once the relationship has been developed a fair bit I would like intimate scenes to be a mix of things, one moment they might be cuddling close and kissing while they wait for the elevator and the next moment Risa could find herself collared and being whipped for some infraction

Going backwards to what I said about rewinding, I want to start this game out with an opportunity coming to Risa and their first meeting. Then play out their first mission together which is to infiltrate a sex slave auction and upload a datalink to the company's computer network. To do this they have to pose as owner and slave so they can get close enough to the proper terminals. This will be a very social first mission

Now if you're like me, you just read that and are thinking something like "OK that sounds kind of sexy and fun but what about afterwards?"

Well one of the great things about Sci-fi settings in space is that there really are limitless options for story arcs. To name a few other options we have Stellar cartography, planetary surveying, bounty hunting, undiscovered alien life and technology, criminal organizations, small or large space pirate groups, outlaw rivals, and good old fashioned treasure hunting as additional ideas for story arcs.

Now I want to get into the setting. This setting takes place about 200-300 years in the future. Mankind has privatized space travel and moved beyond our solar system. The frontier is fairly small (relative to space) incorporating a handful of solar systems and many people have seceded from the allied earth government living as outlaws, neither criminal nor citizen. They are people that have true freedom in space yet also likely the hardest lifestyle. Some new governments have formed but stick mostly to their solar system and because of earth's limited resources it cant send the military to handle affairs outside of the Sol system unless it deals with a major colony.

The earth government's (and by extension military's) inability to handle much has given way to criminal actions all around and piracy has become a booming business. Some pirates are small time yet there are rumors of entire guilds that threaten solar systems. However the frontier also has many private security forces defending shipping routes and solar systems that can pay for their services. Needless to say most merchants don't mind paying for their security to ensure cargo arriving.

Technology: Humans have not yet created laser weapons. Meaning that everyone still uses projectile propelling weaponry. Using (and sometimes carrying) such weapons on most space stations is illegal, leaving one to rely on melee weapons to protect yourself when in dock. Cybernetics are out there in the form of prosthetics but there are not any full conversion cyborgs to date. Powered armor however is a possibility but rarely used outside of the military due to its bulk and slow speeds. Robots and other AI also exist and many ships are loaded with both to handle ship maintenance

Here is a writeup for Risa
Age: 20
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125

Personality: Shy and somewhat introverted Risa is a girl that few people can get to know without trying. She tends to stand in the background calculating risks, dangers, and profit when presented with problems. She is also very down to earth and always looking for ways to put a little extra money in the pocket of herself and her lover(s). She's a hard worker and takes great pride in the work she does for customers or the businesses she runs.

Background: Risa was born years ago into a military family with both her parents being part of the Navy. From a young age she moved from ship to ship as your average military brat and lived a fairly normal life with her grades excelling in technology repair, design, and creation.

At the age of 15 as she and her parents were moving duty stations they were attacked by Pirates. With little chance of survival each family member ejected in an escape pod and let them have their small transport ship. Risa was rescued by a group of outlaws who brought her to the space station known as the Haven and gave her a job as a tech specialist. A few years later she decided she wanted to move more toward legitimate business and left the outlaw group taking the few credits she had to start a business that sold solutions to almost every problem. This is where her story begins...

Likes: Fiddling with Technology, puzzles, intellectual discussions,
Dislikes: Drugs, stupid people, hardcore criminals,
Sex likes: Kissing, toys, being tied up, collar & leashes, being whipped or spanked, being humiliated, Vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex
Sex dislikes: Toilet stuff, rape, and men
Short version: I want to play my submissive lesbian techie with a dominant female partner and in the process of play I want to create, for lack of a better phrase, an adventure log type adventure with the two

If you are interested or have questions please PM me