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Started by ericbrax, January 31, 2010, 03:00:00 AM

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hello everyone ..i m into detailed roleplay ...i tend to enjoy  story line roleplays and my favourites are blackmails.....historical setting  blackmails...incest......I m open to everything else too....  i like woman playing age over 30 in my roles.... but not over 40. here are some samples....

1)its arab world where men are never held accountable for rape .its always the female whos punished..... F  plays my aunt aged 34 and M teenaged nephew.17..They all live in the same house fine day when theres no one in the house ...nephew enters your room when she left accidently unlocked while changing....he sees her naked for a moment and gets besotted by her mature beauty perfect assets and curves ....that night while her children are asleep he rapes her....... .It doesnt stop here he blackmails her and impregnates her for his child to be passed off as her husband's child.

2) she plays a secretary shy religious conservative ..happily married with kids ..who lands up in huge debts her husband has lost his job and lost badly  i stock market. the debts aginst you in your office has gone past $ have already got your house sell off notices.  Having extinguished all help .as last resort you go to ur boss who is 7 years younger to you  for help......but he has his he knows u will not be able to pay back.....that you should come with him to a resort for 15 days under garb of  office work...and satisfy all his animal pleasures....... my ons and off..
     lifes a story from different angles......