role reversals and much more

Started by curiousjames, January 30, 2010, 07:36:02 PM

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My first idea is more of a setting in a different world well earth but different on this earth gender roles are reversed women are generally more dominant and have the high powered jobs allot of men are house husbands and sexual attitudes are reversed women are the predators most of the time. On this earth men and women both wear what we consider women's clothing and men's.

I would like to elaborate more with whomever decides to roleplay with me but within this world we could play many scenarios.
Male stripper
boss and secretary
prom night
cheerleader and basketball captain
or anything that you like I am open

as well as this I have other scenarios I would love to play out in this world
step brothers
step sisters
husband or boyfriend caught trying on girls panties
roman or historical master and slave/servant
young guy with older women with a strap on fetish
guy loosing his virginity to beautiful transsexual
and well probably much much more when I think of it but I am open to any ideas
to be a women for a day oh what a day that would be