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Author Topic: From the Ashes (Star Wars RP)  (Read 805 times)

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From the Ashes (Star Wars RP)
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:59:43 PM »
From the Ashes

It has been 200 years since the fall of the Empire and the Senate has ran things rather well, but now tensions are rising in Coruscant; it seems a small uprising of the lower sectors gangs have cried out for the Empire's return. This along with a brewing war is slowly putting a strain on the once peaceful government...

The Jedi Order has increased its numbers, but do the young fighters really know their true purpose? Or has it been lost to the novelty of the times? Are they truly up to the challenge of repelling the gathering strength of the Dark Side under a new mysterious Sith Lord?

The Galaxy has seen its fair share of hardships, from civil wars, to petty conflicts, it never seems to keep peace for long…The peace that was brought by the New Republic’s return was shaky at best. Supporters of the Empire were still alive and well, even though they had been weakened greatly by the Republic's rising. Simmers of hope appeared for the Empire's supporters, as a powerful dark Jedi appeared with an armada of Sith…ready to forge a new empire…

The Senate at this time is beginning to tear, the two grand senators have been keeping the peace in the senate and driving everyone to the current Republic, keeping everyone in line, and making sure peace reigned; and for the most part it has. A few voices here and there cry out for an empire…a true leader…not this half-and-half set up.

The Jedi Order has been taking an influx of force sensitive students, claiming that nothing can oppose them, the young ones that is, the older of the order, remember, know, and expect that some threat will come along…they know all too well what over confidence leads to.



2) One paragraph minimum posts. (Para is 3-5 good sentaces)

3) No descendants of Cannon characters unless approved by GM

4) Doubling and trippling is encouraged but not necessary

5) Refer to Forum Rules.








Physical Appearance: (I.E. hair, eyes, skin color, physical traits.)



Light or Dark side leaning:

Political standpoint:(For the New Republic, For the New Empire, Neutral, Undecided)

Ability to use the Force: (Yes or no)


Short Bio:

RP Sample:

Name: Darth Necren

Age: ??

Gender: ??

Height: 5'8''

Weight: ~120lbs

Race: ??

Physical Appearance: No one has seen Darth Necren's true form.

Dress: Darth Necren wears a suit of black battle armor, that appears to be light and movable, outfitted with various pads on the muscles, also it is equipped with a hood and a mask that is black with white around the eye covers which are also black. The mask has a voice modifier embedded in it so The Dark Lord's true voice is hidden, and instead gives a very mechanical sounding voice.

Personality: The new Dark Lord is known for a cold strategic air, and an unwavering cruelty. No one is allowed to be close, even those whom the nameless one takes as apprentices, know no more about the Dark Lord than anyone else.

Light or Dark side leaning: Dark side

Political standpoint:For the New empire

Ability to use the Force: Yes

Occupation: Sith Lord

Short Bio: Darth Necren appeared from the Outer regions of space on a dark day, full of purpose and intent. That intent being a destruction of the New Republic, to thrust the Galaxy into chaos, then reform it into a brand new Empire...


Name: Aren Selanne

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2''

Weight: ~220

Race: Cathar

Physical Appearance: Being a Cathar, Aren has catlike features, his skin/fur would best be described as a shimmery grey tone, with yellow catlike eyes. He has one scar over his left eye.

Dress: He is usually seen wearing a green and brown robe over light armor.

Personality: Aren has a very level head and is a good judge of someones character, but being a Cathar he can be overly suspicious. He truly just wants peace, and feels the best way to achieve that is with the Republic, having studied the Empire and its tyranny.

Light or Dark side leaning: Light

Political standpoint: For the New Republic

Ability to use the Force: No

Occupation: Senator

Short Bio: Aren was born on Cathar and grew to be quite popular there, his family having been very supportive of his ambitions and his qualities. After rising through the ranks of popularity he joined the grand Senate on Coruscant, and has stayed there ever since.


Name: Morithica Dali

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4''

Weight: ~160

Race: Echani

Physical Appearance: Morithica has shoulder length white hair which is usually tied back into a pony tail, her bright blue eyes tend to be pericing, but she gets it from her father's side. she has a slender build.

Dress: she dresses in a black shirt with a grey blaster harness over her right shoulder, with a blaster intact, and a pair of black pants and boots.

Personality: Morithica, Mori to most, has a rather cocky air to her, and thinks she has earned the right ot be so, after all she has been trained in the Echani fist fighting and also in blaster technique. She doesn't particularly like rules of any form, being that her occupation breaks them.

Light or Dark side leaning: Neutral

Political standpoint: Neutral

Ability to use the Force: No

Occupation: Smuggler

Short Bio: She is a member of a diluted Echani line. Her father not being of their race, but her mother being pure, gave her her cockiness and her eyes. She grew up under their care, drifting from planet to planet, her mother teaching her martial arts, her father teaching her how to be stealthy and talk her way out of practically anything. With this form of training she felt the only occupation truly suiting her was that of a smuggler. She enjoys it immensely, and uses her ship, The Moon Lilly, to fly across the galaxy in search of jobs and adventure.

((those are my cherries ^^))

Offline lordfirozahn

Re: From the Ashes (Star Wars RP)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2010, 06:24:02 PM »
Name:Ee'arue Commare...(he who walks with lightening)



Height:3foot 5 inches

Weight: 50 pounds , 75 if wet


Physical Appearance: (I.E. hair, eyes, skin color, physical traits.)Brown multihued furr, green eyes, cariies a staff that doubles as his light saber in a force channeling type effect

Dress: leather armor with pieces of stolen stormtrooper equipment hanging from it ...(has know Idea what anyof it does , most of it makes some sorta cool noise)

Personality:very wise and mentor like ...if you understand ewok or wookie, very curious likes to open things and push buttons

Light or Dark side leaning:light side of course ... still cant figure out why people cringe when he uses force lightning to light camp fires thouugh ....:)

Political standpoint:(For the New Republic, For the New Empire, Neutral, Undecided)Down with the shellheads , and anyone who's soul smells of week old dirty socks

Ability to use the Force: (Yes or no)of course , what tyype of shaman would he be if he couldnt


Short Bio:was trained in the force by a jedi hiding from the purge , that jedi was then found and killed by vader during the occupation of the ewok homeworld, since then the shaman has spent his days in search of the great burnt shellhead and his minions to avenge his friend....(timeline can be modified according to current genre...this was the originall background )

RP Sample: while sitting in the forest with the rebel alliance group as they observed the stormtroopers from a distance , one of the alliance leaders commented on the fact that he wished he knew what was going on down there ...the ewok leans over to the wookie says a few things to which the wookie tells the captian that they are preparing to test a new weapon ...staring back at the wookie the captain asks how did he know that which the ewok holds up a communication transponder that he pried years ago out of a trooper helmet ...likes it because it makes noise...