Boss looking for Curvaceous Female

Started by Frost, January 30, 2010, 05:50:57 PM

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Good day all :)

My first Rp request on here, so please bare with me :)

I'm looking for a curvaceous RP partner for this play, the scene is set in a office , where i am the Boss of a moderately sized company. I oversee the office , a worker stands out of the crowd both by looks and performance, but not both are good, while the worker looks amazing her performance does not, her name is Jenny a 26year old singleton from Manchester in the UK, she lives alone and depends on the work she does, her womanly figure is a gorgeous hourglass shape, which makes her look amazing in her office attire, she is mainly seen in a pencil skirt which hugs her shapely womanly thighs and sexy rounded arse, topped with a figure hugging white fitted shirt , the thin material straining to secure her bust.

She really needs to the job to survive financially as she has fallen into debt, this job is her lifeline noone else is there to help her if she loses this job, the boss which is 'I' knows this and will play to his advantage.

this is a solo RP so just needing one more :)

if interested just let me know

many thanks for having a look

for my first RP i would prefer a female Rp'er from the board, but for further ones i dont mind , as this is my first one here .