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Author Topic: various Roleplay ideas (one on one or group)  (Read 578 times)

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Offline SerinatyTopic starter

various Roleplay ideas (one on one or group)
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:15:45 PM »
Hi! so...until i get approved i only have access to this one really, so here is some ideas i have. these are just rough and can be explained more. specific plots are like this where as ones that have flexible plots are like this I play both male and female, and i can do ff, mm, or mf. I've written books so sometimes i can be a little detail oriented...>.>

The Fallen
It all started with an Angel, now famous for his fall. The Morning Star took many a number with him when he fell. Some fell down into the depths of Hell, joining the legions of Demons already in existence...some only fell to earth, their wings becoming black and a guilt of what they had done pinned on their heart...

Now the demons are starting to get restless, Lucifer becoming soft in their eyes, as they beg for a new attack on the now comfortable humans or maybe even heaven itself...all the while Heaven is now more concerned with its self, not caring to involve itself with human affairs, except to keep an eye on the fallen lest they return to Lucifer and an all to familiar path...

Secret Societies
Humans with powers (Pyro, telepathic, things of that nature)


I would need a whole nother topic for my fantasy ideas...i probably will make one eventually, because i have a TON of different fantasy fantasy i mean like dragons/knights things of that nature...i have so so so many ideas, if your curious about them let me know and I'll think about making that topic just for them.

Star Wars

From the Ashes

It has been 200 years since the fall of the Empire and the Senate has ran things rather well, but now tensions are rising in Coruscant; it seems a small uprising of the lower sectors gangs have cried out for the Empire's return. This along with a brewing war is slowly putting a strain on the once peaceful government...

The Jedi Order has increased its numbers, but do the young fighters really know their true purpose? Or has it been lost to the novelty of the times? Are they truly up to the challenge of repelling the gathering strength of the Dark Side under a new mysterious Sith Lord?

The Galaxy has seen its fair share of hardships, from civil wars, to petty conflicts, it never seems to keep peace for long…The peace that was brought by the New Republic's return was shaky at best. Supporters of the Empire were still alive and well, even though they had been weakened greatly by the Republic's rising. Simmers of hope appeared for the Empire's supporters, as a powerful dark Jedi appeared with an armada of Sith…ready to forge a new empire…

The Senate at this time is beginning to tear, the two grand senators have been keeping the peace in the senate and driving everyone to the current Republic, keeping everyone in line, and making sure peace reigned; and for the most part it has. A few voices here and there cry out for an empire…a true leader…not this half-and-half set up.

The Jedi Order has been taking an influx of force sensitive students, claiming that nothing can oppose them, the young ones that is, the older of the order, remember, know, and expect that some threat will come along…they know all too well what over confidence leads to.
 (Believe it or not this is the shortened version.)


The Grey House... A plantation house of sorts, named for Lady Grey, the wealthy woman who used to own the mansion. Its history is steeped in Southern tradition; pre-war... a time of parties and celebration for the rich. Lady Grey herself was a captivating woman, able to charm even the most stalwart of hearts. With her soothing silver tongue, and brilliant charm she was the life of every party she hosted... On the night of one such party, she was hosting a masquerade. Everyone was in outlandish costumes and enjoying themselves, not noticing that their enchanting hostess had removed herself from the festivities, but they would not have to wait long to find out where Lady Grey had fled to. As her screams were soon echoing through the home, filling each room with shrills, the screams soon turning to laughter...such evil laughter it couldn't possibly be the Lady Grey. The next morning a messenger was sent, for most of the guests from the party had not returned home, and the ones that did seemed to have lost their minds. What was found would be posted in every paper in the state, hell in the nation...Bloody bits of flesh, sprayed everywhere, bodies or what was left of bodies, were strewn across the rooms, masks, feathers, bits of clothing were blood soaked, and you could hear the evil cackling of someone...or something still echoing through the halls.

Cut to present day, Margarete Grey, now owns the Grey house, after all it was in her family. The infamous Lady Grey had been a black spot on the family name, so much so that she had been the only one to claim the name of Grey. She always refused to believe that her relative had done those horrible things, after all she had never been found, just assumed to be one of the massacred bodies. All records of the woman showed her to be, while a little cunning and devious, far from evil! The house had been cleaned up, only a few blood stains here and there to show for its shady past..But no one would dare live in it, for fear of whatever killed those people so long ago... Margarete sent out invitations to people, paranormal scientists, detectives, and relatives of guests of Lady Grey's all to come to the house and see if they could help clear her long lost relatives name.
After all it wasn't like the house was haunted.

(Your characters WILL either die or go its mandatory. I'll play lady grey)

Ok besides like the random pairings which i wont put up here atm, that's it ^^ I hope someone likes these!! TTFN!

Offline lordfirozahn

Re: various Roleplay ideas (one on one or group)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2010, 05:26:15 PM »
has a wizen old jedi ewok that is hunting for the Great Burnt Shellhead, to take revenge for the death of his mentor and friend ...wanders the worlds with a living plant named Jehallo who when nessacery can squeeze himself into just about any space ...because as we all know there always room for Jehallo...

if interested in more details I can send them to you ...

*snuggles *

Offline SerinatyTopic starter

Re: various Roleplay ideas (one on one or group)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2010, 05:28:38 PM »
i actually have a specific skelli format for that one lol so if you can get more people interested in it i'll make an "offical" request board for it ^^