A surprising trip to paradise [F/F - VAN]

Started by Zeitgeist, January 30, 2010, 01:42:17 PM

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The following is a brief intro that lays out the general idea. It involves the an older woman in her forties and a college age girl 19-21 years old. The names can be changed up as desired. Feel free to reply with your interest or PM me. The photo too is just for effect, we can select others as we wish. I'm looking for 3-4 paragraph responses, spell checked and smooth grammar. Thanks!

It was a peaceful and quiet early morning, winter's cruel chill lurking just outside. Only a small droning buzz rose over Kim's respiring. Moments before she had been dozing, languishing under the thick coverlets, unable or unwilling to justify such an early beginning to the day. Rather she indulged herself with the sordid imagery of her obsession that only recently so chafed her thoughts. It was her own fault, having spurned again and again the advances of the spry and young college girl, none other than Bristol, the nineteen year-old daughter of her best friend. It had begun, to her great discomfort when even the girl was in high school and a senior. She seemed to have tried everything she could to bed down with far more mature Kim. From outright and inappropriate touching, to teasing skirts far too short, and parading before her scantily clad in snug little bathing suits. Kim was straight and never seriously considered such proclivities. Even if she would, partaking of it with the daughter of her long time friend was something she couldn't imagine carrying through with.

That was until Bristol seemed to abandon all efforts to woo her. To her own chagrin, Kim could now not stop obsessing over her. It seemed she had given up on Kim and she wasn't sure how she felt about that. The abandonment of the advances, exasperating as they were, she now missed. They hadn't spoken or seen each other in weeks. The uninvited visits and calls stopped altogether. Now she lie there in her warm bed playing over the possibilities in her mind's eye, envisioning the erotic May-December coupling. Thankfully Bristol's mother seemed unaware of the tawdry tension between them. For that she was relieved, it seemed the girl could indeed keep some things to herself.

Making matters worse, the three of them were soon to head off on vacation together. The week long trip was planned well ahead of time, and included an all inclusive stay in Ixtapa, Mexico. Had Bristol truly abandoned her wont to bed down with her, or was she merely bidding her time for the ideal opportunity? Perhaps she found another lover and no longer found Kim appealing, or else she found a boyfriend to sate her urges. Would the tension between them bubble forth, or simmer agonizingly just below the surface? Though she lie there in her bed, easily finding the peak of bliss amid the fantasies she allowed herself, she knew sleeping with Bristol would be wrong, very wrong; even something of a betrayal of her friend. After all, what kind of mature, adult woman sleeps with their friend's college aged daughter?

Unwilling to admit it to even herself, it was this very dynamic, the immorality and wrongness that provided the prurient edge to her morning orgasm.


Story idea is open, if anyone finds an interest in the idea  ;)