Bored out of my skull

Started by Poxdox, January 29, 2010, 07:54:22 PM

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Ok... I've looked long and hard for a playmate to have a little fun with, but it seems that every single time either I get ignored all together (Hell who would have known saying no for some people would be so difficult.) or I'm looking at days between posts. If I can interest any dear lady in Elliquiy for some playtime I assure you my posts extend quite a bit when the mood comes, and at the moment it's clawing at my brains demanding something. Here is a VERY short list of some of the things I enjoy but mind you I'm more familiar with pleasing the kinks playmates want and itching those scratches just to get a happy reply in turn.

Oh yes...
CO-DOMINANCE (Or clashing ego's. I've been craving something like this for ages @_@)
Rough play time
Odd places (Shower, park, mall dressing room, stuff like that.)
Teasing (Both ways)
Some blood play
and much more

Oh no...
water sports
Extreme blood
Extreme pain
Death of main character
Trying to put things in my pooper....
ON LINERS or the equivalent shitty tiny post
and a few others I can't think of right now.

I'm looking for PLAYMATES WHO WANT TO RP! If you've got an idea, TELL ME and I'll see if we can't work out a delicious story I can wrap my mind and imagination around.

WARNING: I don't expect to be matched in post size. When I'm in the mood my posts can be in excess of several to ten plus paragraphs, which I understand is kind of intimidating but I DO NOT want any playmate to think I expect the same! What I do want is either a very beefy paragraph or two. (Or three tiny paragraphs as some ladies like to type I have no problems with them ^_^)

Things I'm rollin with at the moment for examples and stuff...    With Bella ^_^     With AngelicGrace


PS: Reply to the this thread or PM me if your more comfortable with that ~_^


Sounds awesome ^^ I like the clashing egos part :D pm me if interested.


Depends hon, I'm curious to see what's in your imagination ^__^


Maybe we're both like secret-agents types, and we hate each other but for this assignment we have to pretend to be married? :D

Or if you're into fantasy, I'm good at playing self-important queens :)

Dominate me :D


Hrmmmm.... Maybe along the lines of a thief and either law enforcement or a hunting detective. I could think of quite a few ways to dominate through those.... ~_^