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Started by Sabriel, January 27, 2010, 06:07:41 PM

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Most recent ideas will be at the bottom of this thread.

I am always willing to hear ideas or spins on any of my own story seeds even if it says I am not presently looking for the idea I will hear out such and consider it.

I am a RP starved nerdress (I am a female nerd who wears dresses, bit like a wizardress, which is a female wizard who wears a dress.)  ;D

Anyway I am looking for some RP fun and well I am not fussed in the form really I can come up with ideas for stories or fit into any idea you may have perhaps. It can be erotic or non erotic could be all about some friends who just get together to talk and have tea for all I care.  Yes ! I will roleplay tea party's, I have done it before and I will do it again. I do have some limitations I will not roleplay anything to do with D&D 4E, or anything re-minest of rape. 

I should also note that this does not need to be any kind of system thing, I am quite happy to free form roleplay the only reason I mention a system above is well because it truly is an abhorrent thing to me.  So unless you want to discuss why its rubbish and a waste of paper and ink then don't mention that to me either hehe.

Check out my On's and Off's for ideas of what I am into or will try although that little list is by no means a definitive one and just because it is not on there or is on there does not mean I won't give it a go.

Except for the 4e Dnd obviously.

Here are some suggestions of Character types I am happy to play, this is by no means a definitive list and I am always open to suggestions and new ideas.


I will play almost any type of role of the female gender although I don't particularly like being a dominatrix but I can play a sort of Mistress role but you may find me interpretation and view very different to common expectations of this role, maybe refreshing.

Fantasy Races

I love Fantasy and enjoy playing different races from time to time even though in the past I have always played the human to keep the balance, I love other races and relish in exploring things through a different species.  Some examples of races would be Elves, Drow, Catfolk, Halfling, Orc, Goblin, Kobold, etc.

Supernatural types

I also have a love of the supernatural these things are often blended in with other genres and often in different ways leaving for varied interpretations which I also enjoy exploring and creating interesting scenarios and characters around. Some examples of supernatural types are  Werewolves (Garou), Shapeshifters, Vampires, Ghoul's (Not the kind that munch on people, but the lackeys that serve Vampires),  Demons, etc.

Science fiction/fantasy

I do like some science fiction and fantasy type settings and the creatures that inhabit them although I don't really explore these type all that often.  Examples of this would be Twi'lek's, Robotic thingies, alien races etc.

Here is a few suggestions and types of character that I would consider playing alongside, please don't take this as a complete list it is just meant as examples and to help get the ball rolling as it where, I am always open to hear ideas and suggestions.

Demonic – Succubi

Lycanthropes – Werewolf, Wererat, etc

Undead – Vampire

Fantasy Race – Dragons, Elves, Dwarves,Minotaur, Kobold, Orc, I could probably go on forever here etc etc....

Scfi Stuff- Aliens, etc

World of Darkness

I love the old world of darkness and some of the other old white wolf systems, ill always be interested to hear ideas featuring these themes.


I do quite like the world of Exalted, I have a lot of the books for the original game and a few for the newer version. I would be quite interested in getting involved in something related to Exalted.  I would rather it was actually Exalted however and not some other thing just using slight themes from the game.

D&D/Pathfinder/D20 Modern and variants there of 

Again this is another game I love in all its settings even home brew ones, in fact I tend to love created by player worlds even more so. I like all editions of D&D form 2nd to 3.5 as well as Pathfinder.

Dr Who/Torchwood

I am a big fan of both of these shows and well I love the setting, I should note however that I will not play alongside any cannon characters. If you want to do a RP with me with this theme it must be with original characters. I have several ideas for types of Dr Who and Torchwood style stories. 

Story Seed ideas

Here are some story seed or scenario ideas again these are just examples and well I am open to suggestion and request.

When worlds Collide (Not looking for this at present)
This story seed could work in a number of ways the basic idea is a collision of different world's bringing things together and creating and scenario that is out of the ordinary per say.  This could be simple or vast in its story arc possibilities, for example it could be just a temporary breach or portal that lets something through or it could be a permanent thing that completely alters both worlds, for example and earth that has become overrun with creatures of myth and legend part modern/part fantasy etc. So you could have say a simple mortal female from the mundane world of earth who just by accident finds herself in a different world and has to deal with her predicament.  There are many possibilities to this one really and it can be adapted to fit a lot of things which is always good for a story seed.

Divine Dating bringing the mortal races closer, making perfect pairings.
(Not looking for this at present)
This story idea revolves around the silly notion of a Goddess of love and madness who likes to play games with mortals and entertain her fellows and show them just how good and committed she is to her task. Unfortunately being the Goddess of love and madness she is quite quite mad and spends most of her time plucking mortal races and creatures from the ether to come and be apart of what equates to a cosmic show of blind date for the gods.

After the End has come (Not looking for this at present)
This story idea is more of a setting I suppose and the setting is a post apocalyptic one where the world has been left scarred and devastated both spiritually and physically. Humanity was at the height of technology having pushed further and further ahead into the realms of science and reason, sadly the process of invention and understanding had become stagnant and other unseen forces in the world where at work . This was a world littered with secrets and hidden dangers, vampires lurked in the shadows playing with mortals as pawns since the dawn of time as there masters played with them and where in turn played as puppets by the much darker primal powers of the world. Shapeshifters roamed the world trying to protect the sacred places of nature and there spiritual belief's fighting against the corruption of the world and attempting to keep humanity in check, but ultimately failing.  Wizard too lurked in secrecy and in science thinking they where the masters of humanity and could lead the world to a brighter better Utopian place.  But the world was long past saving the primal forces of the world where battling against each other for control to corrupt, destroy or preserve in there own image of how things should be.  Civilization slowly became more and more static and corrupt people became less and less enthusiastic about the world and there place in it and eventually the world was more less a series of drones following routines and regulations. And then all hell broke loose and the world was left in ruins with civilization becoming a lost concept dangers lurked this new world and everyone was an endangered species, pockets of people littered here and there but the vast majority of the human race was too paranoid and confused to band together, only a few survive in what can be called a civilized manner they now live out there lives in underground bunkers and complexes built for perhaps just such a circumstance there are no governments only elitist organisations with selfish agendas survival and gain there only priority.

The dying breed (Not looking for this at present)
You are the last of your kind, that kind could be anything from a human to a dragon or any other race really, you face a lonely existence ahead of you and the weight of your death being the death of your kind.  Perhaps you will search for a way to leave a lasting legacy, perhaps you will search for another of your kind in the dark and secret places of the world hoping that you are wrong.  You could be the last vampire your kind having been purged from the world seeking to survive or repopulate your kind aware that your days are numbered if you are discovered. Perhaps you are the last werewolf having survived the extinction of your race through your recently awakened and discovered heritage alone, alone and confused you may search for answers about your lost breed.

Careful what you wish for (Not looking for this at present)
(Herm/Futa/other - Female (ME!) Exotic/Extreme)
This is an idea that really intrigues me since I have quite a strong view on "wishes" I am the type of person that if you ask me what id wish for I will the explain to you exactly why I would never wish for anything at all. But I do see the fun in wishes and such I have a vivid imagination and can think of how these types of things can enrich a story at times. Anyway enough of my babbling this is supposed to be about an idea hehe. So the premise of this story seed is that a female character has her heart set on something perhaps she is infertile and desperately longs for children, modern medicine cannot help her and so she turns to other means. The idea would work best I suppose with some kind of demon the kind that is more intent on corruption and moral decay, a succubi would work well. So our female character looks for ways in which she can get what she wants turning to the occult she comes across a next offering what amounts to a wish. She prepares as is written in the book and summons this otherworldly being forth to commune with her. The Succubi is at first quite short and hostile with our character perhaps she is simply pretending to be annoyed or perhaps she really does believe the female character can't offer her anything. However as the woman begs for her help for her wish to be granted the Succubi's mind whirls with the possibilities and she perceives not the wish of the woman in her mind but how she can use it to her own benefit.  Smiling the Succubi reaches out to comfort the woman and caress her cheek in an affectionate manner, she asks her again if she really wants this and when the woman agrees she cackles with laughter at her luck. The Succubi perverts the woman's wish in a cruel joke turning it to something she wants rather than what the woman may of intended.

And now for something quite bizare....

The Big “Birth” Theory
Many have tried to define the creation of the universe and the worlds that make it up, some believe it was a great explosion, some that the Titan's and God's simply willed things into existence and others well they believe the universe was created and maintained by mice. But this is not a story of mice or big bangs or explosions, sorry as much as I love mice they are not to feature as the main focus of this story. No this is a story of an altogether other myth of creation one that is not known to the masses and that only a few have reasoned as the truth. Before creation as we call it came into existence there was only the Titan's and a few of there children the Gods/Goddesses, and well they roamed the bleak unformed and slightly boring cosmos playing games amongst themselves and relaxing in there heavenly kingdoms. One of the female Titan's however concerned with other things and she looked upon the great bleak nothingness with wonder and hope for what could be.  She did something that none of the others ever considered or could themselves, she birthed not a god child, but a universe and worlds she carried them to term within herself shaping and forming them into a great expanse breathing life and substance into the great nothingness. The other Titans and God's of course soon begun to take an interest in this new amusement and her ability. They themselves became known to us and revered but the truth was never uncovered the truth that the great mother existed and that she gave birth to the things of creation. The Titans and God's thought it was unthinkable that she be revered above them and so they kept her secret and away from the world but her influence was felt still the same just often confused with the other titans and gods.

More strangeness unearthed from my closet

Alien Abduction
(Abducted: Me Alien: You)

I have been craving an alien related story for some time the form or type of aliens well not a set element I have in mind and one which I want to keep open.  Although I am not really wanting to play the alien myself I am more interested to explore an abduction type scenario of some sort. I would note however that I don't wish to include heavy NC themes in this and well either my character will be some alien obsessed star seeker  or elements would have to be involved to make the experience a more willing and less traumatic one.  I.E I don't really want to explore a story where the character is abducted by aliens who want to like terrorise and destroy the character. There should be a purpose also and some element of story. I am very open to the way in which this scenario could be explored it does not have to be little green men coming by in a space ship hehe, it could be some like extra dimensional abduction or even like possession or something more bizarre.

The Curse
(Me: Female character You: Male/Female/Futa/Other Elements: Transformation, Obsession, Curse, Magic/Science.)

This idea is one which could go a number of ways also although I do have a sort of idea for a story and a few other seeds in my mind which could be explored. The basic idea is that my character whoever she be runs afoul of someone who is sort of obsessed with her,  now this person has some amount of supernatural power which enables them to curse the character. The curse however is not entirely destructive or meant to hurt more humiliate or change the character to better suit your characters  wishes. At present my idea is that it would be in a sort of College/University type situation with my character either being a sort of shy timid girl who is more interested in scholarly pursuits than socialising or a popular girl who only has time for certain people. Other ideas are welcome. 

I'a Hydra, I'a Dagon, I'a Cthulhu, I'a Pregnant!?!

(Elements: Weirdness)

This one is sort of a Lovecraft themed thing and revolves around the idea that a cult of Dagon/Hyrda or some other mythos is attempting to breed a sort of following of children of the deep or other nasty. It could go lots of ways I suppose with those involved in the process either being victims or cultists raised for such a purpose maybe even just one single cultist who is chosen for such a purpose maybe with more of an emphasis on the importance of the deed they are trying to accomplish. One way I thought it may be interesting to explore is from the viewpoint of someone who perhaps had been involved and well due to insanity had forgotten what had happened and what had been done. The story would then become a voyage of discovery and madness to unearth the awful truth and find out the child she may be carrying was no child at all.

Inspired images and concepts

These are some images that have inspired me in certain themes or stories or are elements/characters involved in some of my stories or just images I like etc :D

I made a gallery of images I have collected and come across or been shown, feel free to peek around and ask me about anything.

My Gallery

Anyway feel free to pm, reply etc if your interested or have questions, id prefer PMs but feel free to respond here too.





wanna roleplay something mature and different ..a good story with a bit of imagination.... i use YIM and my id is eric_brax .we can get together to discuss things further.
https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=67668.0 my ons and off..
     lifes a story from different angles......


i am very interested in "After the End has come", but am open to pretty much anything you would like to throw at me. i am an avid follower of dnd 3.5, so please like me. :P my im is muadib1990 (if you can guess the reference, then i bow to your nerddom). feel free to bug me about any questions via my PM or IM. just tell me who you are on E and i'm good.
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There are many things you can tell about a person by the way he/she writes. -me, i think.

Fantasy Fan

I'd be interested in doing either "The Dying Breed" or "Careful what you Wish For" with you, though if we did the latter I would prefer to be an Incubus instead of a Succubus :P

Let me know if you'd like to do one of them with me



If you are still looking for someone to play the human's role in "Careful What You Wish For" I would be very interested.  Please PM me.
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Hmmm.  What are your ideas about the woman with the owl, the twi'lek, and the cityscape?  Or do you want me to supply them?  *is PM-able*
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QuoteHmmm.  What are your ideas about the woman with the owl, the twi'lek, and the cityscape?  Or do you want me to supply them?  *is PM-able*

Pm sent.



-Updated Story Seeds-
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Present Ideas & New Concepts

I'a Hydra, I'a Dagon, I'a Cthulhu, I'a Pregnant!?!
(Elements: Weirdness)

This one is sort of a Lovecraft themed thing and revolves around the idea that a cult of Dagon/Hyrda or some other mythos is attempting to breed a sort of following of children of the deep or other nasty. It could go lots of ways I suppose with those involved in the process either being victims or cultists raised for such a purpose maybe even just one single cultist who is chosen for such a purpose maybe with more of an emphasis on the importance of the deed they are trying to accomplish. One way I thought it may be interesting to explore is from the viewpoint of someone who perhaps had been involved and well due to insanity had forgotten what had happened and what had been done. The story would then become a voyage of discovery and madness to unearth the awful truth and find out the child she may be carrying was no child at all.

-The misadventures of a blue and a purple thingamajigs-

First up someone posted an image on a thread I like to peek at and it set my head a whirl and id be interested to try a story inspired by it. So if you would love to help me come up with and idea or pitch one my way concerning it then by all means do so ^.^

I should note until I asked what these things (Draenei apparently) where I had no clue what they where so don't go confusing me to much with an info overload although I am happy to learn but just as happy to improvise.

Said picture MDNSFW

-Asylum Antics- (vampire)

This idea involves one of my old characters with which I did originally start a forum one on one game but apparently the interest was not there. Was a bit sad about that but I realise that the character is not everyones cup of tea, she had not really got her chance to bloom and reveal her character yet in the story but ill post a link to the thread so anyone interested can have a read and see what they make of her.

The character who is a split personality and quite an insane Vampire is well the sort of victim and orchestrator of her own games and entrapment. She resides in an Asylum, which does not have to be the same Asylum all the time nor does the story even have to take place in one But that is usually where she is found, bit of a long story short she basically is responsible for a lot of the strange behaviour and madness that occurs in the Asylum and well has caused there methods to become rather backward.

Anyway feel free to read over that story and if you would like any more info please ask since there is lots I haven't mentioned about her and well I have left it deliberately open so that any sort of story might be possible.


One thing to note about her character is that she can be many things, she never usually directly asserts herself on others nor does she tend to allow others to assert themselves on herself for very long. Her supernatural heritage does give her powers but they are not quite the things you might be expecting and she tends not to use them without a purpose.  Many of the times she does use them is purely to shock or create confusion or simply to allow her better access around her home. If you where expecting a vampire who can throw car's around, leap stupid distances and withstand massive amount's of physical trauma she is not it :P   

No sparkly fans please !

Well you can be a sparkly fan, just don't bring the sparkly to my tea party !

Some ideas for possible scenarios

You could be a new patient admitted to the Asylum, perhaps wrongly so or perhaps for good reason.  She may have even arranged for your transfer for some bizarre reason, the story could then move to you forming a connection to both of her personalities perhaps unaware at first that they where the same person.  As she is capable of making others perceive her differently or if she prefers ignore her completely and forget she was ever present in a situation, She can't make someone forget she ever existed, but she could walk into there room steal a pillow for example and then vanish to them and the person would forget she was ever there and then wonder where the pillow had gone.  Perhaps the new patient will form a pact with “Didi” who constantly wishes to escape the Asylum she will then attempt to assist and escape with them.

Another scenario is that you could be someone who works at the Asylum, someone that she takes an interest in for multiple reasons. She could for example want to make sure you don't interrupt her sway over the Asylum or question any of the activities or backward practices that go on there, she might warn you about her other personality the worst patient within the Asylum. That other personality might try take advantage of your new position and attempt to use you in some method to escape or cause havoc.  Alternately the pair could both slowly work in such a way that they begin to break the new workers mind bringing him into the fray of madness either as an employee or one of the patients.

My last suggestion but by no means the end of what could be possible, involves her leaving the Asylum, perhaps becoming involved in your characters life as she stalks her as prey or for some motive to be decided. She could just turn up in you place of residence convinced that there was some massive search going on looking for her.  You might then run into her other personality who would warn and investigate where she may have gone maybe sort of ending up holding you hostage out of a deluded sense of protecting you from the bad girl who obviously has some interest in you.

There are lots of elements that could be included with her and she can pretty much probably fit any sort of vampire situation you would like, save from being a sparkly one of course.

-A New Pack- (werewolf)

I haven't done a werewolf story for some time and would like perhaps to see one combining some elements of fairy tail and myth with a concept I have for a story.  I would be also open to other interpretations and ideas for a werewolf or were-creature related story. 

The idea I have for a story is based upon the concept that you character the werewolf is the last of his pack, they have been killed and you are being hunted to survive you need to escape and find a new pack.  Getting some revenge would also likely be nice too,  now to create a new pack you need a new mate and not just any old woman will do.  Werewolves can only breed true with those who have special qualities those that can serve as the packs mother, these women are liked to the werewolves themselves but do not suffer from the same hungers or have there shape shifting powers from birth.  Werewolves can sense the mark in them upon meeting them or tasting/smelling there blood, a transformation is required to awaken the heritage of the woman either by biting or clawing.  From this point on she is more than human and will find her nature changing slightly as she becomes more akin to the Werewolves themselves.

Latest new weirdness from the mind of Ewe


-Warning this idea contains imaginary dairy produce not suitable for those who are imaginary Lactose Intolerant-

-Slave to the Minotaur's (Aka Cow People)- (May contain milk)

This idea is a well of course quite a weird one and could take place in two era's really both of them with a slightly different twist. I am sure there are other possibilities two but I am only going with these two for now feel free to suggest others to me.   

-Fantasy Setting-

OK so the first idea is that the story would be set in your standard sort of fantasy setting only in this world Minotaur's will be slightly different.  In this world Minotaur's are the conquerors and dominant species of the world where as humans are much like there cattle.  The Minotaur's capture and keep humans and occasionally other races but mostly humans as slaves.  There is no real human society left in this world and there was never really a chance of one to begin with,  the Minotaur's enslaved the human race and transformed them into resources and slave to feed and serve there mighty empire.  Essentially humans are to Minotaur's what cows are to humans (Ironic huh ?) Minotaur's don't usually eat humans however although there are those rare few who do or sell there meat to other species. The Minotaur empire is both vast and great they are stretched out across the world and there are many different cultural groups of them, they despise those who use actual cows as any kind of beast of burden or food (seeing them as saccred creatures) most Minotaur's are also vegetarian, many of them believe that feasting on the flesh of others to gain strength is a sign of weakness. 

-Modern Fantasy setting-

They came from the cracks in the void from another world, invading upon the earth and not particularly liking what they found. The made war with humanity and have been very effective with the battle plans and tactics despite not having any seaming knowledge of modern technology until they arrived.  They do have magic however and seemingly the power of some divine force. They work to overthrow the humans and take them as there slaves, to free the Cow's of the world and make the world there own.  One major advantage that the Minotaur's have is the fact that they seam to actually be growing in numbers very swiftly, some believe that they actually are capable somehow of turning normal cows into more of there own species.

- The Thin Blood - (Thin Blood Vampire/Something or Other World of Darkness theme)


This idea is set in a setting similar to if not infact the World of Darkness, it revoles around the characters with the story being about a Thin Blooded vampire and the peril and trouble she finds herself in.  She is the weakest of Vampire kind the damned and feared for her prophecy and weak blood. It is said that the time of the thin blooded heralds the end of the world, but not everybody puts stock in that.

The character herself will know very little about what she is she is so there may be an element of teaching her things or she could simply be kept in the dark.  This could be a story about someone who takes her in and hides her away want to protect her and save her from destruction believing perhaps that she has some reason for existing.  Or it could be a story about someone who wants to capture her, to perform tests on her to study her this could be a vast number of reasons obviously and well any sort of creature or faction could be involved. She could run into Werewolves, Mages, Demons other vampires anything really there is lots of room for ideas and discussion.

Possible elements could include anything from Transformation (Magical, Supernatural or fleshcrafting/bonecrafting), Experimentation, D/S, Prophecy, Pregnancy, Rituals, Blood, Feeding and much much more I expect lol.

I don't expect this to be a light hearted story either I expect it to be dark and tragic with elements of true vampire's she will likely end up killing people by mistake she will probably be sent into a spiral of self destruction or degradation.

- Little & Large - (Fantasy/Modern/Scfi Small race/Medium or Larger race possible themes could include perhaps Obsession, Awkward society, Inflation, Body alteration, Magic, Pregnancy, Ovipostion open to other suggestions.)

I have kept this idea rather loose so that many possibilities and ideas could work as Id rather come up with something together than outline and define the whole idea myself.  The base story would revolve around a somewhat awkward relationship between a small and larger character, the awkwardness is not essential it just makes sense to the story to me. It is more about the awkwardness perhaps for the small character and the social implications for the other that may arise, the small character may also be seen in this way too.

As an example let us say that our story revolves around a late blooming adult Mage who is tried of being ridiculed and shunned by women for his lack of experience.  He has devoted all his time to magic so he has never had the time for women before or cared much for them until now. Only due to his social awkwardness he knows not how to approach a woman and fears there reaction he is already known for his blunders in this area. Having long studdied magic and knowing many bizare facts he is aware of a race known as the Tibbit which evolved from magic users familiars, surely such a creature would not refuse him and he had no fear of embarrassment. Being confident in his magical abilities he does not seek one out but instead decides to evolve his own familiar. He is successful with his magic and transforms his familiar into one of the adult Tibbit although it has some slightly different effects she remains bonded and awkwardness arises out of the situation. After there first encounter it becomes obvious that the Tibbit is not just pleased to be with her master she is obsessed with the idea now and believes are destined to live out there lives together. Perhaps the Mage goes along with it at first for fear of upsetting or simply because he does not want to change things maybe he actually learns he prefers the idea of such a bond.  Unfortunately others might not understand and other mages may make a joke of him or perhaps seek to steal away the Tibbit for study wanting to learn his secrets for themselves, locals might think it is an abomination and wonder what he is up too gossip might spread and he might be faced with accusations.

Many other story concepts are possible with this seed the above is just an example, bellow I have listed some example races.

Small Races: Tibbit, Halfling, Gnome, Goblin, Jawa, Ewok small races etc :P

Medium Races: Human, Elf, Orc, Half Orc, Gnoll ,Dragonkin etc

Large Races: Ogre, Half Giant, Troll, Dragonman etc

- Revenge is sweet salty? -

This story revolves around the idea of two characters although it could easily work as a group story also, the base plot to begin with would be the dislike between a awkward overlooked character and a popular woman who is used to getting her own way and people falling at her feet. 

My example story setup for this situation is that of two women working in the same place the popular one having the better paying and easier job, she is the bane of the other woman's existence and constantly making her life and work difficult.  She has become the joke of the workplace because of her social awkwardness and the talk of her colleges, to make it all worse she was caught in a suspicious situation and her job hangs in the balance.  The most embarrassing and annoying thing for her however is the fact she is now being named and labeled horrid names, finally having had enough she decides to do something about it.

Now she could be a practicing witch of some kind or simply seek out someone to do such she could come across a practitioner of dark magic or simply some item that allowed her to manipulate events in her favour.

She sets out to humiliate and destroy what the woman she despises was, turning her into the very names she was called (cum slut/dumpster etc). She quickly finds that she actually likes this power but is unsatisfied with being a distant observer and she seeks to make the woman her own personal toy, to make her fall at her own feet and serve her whims.

It does not need to be a workplace scenario or even such a mundane setting it could as easily work with other elements or styles of settings.  Such as a colledge environment or even an guild in a fantasy realm.

-Slave to the Tzimisce- (Old world of Darkness vampire)

This story is about a pet/slave of a eccentric Tzimisce who is a subject of his twisted adoration and bizare schemes and experiments.  She is a living canvas and tool for him to craft and use to be a part of his schemes and plans a willing servant and ever loyal creature.  She knows no other life having been brought up among the Tzimisce and raised by revanants and ghoul's of the clan she has little humanity or morality in her and is just as twisted in some of her desires.

The Tzimisce himself is a powerful vampire corrupted by Vicissitude and versed in the old ways, his plans are far reaching and go far beyond simple matters.  He is concerned with building an army providing the Sabbat with tools for war and loyal servants and perhaps food.  He has taken it upon himself to build a breeding farm where he plans to continue his construction of fleshy and bone constructs and conduct his art. The slave who is his favoured pet would be the primary subject of many of his experiments and creations. 

He plans to breed and perfect methods for breeding perhaps even creating better creations for such and he delights in the corruption and twisting of the process.  He enjoys watching his slave undergo such treatments and is even occasionally affectionate to her in his own way.