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Author Topic: Matthew's RP Ideas/Cravings - updated 12/3/2016  (Read 5453 times)

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Matthew's RP Ideas/Cravings - General RP preferences
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2010, 12:53:45 AM »
General RP preferences, applicable to most/all plot ideas

  • Gender: I'm quite flexible with the gender/gender identity of my characters, and tend to enjoy playing males/females/in between, or even those who start out in one category and move to another during an RP. As for the gender of my partner, while I'm not completely against playing with males, I do greatly prefer playing with female/"in between" characters, though that preference is only CHARACTER based... The gender of the player behind the character doesn't bother me.
  • I'm very much a fan of D/S based RPs... ideally the reluctant/forced/coerced/Non consensual/etc. type. This isn't an absolute requirement, but it's something I very much like to include when at all possible
  • On a note related to the above, I fall squarely on the "S" side of D/S. I'm not saying that I will never Dom... but I AM saying that it's very, very rare.
  • Literacy type things: I'm very flexible on post length and such, anywhere from a couple lines to a couple paragraphs is fine for me. I'll usually try to match my partner's pace, but I'll write more if I think a particular post calls for it, or less if I think it doesn't.
  • Reference pictures: Yes, it's probably a bit of a crutch, but I very much like reference pictures. I'm not saying people I RP with need to find one, but it is something I enjoy using myself.

Transformation Preferences
Transformation being one of my big kinks, I've gathered my more specific preferences in that direction here:


● Mythical (satyr, dryad, nymph, fairy, naga, drider, mermaid, harpy, goblin, any others)
● Demonic/Angelic
● Artificial (Robot/cyborg/android/doll)
● Anthro (mammel, amphibian, insect)
● Plant
● Skin change (scales, fur, rubber/latex, other)
● Age progression/regression
● 'Neko' (ears/tail for most any race)
● Growth/Shrinking
● Growth/shrinking/inflation of individual body parts (Breasts, rump, most anything else)
● Multiples of body parts (Breasts mainly, but others can be fun as well)
● Clothing changes (uniform, fetish, most any others)
● Lactation
● Piercings
● Tattoos
● Bondage (any)
● Hair changes (Color, length, styling, being bound with)
● Pregnancy
● Mental changes (Urges, instincts, 'triggers', new memories, removal of old memories, especially essential/basic ones... my name, how to walk/read/etc., etc... )
Also, I enjoy being partially changed in the direction of any of these (Tail, hooves/paws/etc, skin, etc.)


● Taur (any)
● Inanimate/Changed into part of another's body (These can be fun, but they're also rather hard to RP... should either be not COMPLETELY inaminate, i.e. can still talk/move a bit/something, or be short term.)
● Anything not listed (See below)
Also, I'm not very dominant, so please ask first for mental changes pushing me in that direction.


● Muscle growth
● Female to Male

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Re: Matthew's RP Ideas/Cravings - Current Plot Ideas
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2010, 11:49:26 PM »
Current Plot Ideas

Stockholm Syndrome
   My character is nobody special... just an ordinary bank teller. She's rather attractive, but otherwise, she's just another citizen in the big city... until the robber shows up. Bank robberies happen, of course... but when the police show up quicker then expected, the robber takes a hostage to aid in her escape. Unfortunetly for my character, she manages to get away safely... And though her original intention in taking the hostage may have simply been to get away, she can't exactly release her victim and have her go tell the police where she's hiding out... and before long, she's starting to view the pretty young teller as a part of her take.

   I'm aware that it's a bit less then original, and has probobly been done many, many, times before... but I'd love to play something out between two college roommates. My character, being a bit socially awkward, would be eager to live off-campus this year, but dosn't know anyone looking for a roommate... and as such, ends up roomming with another student, one who she's perhaps seen around campus, but dosn't know very well.
   At first, things seem normal enough... the apartment is nice, her roommate is easy to get along with... but as the semester goes on, she'd find herself feeling a bit odd, especially when at home... her grades slipping... and her relationship with her roommate starting to change. Her roommate becomes more assertive, more forward... and she finds it harder and harder to fend off those advances, finds herself doing her roommate's share of the chores and such. Perhaps even her body is changing in odd and embarrassing ways. By the time she realizes that something very strange, very wrong is happening, it's too late to escape... either she can't, or she simply doesent want to.
   I have a fairly specific image in mind of my character, but I'm pretty open as to what the other roommate would be like, and even as to what method she uses against my character... a few ideas off the top of my head would be:
  • An engineering/computer science major, testing her newest invention.
  • A witch... that odd round stain in the carpet in my room is actually a magical circle, and the obscure forign language you claim to be practicing is actually some mystical ritual.
  • A chemistry major or a med student, slipping some experimental new drug or chemical into my character's food
  • A psych student, leaving subliminals playing on the stereo in the living room.

Best Pal to Pet
   A bit more specific one this time, somewhat inspired by the pic above. The setting is a current day, parallel earth sort of world. Anthros are a common, normal part of everyday life.  Humans are the majority, but not by a huge amount... in short, anthro individuals in this world are roughly analogous to ethnic minorities in our own. Besides the tail, ears, and fur, the're a fairly normal part of everyday life... they're no more thought of, or act like animals, then humans are thought of or act like monkeys.
   For this RP, my character would be a male feline anthro, playing opposite a female human. They're lifelong best friends, having even gone to the same college for four years... both have had feelings towards the other at various points, but neither has ever admitted it, not wanting to risk spoiling their friendship. With graduation, though, though, they're about to be seperated, as my character, an engineering major, has gotten a lucrative job offer... one that requires him to move overseas. Your character, a psych major, is planning on staying a bit closer to home... and is none too happy about losing her best friend. They've got one last summer together after graduation before he needs to leave, deciding to make the most of it by spending it at her family's secluded beachhouse... and with what she's learned over the past few years, she realizes she doesn't need to let him go. I'd like this to be a fairly slow, long term thing, stretched out over the summer... with a mixture of drugs, subliminals, and good old fashioned hypnosis, my character's mind would be reshaped from top of his class engineer... to a simple minded pet cat.

Lab Assistant
   Another kind of odd idea/craving... I'd love to do a sci-fi/mad science-y role play with me as the assistant to the aforementioned Mad Scientist. Could be a college student/teacher kind of thing, or a simple job... but I'd like to play a somewhat clumbsy/accident prone type of character, one who might end up unintentionally 'testing' his/her boss's new inventions/serums/etc... an employeer who's willing to take advantage of said accidents, and even perhaps start to make the workplace less safe to cause them more frequently, would be wonderful as well. Themes would likely be in the direction of mind control/transformation/perhaps some bondage as well, either when trapped in some machine or other, or 'for my own good' after some of the previous effects.

Traveling Companions
   Another one somewhat picture inspired. This one is a bit more realistic then my others, a tale centered around two traveling companions, in a realistic-fantasy setting (No magic, no monsters, basically medieval Europe tweaked a tiny bit, mainly with just enough gender equality for the characters to fit in - though I would be up for playing in a more fantasy-heavy magical setting as well!). My character, a fairly stereotypical rogue-type woman, would be traveling with a fighter/warrior woman of some sort. The two would have likely met by chance, fending off a bandit attack while traveling on the same road or, and formed something of a working relationship, taking odd jobs driving off wolves, bears, and the occasional highwaymen. The fighter, being a bit older and more experienced compared to her companion, would take something of a leader/mentor role in their relationship... at first, it would simply be friendly advice, and a bit of good natured ribbing when she had to get the rogue out of trouble. Over time, however, her new mentor would become a bit more... intense. A wrap on the knuckles for a mistake was one thing... but a spanking? Or when she accidentally alerted those bandits to their position, and spend the rest of the day gagged? Slowly but surely, the training and punishments would take a turn towards the more extreme, the more perverse, the fighter treating her less and less like a companion, and more and more like a pet... she's quickly beginning to see why all the women's other partner's left her... but will she make the decision to do the same before it's too late? Does she even truly want to?
   A few notes: This RP could, at the option of my companion, be a D&D/other system type game, though freeform is of course always great. I'd like the pairing to stay F/F, though I'm not concerned with the gender of the player, only the characters.

Meter Maid
   Another somewhat picture inspired idea.. I’d like to play the part of a young, naive, new to the job police officer, just starting out her career as a lowly meter maid... who gets swept up in things well above her pay grade. Perhaps the van she’s writing out a ticket for is the getaway vehicle for a heist, perhaps some rich, powerful executive/crime boss simply doesn't appreciate a boot being put on her nice new sports car. Either way, my character would find herself overpowered, restrained, and whisked away from the street she’s been working on... either as a hostage in the back seat, or as a ‘guest’ at said rich woman’s home. Beyond that basic framework, I’m pretty flexible on the idea, though I’d prefer to keep it F/F or perhaps F/(futa/herm/etc).

Goth's Guy
   Life had always been fairly good for him... sure, he wasn't on the football team, but he'd managed to be fairly popular without being a jock (good looks didn't hurt), he was smart enough that he breezed through most classes... and now it was the final semester of senior year, with college just around the corner. His schedule was mostly filler, with only one class that he actually needed to graduate... and unfortunately, that class was where his luck seemed to run out. Rather then ending up with one of his friends for their final project, he ended up paired off with her... a goth,  a social pariah... and if he wanted to pass, he knew he'd need to work together with her.
   However, it quickly becomes clear that she's not interested in working... he just wants a good grade, but she wants... him. And she's not willing to take no for an answer...
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Matthew's RP Ideas/Cravings - Archived Plot Ideas
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2010, 04:47:51 AM »
Archived Plot Ideas

These are ideas that, for one reason or another, I'm less interested in at the moment... I may be playing a version of it currently, I may have already finished playing it, or it may just be something I put up a while ago that I'm not really feeling as much anymore. That doesn't mean that I'm not at all interested in them... if something here really catches your eye, feel free to let me know, and I might still be interested, especially if it's something I'm doing/already done and we can figure out a fresh take on the idea!

Stray Catgirl
   This idea is a bit more generic/a bit less fleshed out then my others... it's more of a vague craving I've had for a while now. I'd like to play an RP with myself as a 'stray'/homeless catgirl, taken in by a (perhaps rich/bored) female/futa. I'd love for things to go in a NC-ish direction at first, perhaps with an offer of shelter for the night turning into my character's capture, but beyond that, I'm admittedly short on specific ideas, though I'm very open for suggestions.

It's quite weird, honestly... I'm not normally a big fan of pre-established settings, especially not pre-established characters... and I'm not even a huge Pokemon fan otherwise... but theres something about this particular sub-genre that just really interests me.  I'm pretty as far as gender on this one, to be honest... I've no strong preference to either my gender, or that of my partner, any combination has it's own appeals

  • Trainer/Pokegirl. I'd love to either play either, being overpowered by an unruly pokegirl, or as one, being whipped into shape (figuratively or literally :P)
  • Pokegirl/Pokegirl. Simple enough, theres so many very interesting species combinations.
  • Monstergirl/Traveler. Again either one, either with myself as one of the more submissive creatures, or with my partner as one of the more dominant ones
  • Monstergirl/Monstergirl. See pokegirl/pokegirl :P
  • Player/GM.I'd especially be interested in playing any of the individual parts above, with a GM type running the various others I would encounter

Specific kinks/things I'd love to include (Obvously not all of these, but one or two could add quite a bit of spice, in my opinion)
  • Unique abilities. Got vines/tentacles? Use 'em! Slime creature? Uh oh, I think I'm sinking... Superior strength? Sometimes even the simple things can be quite fun.
  • Unique weaknesses. On the reverse side, with me playing as such a creature, taking advantage of any weaknesses I might have
  • Mind control. Technically belongs under abilities, I suppose, but it's a rather big interest of mine, so I'm giving it it's own entry.
  • Transformation. The only thing more exciting as playing as an exotic creature? Playing as a rather plain human BECOMING an exotic creature
  • Breeding. A bit out there, I know, but if it's your thing, I'd love to explore it a bit
  • Lactation. Again, a bit out there, certainly not something I expect someone to include... but VERY sexy, in my mind, if you wanna try this I'll be a very happy RPer. Could go either way with this one, too... either with myself being a milk-producing creature... or, even better, as a human, somehow coerced/tricked/forced into feeding from such a creature. HUGE bonus points if the milk has side effects, especially the sort falling under the mind control/transformation header.
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Matthew's RP Ideas/Cravings - Image Ideas
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2010, 12:08:52 PM »
Image Ideas

Less specific ideas here, just images that have really struck me as having a lot of potential, either as depicting interesting situations or interesting characters to play as/against. It's worth noting before proceeding that a lot of these are NSFW and possibly a bit weird, as my mind tends to be.


Characters I'd like to be/become

Characters I'd like to meet

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Re: Matthew's Weird RP Ideas/Cravings - updated as of 10/31/10
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2011, 02:48:49 PM »
Updated: Lab Assistant
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Re: Matthew's Weird RP Ideas/Cravings - updated 7/31/11
« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2011, 01:16:44 PM »
Updated: Meter Maid
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Re: Matthew's Weird RP Ideas/Cravings - updated 8/5/11
« Reply #7 on: August 05, 2011, 03:08:04 PM »
Updated: The Final Frontier

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Re: Matthew's Weird RP Ideas/Cravings - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #8 on: August 06, 2011, 03:27:59 PM »
Updated: My Tentacle Romance, updated Monstergirls
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Re: Matthew's Weird RP Ideas/Cravings - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #9 on: August 11, 2011, 02:07:27 PM »
Updated: Goth's Guy

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #10 on: December 18, 2011, 04:04:52 PM »
Back after absence bump!

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #11 on: December 18, 2011, 04:14:23 PM »
Hello there Matthew.  :-)

I am interested in Goth's Guy, Stray Catgirl, and best pal to pet, if any of those are still available.

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #12 on: December 19, 2011, 01:51:01 AM »
Hey there, sent you an IM reply :)

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #13 on: August 17, 2012, 06:07:07 PM »
Bumpy bump bump

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #14 on: September 09, 2012, 04:35:45 PM »
Updated: Roommates

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 8/6/11
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2012, 12:53:47 AM »
Update: Stockholm Syndrome added

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 11/30/2016
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2016, 02:00:49 AM »
Update: Returning after long hiatus. Removed my chemical romance and final frontier, moved travelling companions back into current cravings.

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Re: RP Ideas/Cravings M/F, F/F, NC, EX - updated 12/3/2016
« Reply #17 on: December 03, 2016, 08:54:11 PM »
Update: Added Image Ideas. Also did some general cleanup/organization.