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Author Topic: Idle Ideas  (Read 716 times)

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Idle Ideas
« on: January 23, 2010, 08:14:08 PM »
Idle Ideas

First off I want to let people know about my own preferences. I prefer to have a female partner, but if the story and person is interesting enough, I would be willing to have a male partner.

I could care less if a female plays a male or vice verse, as long as they are convincing in their role.

If you want to rp with me, but are not interested in any of my ideas, please pm me with a request to roleplay with me. If you have your own idea you think I would fit the part for, then that would be even better. If not, we could always come up with something.  ;)

For a male, I am sort I really, really advise you to look into my On's & Off's before requesting to rp with me. I look more forward to a long, plot oriented rp than one that is all about sex or just the average everyday stuff. That doesn't mean I won't do it though, providing the pairing is interesting enough.

In a MalexFemale rp I have always played dominant. I would like, for a change, a woman to exert her dominance over me and make me beg. I love a woman that can take charge and leave me helpless.

In a MalexMale rp I prefer to be dominant. There is always an off chance that I will play sub, though I have more experience with the dominant role.


All of my rps are open to be either MxF or MxM.

My Will This rp is going to be a tragic story. TAKEN
This RP is about a man named Kaleb York. He is 31 and is rich beyond his, or anyone else's, wildest dreams. He was told that in about six months he was going to die of a rare disease. The doctors have determined that the disease is not contagious. So far it only has affected his memory. The symptoms were along the lines of Alzheimer, but different in a few ways. The only thing different is that Kaleb was killing himself along with the disease. Something happened to Kaleb, that he can't remember, that affected his will to remember anything from his past. This put him in something of a permanent depression, and that alone was eating away his life.

Ok, anyway on with the story. Kaleb has no family, no friends, nothing. It's not because he has that bad of an attitude, it's because he grew up in an orphanage and left when he was 18. After that he went to work for several different companies doing various jobs. One day, he won the lottery. About ten years after that he started losing his memory. He can't remember anyone he met in the past and because he only had six months left of his life, he had no one to put in his will. No one to inherit his belongings. Kaleb could only remember one thing from his teen years, and that was that he never wanted to be alone. So, when Kaleb found out that he had this disease he goes on a search to find someone that will be with him during his last six months, and in return they will inherit his belongings.

The person that he finds will be younger than him. Maybe their later teen years, 17-19, or a little older possibly? This roleplay is not meant to be about a prostitute or anything like that. Actually, if anything sexual happens at all it will be decided during the game since that is not what Kaleb means when he says he doesn't want to be alone. His intentions are pure, but he is not invincible to the lure of another person's touch.

A Rock Star's Escape TAKEN
Jason Gantz plays the bass for a band called Eternal Heroes. During breaks in the performance Jason is known for coming up and entertaining the audience while the lead singer is in the back resting. This allows the audience to get to know the other band members better and has caused a huge fan base to erupt not only for the lead singer, but for Jason and his fellow band members as well. This keeps him from being able to roam the streets without causing an uproar so he tends to stay in more secluded areas.

I am looking for someone to play a fan that catches Jason's attention. Either the person can be a fan or someone who has never heard of Jason's band (which would be the type of person hard to find and easier to catch Jason's interest). But either way don't matter to me.

Also, many things would prevent this relationship to work. One being paparazzi, another being jealous fans, etc. There will be major obstacles in the plot.

The Teen Wizard and His Human Victim TAKEN
I was thinking for this rp that the wizard would be a a transfer student from a different school. He will be a little bit sadistic (though not to the point of whips and gags and such for his partner) toward his partner. When he first transfers he is instantly smitten with a normal human boy who is a little on the rebel side. The wizard provokes angry feelings toward himself from the boy by casting spells to make him uncomfortable and others to bind him. Eventually he corners the other boy and deems him his pet of sorts. The boy doesn't like this other kid, but he can't help but to have a sexual attraction toward him and though he fights, it is not non con.

Pairings (MxM or MxF)
Student x Student
Teacher x Student
Coworker x Coworker
Boss x Coworker
Nurse x Patient
Abused x Helpful
Demon x Human
Sadistic Witch/Wizard x Human
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Re: Idle Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2010, 08:16:13 PM »
I have updated the original post. There was a plot line taken away and another added as well as pairings.