A traveling man's dream (Mf or mF or mT or ????)

Started by Salvelinus, January 23, 2010, 01:55:01 PM

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As I was leaving a bar this week,  there was a woman on a bar stool with a certain look, I returned her look, but was unable to play out the scene in rt, as among other things, I had kids to pick up *sigh.* I'd love to play this out as a quickie - a brief intro follows.

On days like this,  Herb wanted a sluttish woman. An anxious woman with a bit too much make-up and perfume, her blouse one button too open, her skirt three fingers too short, her legs a handswidth too open.  The sort of woman who makes piggish slurping noises as she sucks your cock in the parking lot and whose cunt is liquid as soon as you tickle her clit under her panties. A woman, who when you get her to your room, wants to fuck her doggie style while watching hard core porn.


with  the traveling  salesman taken advantage of by a female Dom or a dominant T-gurl

I like slower pace and thought in posts and would luv to try bottom for a change