The Black Spot (long + shorts)

Started by LilBandit, January 21, 2010, 04:25:49 PM

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Intro - ((TAKEN))
[align=center]The storm of smoke and ear-shattering booms raged.  9-pound iron shot from the lower deck at the waist, slamming into the opposing wood, buckling and fracturing into millions of flying shards.  The floor beneath the Captains feet was slick with sea water and blood, his boots slipping a little as he ran towards the helm, the bow heaving with the waves.  The round was almost over as the broadsides were pulled back in and reloaded.  The enemy had lost both of their rigged masts, leaving them floating wrecks in the ebbing swell.  A gaping hole in the enemies side left her open to the elements, the sea slowly filling her bow and pulling her into the depths. A few cries could be heard from the water as the final suck sounded and the great wooden vessel gave a solemn wail and vanished.

“Report!” The Captain shouted across his ship, his hand steering the helm towards the port, away from the wreckage, a few planks of wood now floating upon the surface.
“15 dead.  17 injured,” shouted one of his crew, his arm hanging limply by his side, bloodied and blackening.  The Captain scowled.
“Medical, patch up those who can be patched.  And those who are dead toss them over board,” he commanded, pushing the wheel once again.  He looked over his ship, her masts barely damaged, but the rigging was in tatters, cords still snapping with the strain of the wind.
“Down top sail!” he ordered, watching the remainder of the crew scurry about like ants, slipping over the water-sodden deck.  He looked up at the sky; the wind was blowing thick deep grey clouds across the big blue.  The markings of a storm.

Glancing across the deck again, some of his crew tossing the dead over into the rising and falling waves, the churning swallowing them up in seconds.  From below deck a small head popped up, “Small hole in the hull above water line.  Pumps are working at full capacity and emptying it out.  Got a few 9-pounders off the other ship that she shot onto our deck.  Come in handy.”
“Good work.  Keep it up.  Heading home.  Need to restock, repair and re-man. Who have we lost?” He asked, stepping from the helm and nodding to his first mate to start for port.

“Medic, gun-captain, chef and a few others…”

Soon they returned to port after a few days out at sea.  Kanst, the last free port in the world.  With the world of merchants taking over, controls over the ports of the world is limited.  Every vessel needs a permit to carry cargo into and out of ports, restricting the market now.  Kanst is a strong hold of the Pirate world.  A place of safety and free marketing.  Many merchant vessels still come to bargain on cargo, forging permits and the like.  Captain [INSERT NAME], of the Lone Star, is searching to replenish his crew in the bustling port, ready to set back out into the waves to adventure... With the Merchants on their tail.  Its a hangable offense to be a pirate.  The Pirates have had their Black Spot turned against them.

Hetrosexual pairing.
Me playing the female - Idea - young male captain takes on a women for his pleasure or possibly the rest of the crews (depending on how the plot progresses) but she is also a capable worker and helps out of the ship.

Will not : Anything including bodily fluids - vomit, urine and fecalmatter.  Not keen on anal but willing to try.  Physical and mental torture (extreme pain).  Mild is acceptable.

Will: possible rape. Bondage. .. pretty much anything realistic.

Enjoy:  Some force.  Being dominated - however is not a weak character.  Will fight back.  Teasing.. etc.  Up for anything really.  Just ask.

Any questions?  I would like an actual roleplay as well as smut.  I am not adverse to a fast moving roleplay.  Minimum 2 paragraphs please.  I like something to read..

I would also like to do a few shorts.

Bold is my character

Master x Slave
School teacher x Student
Assassin x Mark
Kidnapper x Victim
Arranged marriage

Just ask to be honest.. I am up for most things.
A / A
Sorry Guys!