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Author Topic: Sex and Violence (not as direct as it sounds, seeking female)  (Read 509 times)

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Offline ChosenbyRuinTopic starter

Sex and Violence (not as direct as it sounds, seeking female)
« on: January 20, 2010, 08:59:39 AM »
First off, um hi again? I was sick for an extended period and came back and felt a little too sheepish to respond, having been gone for a month or more at that point.
Now, a year later, i feel like i need to get over myself. ;) That taken care of....

They call this the fourth age.
The dwarves of the north have long since migrated to the southern archepelego of Avlis, using their grasp on technlogy to establish a sweeping trade empire built on the blood waged from the machine of their unrrivaled admirality.  The human rivalries of Kithad and Romas have broken past reconcilliation, as the newly-named Emporer of the Romasian empire has chosen to conquer and colonise anything he chooses before proceeding to order the brutal deaths of all he conquers who might posess a magical aptitude or fey blood. The fascist Romasian campaign of "scouring the land of the inhuman" was bound to find its way to the lands of Kithad, known for her arcane universities and elven refuges sooner or later.
How unfortunate it was sooner, as without warning, the overbearing armies of Romas spilled into Kithad and all but broke the back of her army in less than a week.
Romas has steamrolled her war-machine, gorged on hatred, to the border of the dwarven empire, Port Blackstand, Where the dwarves, elves, and magisters of Kithad must make a stand, or fall. Without this port, the allied naval superiority is for naught, and the battle is done.

The world is roughly on a technology level of 18th century meets lord of the rings meets world war two.

In this dark world, we have a few options,
1. You are elven or an arcane magic user native to Kithad, present when your home is taken over by men who have a mandate to enslave you and work you to death. Having failed at your resistance, it appears the end is near....
2. You are an elite soldier of some variety (be it an assasin, a shield-maiden, a sharpshooter, a prodigy sorceress,  a priestess of the Goddess Devina(goddess of fertility, love, and freedom) who shows high degree of connection to your faith, able to wield the lady's divine power in her name, or an elven shaman of the old dragon-gods, wielding powers of the elements directly. You have been forced into service by the human lords of Kithad, Dwarf lords of Avlis, or elven cabals within the western world to make your stand here, that the continent may not become the fortress of the enemey.

If part 1, i would make another prisoner with a background complimentary to the one you create.
If Part 2, I would make a military superior with a complementary role and specialisation to the one you create.

I'm intending to make this feel like the world is falling apart and you have an important mission to keep hope alive. It will be filled with blood and gore, but also, the akward romance between two people under a great degree of pressure.

Now lets see how insane E thinks I am ;)

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Re: Sex and Violence (not as direct as it sounds, seeking female)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2010, 12:03:38 AM »
I am here to testify that you are quite mental. I'm certain that there are few of the same caliber of the mentally imbalanced as you. How fortunate, though, that I am among those numbers.  ;)

The idea is rather interesting and I do believe that you have piqued my interest.
Shall we chat?
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