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Author Topic: Divinity II - Anyone else played?  (Read 499 times)

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Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« on: January 19, 2010, 09:49:57 PM »
I am not sure yet if I love or hate this game...

I'll try to avoid spoilers and hope people that may play it and may be further than me(which probably isn't hard since I am like, what, second chapter of story would be that Sentiental Island?) but yea..

I experience some lag, especially when starting it in the introductory part, it lagged.. v.v I don't have that much issue with said problem now.

Any who, my views of it so far, I'll start with the downside of things.
-No quest active pointer to tell you where to go, unless it is main quest, there is nothing to point out side quests.
-No other markers, except waypoint shrines, so you will have to go oldschool with it and use the map marker thing they provide you with. Which I spent time doing in marking buildings/where npcs were I had to go to, talk bout oldschool for new genre game. ;\
-Starting out monsters are a bit higher level than you! I can't remember the levels of the goblins, they may of been lower.. Maybe.. I forgot, had to farm them before I could attempt main quest starting out. ;\
-Your pet you assemble from the necromancer is about as useful as a wet towel. Maybe it gets more useful later through the game? I don't know, enemies don't even aggro it most of the time, they come after you(or they came after me).
-NPCs will ****ing con you if you aren't careful. >.<`
-Autosave could be more fluent(unless there is way to make it so) I mean, in first chapter it never saved and in second it started saving bit and this is game that will make you save often as death is almost around every corner. ;\
-There is a few bugs, one I noticed with a certain three sleeping NPCs. Found way around it though.
-No first person? :(

Hmm.. Now the good.
+Graphics are actually quite appealing.
+It is live action-ish....
+Choice between playing dragon or human...? I only played dragon in other tutorial, sooo.. Not saying anything to spoil that.
+Combat is.. I suppose pretty alright. It isn't horrible, I mean.. It could be worse... Like.. Gothic series worse.  It isn't Fable, It isn't Oblivion.. It is kind of almost like Morrowind mixed with skill moves like stuff from Dragon Age.. But it isn't Dragon Age, more like a low budget Dragon Age... Some of the game parts, that is, not the combat. *COUGH*
+Music: Is actually very good, I love the music the most out of the game.
+Also it provides you with various skill paths and classes and you can mix and match skills.. I am using some archer skills like evade with warrior life leech and have many skills towards lockpick and others. Such as dual wielding. ^^`
+Also has option to switch weapons, which I do range and dual wielding plenty of times.

But the game can get sooooo frustrating at times. So as it stands I still don't know if I love or hate it, it is just one of those types of games or to me it is. Some parts really aggravate and piss me off, like that time I got stuck in the tower in first chapter they send you off too. I was like.. WHAT THE HELL!?  It is one of those games that make you inspect a room if it becomes lock for a way out and sometimes you have to look for keys.. Not that that is a bad thing, but first time I got stuck in a maze like 'room' *cough, tower, cough* I thought the game glitched on me. v.v` And I spent time googling for way out of, said, trapped area.

But it does have interesting and humoring dialogue from time to time. I wouldn't rate it being a bad game, not sure if it is a game for everyone, but it could be greater if they fixed several mechanics, such as better side quest mapping. ;\ Though at least they point out where to go with main quests.

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Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2010, 12:55:49 AM »
I made the mistake of buying this game.  After about twenty minutes of it, I called back the store I had bought it from to see about a return and was told that I could only exchange it for another copy, so I got screwed out of sixty bucks.  Don't make the same mistake!

This game is Dragon Age's helmet wearing cousin.  The animations during conversations are spastic, instead of fluid and realistic.  The way the character rotates his hips while running makes it seem as though somewhere a corncob flew up his anus, leaving him with a funny way to travel.  Combat was more penny arcade than anything interesting, and interactions between NPC's seemed forced.  The dialogue options were absolutely horrible!  It was like reading Tolkien if Tolkien were twelve years old...decent, but nowhere near as terrific as it could have been.

Needless to say, I traded this game in for something else.  This has to be the worst game of the year in the RPG market. 

Offline Sabby

Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2010, 07:35:49 AM »
I'm enjoying it, somewhat... very underwhelming, and kind of broken in areas (if you like summoning type skills, forget it) but its a pretty decent example of an action adventure roleplaying role. Not good, but not bad...

If you could play Sacred 2, you can play this. I enjoyed Sacred 2, and I can stomach Divinity 2 for the most part.

Offline Serephino

Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2010, 09:07:47 PM »
I bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday.  He seems to like it.  He likes old school type games that are challenging.  While watching him play I did notice that the characters moved kind of funny.  I don't think it's anything I'd play, but he says it's great.  I guess it depends on what you like.

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Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2010, 09:18:21 AM »
Yes, oh yes. I did. And I am not even sure why...

Like it's been mentioned, it is -very- old school.
You have hardly any indication about where to go, your quest menu is quite spartan, with very little details, not to mention lack of direction, and what you'll end up with is just going out and killing stuff, and when you manage to complete a quest with it, you run back to turn it in.

Like Drake I have a ton of markings on my map, where what NPC is and where what cave is to be found, etc. On the plus side, it really forces you to go out and explore, which I, surprisingly, enjoyed very much. Its fun to find a hidden dungeon nestled inside a crevice, or to find a camp you wouldn't have if you didn't run up there, or flew over there.

The quest rewards are done in your typical MMO fashion (here, choose one of these rewards), but that's alright. It helps one to customize their gear more.

Forget about the ghost and the undead one, but grab the Demon summon when you can. While it does less damage than you, and will never keep aggro over you (none of the summons seem capable of that, really), you will need this one and the frankenstein creature later. What they do offer is some small extra damage, and they -may- keep some enemies busy while you deal with others. You'll need them definitely for the end battle (tip here: Don't go for the ending until you're level 35. Trust me). For the Frankenstein creature. Go best for lots of HP; magical damage, and use one of the fireball / magic blast heads. It'll do decent damage while staying alive for some good time this way.

Put quick save on F5, quick load on F8.
You'll have to use them both, liberally.

The game is pretty unforgiving. Expect to find one hit kill lava later.
A lot.
I think I easily died about 300 times in this game.

I dislike the controls quite a lot, I got to admit. WIth a game focused on action like this, it's important to have responsive controls, but the ones in this game react as quickly as molasse. You find yourself punching a key repeatedly, again and again, only to not see your char do the action you want him to. There'll be jumping sequences, oh yeah, and you'll hate them, due to the fact that jumping is really badly done...

NPCs gesture around like they want to perform some number on the stage, which can be annoying, although there are also a few neat things in the game.

I couldn't put it down until I was done with it, so its addictive enough, even if I wanted to kill the designers quite a few times. I loved finding little things and tricks that got me to places I was supposed to get to another way. Like there's a mountain fortress that's shielded by an anti-dragon shield. You're supposed to get there through teleporters, but I instead landed on a ledge higher and to the side, turned human, took a running jump, and jumped through the shield (due to it not stopping one as human), and completed that part. Was great fun to find out this worked.

When things work out, the game is HIGHLY satisfying. When you die, its not...

nice stuff is little nods to popular culture, which should get a few chuckles. I'm just saying "Mighty Morphing Dragon Slayers."

I'll not play this game again, ever, I think, but I liked it well enough in a masochistic kind of way.

Offline Sabby

Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2010, 10:34:52 AM »
After playing Venetica, Divinity 2 can go jump in the toaster. Right next to Darksiders.

Online PhantomPistoleer

Re: Divinity II - Anyone else played?
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2010, 07:22:26 PM »
I only played the demo, but I liked the concept of having telepathy to read minds and the ability to speak to ghosts.

The rest of the game was awful.