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February 04, 2023, 11:17:42 pm

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Author Topic: Looking to Restart an Old Story (Dom Female looking for Male) :]  (Read 768 times)

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Hey there! I started this story with a friend a while ago, and things just kind of fell apart. I'll post the beginning of the story here so you guys can get an idea of what I'm looking for. Basically, a young adult man, early twenties, is for one reason or another kidnapped and sold into the booming black market slave business. Perhaps he owes money to the wrong person, pissed off someone of influence, doesn't matter :] But my character, Bryna, is the owner and Madame of an infamous brothel, and looking for a personal pleasure slave and overall servent of her own. She happens to be at the auction where said man is being sold, and buys him immediately. Anything can happen from this point on. He can become a dutiful and submissve slave, or fight her every step of the way. Pm me if you're interested :]

Here's the beginning of the story!!

"Bryna stopped at the door, knocking a few times and waiting to be let in. A large man, burly, strong, opened the door cautiously, then seeing who was standing there threw it open wide. "Welcome, come right in. They're just starting in the back room, I'll take you there right away." He stepped back, allowing her inside. She stepped in, pulling down her hood and shaking her hair out. Her face was striking, dark bluish-green eyes peered out from inbetween dark, long lashes and her face was framed with thick black hair, wavey and down to her shoulders. Her prescense demamded respect, she looked and acted like she knew what she was doing. Her face displayed no emotion as she was led along hallways to the back room, waiting for the guard to open the door before she stepped inside. The room was dimly lit, and there were seats arranged infront of some sort of stage with a microphone. She stepped up and took a seat near the front, her eyes sweeping the room with an unimpressed sort of gaze. A man stepped out on the stage, and took the microphone, motioning for the room to quiet down.

"Now, you all know why you're here. The bidding will begin momentarily, and I thank you for your patience. Now, without any farther ado.."

The man gestured to someone off stage, and another man came out, pulling on chains untill a small girl stepped out also. Her hands and feet were shackled, her face was red from crying and even now tears spilled down her cheeks. Her clothes were torn and dirty, but her skin was clean and looked healthy.

"This little beauty will start at $6,000, she was taken from her home in Egypt only a few days ago, and has been untouched. She is extreamly submissive, and eager to please, no broken bones or other injuries."

He signaled to the man again, and he tore off her shirt with a cry of protest from the girl. Small, budding breasts were revealed, which the man put his hand to and pinched her nipples, forcing another cry from the girls lips. She kept trying to cover herself, but the man swatted her hands away and then pulled down her pants, letting them pool around her feet. She blushed, pressing her legs together before the man forced a hand inbetween them and spread them apart as much as the shackles would allow, showing off her virgin, pink pussy, and slipping a hand up to caress her as she cried.

"You can just see how tender and responsive she is, it's delicious. Now, let's start the bidding at $6,000.." And he proceeded to auction her off, hands in the air and calling out prices. Bryna was unaffected by this, her own hands relaxed in her lap, not interested in the girl it seemed. She stayed still untill about, five people later, when a man was brought out. He was about six foot tall, and built well. He didn't seem to be fighting as much as the others had, his dark brown hair falling into his face, almost obscuring his eyes, a spectacular shade of green. She watched while he was undressed, impressed at his body and his presence. He seemed to be well groomed, not some homeless urchin pulled from the street but someone well off, which intrigued her. She bid for him, finally winning at $12,000 and then stood up, moving behind the stage to go collect her new man."

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Re: Looking to Restart an Old Story (Dom Female looking for Male) :]
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2010, 01:16:59 am »
I'd be interested in being dominated, if this is still open.

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Re: Looking to Restart an Old Story (Dom Female looking for Male) :]
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2010, 07:57:58 am »
I am very much interested in the story, and have a couple of ideas of how things could go from there.
If it is still open, please pm me.