Yuna's varied interests, no storyline's yet.

Started by yuna0417, January 19, 2010, 02:49:25 PM

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Ok, looking for a fun time.   Looking for either a GM or someone interested in playing an female or a futa. 

Gm Wise here are the the systems I am familiar with:

D20 Modern (Base/Future/Urban Arcana)
D&D 3/3.5 (Forgotten Realms or a home brew world)
Cyberpunk (2020/3.0  NightCity)
Any of the tri-stat games
X-men (616)

As for other flavors/genres:

Anime (Haven't watched it in forever)
Sci-fi themes
Fantasy themes
Modern day themes

Burn Notice
In Plain Sight
The Unit

This is a little more complicated.   I am ok with lots of pairings.  I don't mind alot of things so do check my O/O's. 

Celebrity play:
This is something i'm just getting into but, a fan and a female celebrity.  Looking for anyone really, A or B listers, musicians, actresses...let the imagination run wild.
If you think I may be interested in something thats not listed above, go ahead and PM me.  If you want to skip ahead to IM, that's ok too, just please, please tell me who you are.  I do not like blind IM's without knowing who people are.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Im definitely interested I think my computer ate my post heh.