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December 11, 2018, 06:31:43 PM

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Author Topic: Ideas i'd really enjoy playing out. (looking for males)  (Read 476 times)

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Offline SamanthaTopic starter

Ideas i'd really enjoy playing out. (looking for males)
« on: January 18, 2010, 11:24:17 PM »
I'm big on historical romances, or modern ones as well, so that's what most of my ideas center around I'm a huge romanticist.... I'll also include some general ideas at the end of my post.

I suggest looking at my ons and offs (link is located in my signature), it explains me fairly well, I generally look at my partners as well to help me figure out more about them.

I'd like longer termed rps, although I know they won't last forever. As for post length, lately I've been somewhat long winded, but they generally don't stay that long unless my partner gives me that much to keep going on. But even my shorter one's I like to keep around a paragraph's length.

As for frequency, I'm on most of the time, I get on through my phone (yes, I've even typed out this message on it) so unless I'm sleeping, I'm constantly checking, I'd like posts to be as much as possible, but I do realize that's not realistic for everyone, so just let me know about how often you do post (either through pm or in this thread) and we'll go from there. 

Oh, and one last thing, I am attracted to both sexes, but I have lately wanting to rp with male characters, and will always play the female lead unless othewrwise noted. Without further ado, my ideas:

Idea one: We find Our Way Back to Eachother.
Present time

I know I posted this one in another thread, but I still can't get it out of my head. Its based from a dream I had, basically two people meet in a club or something, and the guy ends up being either an intern of a professor or pre-med. They have a relationship, and as most relationships don't last, theirs doesn't, and they break up. She turns out to be pregnant, and due to the way the relationship ended or simply the fact that it did end, she doesn't tell him. In the dream he found out during her freaking out while talking to some financial person. Will they get back together? Does he help? I'd hope so, but we'll figure it out as well as the other specifics. With this I'm looking for the rp to begin from where they first meet. I'd really like to play this one out, hopefully someone is interested.

Idea Two: Twenty-One Questions.
Present time

Basically two people are in a relationship, he gets locked up for some reason, and in prison he is allowed his time alone with her, I have no idea where to go with this one, but it sounded kind of fun.

Idea Three: I Never Thought This Would Happen.
Based in the early 1800's

Basically, arranged marriage. Between upper class gentry, but maybe one is low royal (like 32nd in line to be king or queen, something ridiculous) or even a upper gentry to a prince or duke. They could either fall for each other before they know they've been arranged to wed, or meet just before they're to marry, or only on their wedding day. And they could either just find out or have known about it. I know this isn't all too specific, but I just want some things open for discussion.

Idea Four: Please save me from him.
Based in the mid-1800's

Along with th arranged idea line of thinking, a woman is engaged but tries to run. A man finds her in the midst of her escape (his history can totally be up to you) and is her betrothed's enemy. He could take her into his home, where from running in the bayou of New Orleans, she gets sick, rumors soar that she is no longer virtuous, but her betrothed still wants her, this new stranger could marry her and fight for her honor (as well as fight for whatever reason the two men are enemies about) or give her up. (They don't have to wed, but just because she was around him the entire town knows and she has no where else to turn, so I figured it'd add to the story.

I have lots of ideas for this one, for the history of the male as well, so pm me and we'll chat!

For these ideas, we can expand through pms, and generally wouldn't mind playing either role (though I do tend to be sub) :
New girl x student at new school (could go for private school or any)
Rocker/rapper x fan
Rocker/ rapper x stylist/ publicist/ or random girl at a club
Peeping tom x. Victim
Raper x victim
Something along the lines of CSI, Bones, or Criminal Minds.

Also, if you jave any of your ideas and would like to rp with me, just drop me a pm anf let me know! Have a great day/night!

Offline Idle

Re: Ideas i'd really enjoy playing out. (looking for males)
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2010, 10:07:04 AM »
I am interested in doing Idea Four and/or the New girl x student at new school ideas with you.