The Mask [Seeking M]

Started by Le Immortelle, January 16, 2010, 04:30:19 PM

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Le Immortelle

Well the basic concept is, that a woman [Played by me] gets her hands on a mask, through either an auction, or from an old shop or whatever. She is sick of her life, insults and tricks played by others on her. She casually wears the mask upon purchasing it and discovers that though it is ugly and probably the scariest thing anyone has ever laid eyes on, it can make a way for her darkest possible desires and allows her to fulfill them. She enjoys the power it brings her and decides to spend more and more time in the mask, which happens to alter the user's personality, eventually merging with the user and becoming part of him. When she discovers that, will she continue or try to get rid of it?

I'm looking for somebody to play more than one characters just in case need arises, but principally you can either play her best friend or somebody who has insulted her in the past. I know plot is extremely loose, kept it so that it could be discussed with anyone who's interested since possibilities are endless here and I want this to be your RP as much as mine so that we can have maximum possible fun. If anyone's interested, PM me or add me on YIM. We can RP over forums or IM, anything's fine. Looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks for reading. :)


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