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Author Topic: Help with making a new request thread  (Read 498 times)

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Offline darkvamplipsTopic starter

Help with making a new request thread
« on: January 15, 2010, 04:31:43 PM »
Right now mine is so plain and very old. I was wondering if someone could help me make it fancier. Like tell me how to add banners and other things to it. Maybe give me a few pointers on how to put the certain categories in a better arrangement. Please post here or PM me thank you.

Offline Brandon

Re: Help with making a new request thread
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 11:33:44 PM »
If you can tell me how you want to improve it I can try to help you out. Some people like to list pairings, some people like to list actual story ideas, and some people like to do a mix of the two and others like to add in other things (like characters available for play)

Here's a few pointers off the top of my head. different font types, bold, and italics can work well for helping people find a title to a story or something that you think is important (I tend to use regular bold because Italics can be harder to read at times). If you're doing a story based off a picture then I would suggest adding float left so it looks more professional. The code for that is
picture url
except theres a / between the brackets and float left in the second set of brackets. If you do the floating code right is should look something like this (which is a copy and paste from my games list)

You can see that since the title is bolded it stands out, naturally drawing someone to look at it first. I also add in the type of pairing so it reads Male/Female, Female/Female as well as pointing out if there is dominant and submissive roles to play and any other specifics that need to be listed

As you can see below I find it also helps to leave a notes section to explain any specifics you want potential players to know before they talk to you about the PM.

It also helps if you explain how you prefer to be contacted whether its through PMs, IMs, or just a post in the thread. I ask for PMs since I'm guaranteed to see those

You should try to keep similar stuff together, each in a different post. For me I put my first post as regular one on ones, my second post is Mystery role plays (which are far more plot oriented and have a different application format), and then my third post is a list of pairings that I will play in. Eventually I intend to edit my fourth post and include specific characters that are open to be played with in stories

If I know what your specifically looking to do with your games thread then I can probably help you out more

The capture of Kuri, the wild beast - M(sub)/F(dom) [Multiple]

Based on this picture (I know it looks more feminine then masculine but it fits for the look I want)

Long ago in another world there was a proud race of Neko's. The men and women were sought for play things, companions, and labor by the other races and they lived up to those expectations without fault. Kuri was different though. He looked weak and unable to do much but he fought like a demon. Slavers had found him able to destroy their small groups and after a few seasons he had even removed many of their leaders from power through sword or claw. His name was heard by many as a rebel and many more as a liberator. His fury was legendary rivaling the gods and it earned him the infamous nickname of the Wild Beast

As time went on he continued his raids and freed many people but he also grew overconfident. The dull slavers could never best him and his raids but what he didn't notice was the noblewoman who had taken interest in him. She was intelligent, cunning, and ruthless and used the slavers as fodder to set her trap. In one final raid he had murdered the slavers but as he unshackled the people they rushed him and drug him down to the ground. He had never expected that the people he wanted to help would be his downfall. Before Kuri knew what happened she had caught him, caged him, and chained him down. The wild beast was hers now, and she intended to break him

Notes: A little different from my normal submissive male stories who tend to by shy and inexperienced. Kuri is a character who will fight back however he can. I'm looking for a powerful woman to take control of Kuri and force him to submit time and time again. Should they fail he will be the one in control but if they succeed he will be their willing plaything, till he gets his next chance


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