A new idea: Strange engagement ring and band (M/F)

Started by Beorning, January 15, 2010, 05:32:21 AM

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Yesterday, I was browsing the Wiki of the SCP Foundation (a fictional agency collecting weird objects) and I came upon this:


Being a sucker for Stepford-esque / "traditional gender roles" stories, I thought: how about making the game based on this (or somewhat similar) idea?

I see this story as focusing on the transformation of a woman who puts this engagement ring on and finds herself changing into stereotypical housewife. Her fiance might be wearing the second band, too (and so, fall under the spell, too) - or not.

In such a story, I'd be willing to play either the male or the female, depending on the other player's preferences.

Would anyone be interested in a story like that? If so, I invite you to drop me a PM... :)