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June 25, 2018, 07:19:41 AM

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Author Topic: Just an idea  (Read 359 times)

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Online NevaehTopic starter

Just an idea
« on: January 12, 2010, 03:11:22 PM »
I am not going to lie this is a stolen idea.  I commented on someone's idea and talked to them about it.  I told them it would take me a bit because of the holidays and due to personal reasons but I got it typed up.  I have sense asked them if they were still interested and they didn't get back to me.  So since I had worked on it and was interested in it, I am posting it here to see if anyone would be interested.

Lance had worked hard to get where he was.  Growing up his family had had nothing really.  His father head left them when he was very young.  He and his sister were raised by a single mother that worked two jobs and sometimes three to make ends meet and afford them the few extras’ they had.

His sister died when she was sixteen from an overdose.  Lance had been eighteen.  His mother had never recovered really.  She died five years later.  Lance was twenty-three and alone in the world.  He had put his self through college.  Growing up poor had taught him that he would never be without again.

His intercom buzzed.  “Mr. Grimes, your conference call is ready.”  Standing up Lance picked up his suit jacket sliding it on; he straightened his tie before heading to one of his conference rooms.

As much as Lance had made a name for himself in the business world and as busy as he had been making that name, now at thirty-two he was alone as he had been the last several years.

As one of the country’s leading eligible bachelors, every female that he went out with wanted something.  Either that, the long hours he put in or they didn’t like his proclivity for the darker side of sex.

When Lance finally looked at the clock he saw it was well after quitting time and knew he was the only one in the office.  One reason now that Lance worked so late is here there didn’t need to be anyone else.  He hated going home to his large empty house.  He had begun to admit to himself that he was tired of being so lonely.

But he was tired of the ones using him or wanting something from him.  The ones trying to hook him only because of his net worth.  So tonight he was going to try to fix the situation on his own terms.

Lance had his car take him straight from the office to one of the high rises down town.  He showed his invitation so that he could be shown to the penthouse elevator.  As he rode up Lance straightened his tie and pulled his shirt cuffs from under his suit jacket sleeves.

“Mr. Grimes.”  Lance was greeted when the doors of the elevator opened with a soft hiss.  He was handed a flute of champagne and a listing.

The woman didn’t expect him to thank her; she wasn’t even allowed to look him in the face.  Lance didn’t disappoint her by breaking protocol.

Extracting a pen from inside is breast pocket Lance moved out of the way to look over the listing he had been given. This was just like any animal auction; you mark the ones you want to look at.  A description was given, where they were held and their auction number.

“Good to see you Mr. Grimes.”  The European grasped Lance’s shoulder as he walked by.  His dark eyes grazed over the list in Lance’s hand.  Reaching out he tapped a number.  “I think she would be perfect for you.”

“I have learned not to trust your opinion Arch, not when it comes to me.”  Lance laughed.  The owner had impeccable taste in women and usually the man could pick a match for his guests.  Lance was an exception.  Arch had never been able to find one that he and Lance could agree on.  With five or so marks on his listing Lance set out to make a walk around deciding if any were worth his budding time.

Lance drew as many looks as the ones on the listing.  His suit was tailored to fit his body.  Narrow hips, muscular chest, broad shoulders and six pack abs.  That was the hidden part; what they saw was his dark toffee colored skin, small dark braids that hung to just touch his collar and green eyes that were crystal clear.  Nobody believed that he did not use contacts.  They had been the gift of his father.  Lance was said to have killer looks in every sense of the word.

The girls he surveyed barely dressed if at all so their physical attributes could be seen were beautiful, tethered to their places.  There was no touching but you could ask their handlers to show you more if you wished.

Physical beauty wasn’t important to Lance.  Physical beauty he knew for females came from the inside through most of them didn’t see it that way.

He had an idea when the auction started who he had his eye on.  Now it was up to the female and how she presented herself.

PM me if you are interested, I don't look at this very often, I forget too.