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Author Topic: Kings and Queens  (Read 15587 times)

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #25 on: January 12, 2010, 09:26:06 AM »
I have found that the flaw of system games lay in their mechanics - everyone gets bogged down in it and it is a turn off from those keen on being focused on role playing. The non-system games also sometimes loose their focus when different people want to fan out in directions that make it hard for the storyteller to coordinate

I totally agree with both points, especially the former. 

I had an idea that I think may solve both - ideally one that would attract equal gurls and guys.

Set in a dark-age world where magic exists but mainly confined to strange ancient artifacts and magical creatures rumored to speckle labyrinthine caves and ancient woods only an army of the bravest souls dare tread. You are a King or a Queen of a desperate small nation surrounded by foreboding woods, seas or other landscapes (of your choosing). The world is dominated by barbarians, ocean pirates, fantastic creatures crawling from cave dens .. a place where one in every three people speak of demons.

The culture of your nation is of your choosing (amicable sexuality standards imply trade relations ...remember trade relations between nations is formed on a lot less), however you need choose one necessity (in the dark age culture ie food medicine etc) and one luxury (gems art / whatever) that your community can make well beyond its needs (ie it can trade tem) but also choose two necessities it can't easily manage by its own means.  You also have to provide one link or picture of
a) a typical landscape of your land
b) a picture of your "castle." (or "home" if your residence is exotic)
c) A picture of what "you" (king or queen) look like.

Up until now your nation like all others are fearful of expansion and development for fear it would attract the attention of pirates and barbarian hordes that have had a successful history of raping and pillaging.

For generations your family has kept a low profile and only just now one carefully laid plan has begun to show fruit. Finally your linage can dare think of something other than fear .. but in order to do so laxes in ethics, political scheming, risky battles and some of the most indecent of proposals have to be considered ...

------------------ Anyone interested ? ---------------

This is a very novel idea and I'd certainly be interested.  I sort of was trying to do something vaguely along these lines with the Levantine kingdom roleplay (going so far as to outline my character's home country, imports, exports, culture, religion, politics, climate, etc) but I think I like this idea better because it goes a little further.

Your "nation" is about the power of what 10 000 people would be (you could choose less who are more productive and impressive etc) how they live and how they are distributed throughout your lands is your choice. (The race of your nation does not have to be human.) Because I want this world to be savage and have evil as well as good kings I was thinking the Exotic / non-con. Many factionless and nomadic communities do exist (Such as gypsies) so the population of your nation's size can vary widely depending on what you do.

If the proportion of players (not characters .. i mean players) is roughly gender even, and if some aspire to dabble in evil (ie perverted) things and others appear who are more refined then I am keen to try this idea.

I kind of like the idea of putting it into the extreme section, myself, so that we are even more free to get up to even more naughtiness!  LOL 

Yes it is non-con and exotic however this doesn't mean non-con happens to your character (although it may) ... it more reflects the lives most people expect in this world.

I'm in!  I can't do much this week but I will try to present a basic background on my country and character and build on it this week as time permits.  Cool idea!

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #26 on: January 12, 2010, 09:33:32 AM »
good a third girl - this is very good.

with these things often one or two bows out early realising other committments
feel free to type up a nation nude :)

welcome abord

--- after athena i will close entries as i have more than enough to juggle with the current expression if interest ---

Offline Sasha

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #27 on: January 12, 2010, 10:31:22 AM »
In your case you control all of these. However I need you to RP them being with companions / body guards so i can take over what the body guards or their scouts say (what they find .. report etc)... so i will not control leaders in your case - only some other characters that accompany them.

 Okay for me . I just wanted to be able to type up the Rituals in my own Kingdom Thread to further display the ceremonies and things for the religious beliefs and that of the people. Using the Priest of the Mist and that to show some of the internal culture. Using people as needed to achieve a good mental picture of what is going on.

 I have no issue with you slipping in and playing internal characters , giving obstacles , identifying what the scouts encounter or playing a member of the scouting party ..or even playing some barbarian that happens to stumble into the realm and is shot in the ass with an arrow and taken to see the queen and dealt with. Toss his sorry ass into a pleasure guild till he begs to be set free then toss his sorry ass out into the wasteland somewhere all used and abused.

 Didn't mean to sound so cranky anyways.

Okay going to move to making my Kingdom Thread and doing upgrades there..since Cookie Monster already posted up one. Once I think I have it to a good starting point and defined enough , I will post a link to it in the OOC thread you put up a link to .

 Do you want all Kingdoms posted there in the OOC thread before we start discussions there  ?

 Any questions feel free to send a PM ...unless its a complicated one like ..Are you crazy ?

 Smiles   O:)

Offline Sydonai

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #28 on: January 12, 2010, 11:22:51 AM »
For my nation it would have to start somewhere at the barren lands of Tovlok(?) as my first choice since its best describes the location of my nation, my second choice would have to be the land just a bit to the south at the ruins of Flaegra, its also a good choice for my starting location and the third location whom I least prefer would be at Sorean(?) Ridge but that area doesn't seem to have any marshland.

And I've also modified my nation profile to include the four(3 including the nation sovereign) leader's profile from my nation which includes their skills attributes and a little bit of their background, and now to my first post ^^

Plus I have a sci fi 4X system game of my own I am thinking about putting up here to beta test. I don't think there'd be any real crossover between the ideas though. Mine would likely appeal more to the wargamer / system gamer types.

system game or no, I'm game for any roleplay that involves nations or civilization! ^^  so count me in when it started!
« Last Edit: January 12, 2010, 11:24:12 AM by Sydonai »

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #29 on: January 12, 2010, 12:47:15 PM »
(tinkering with this when time allows  ;) )

Nation: Amalor

Amalor is a temperate to tropical country that contains several islands.  The mainland is temperate and is made up primarily of plains, forests, several mountains/rocky hills, and a number of lakes.  The islands are mostly tropical and are made up of jungle and mountains (volcanoes).  Amalor contains no deserts, tundra, or wastelands.  Swampland is rare.

Plains:          20%
Forests:        20%
Jungle:          25%
Hills:             15%
Mountains:   15%
Swamp:        05%
Desert:         00%
Icy tundra:    00%
Wastelands: 00%

The climate is usually balmy and warm all year round (very mild winters which seldom go below the 60's) and snow is unheard of except in the mountains.  Rainfall is a bit higher in Amalor, particularly in the islands, and very common in the months of December and January.  The summer months can sometimes be very humid, especially in the islands.  From time to time, Amalor's relatively pleasant climate is marked by extreme conditions, such as hurricanes and typhoons, with flooding soon to follow.  Fortunately these occurrences are fairly rare.  Phenomena such as tornadoes and drought are unheard of in Amalor.

Geological activity:  Amalor is not a new nation, it had been colonized by many races over the past, going back even before most historical tomes relate, but one constant seems to be unstable geological activity.  Earthquakes and volcanic activity have been the ruin of more than one empire here.  At one time Amalor had even sunk to the sea floor, only to be raised ages later in yet another upheaval.  Many academics postulate that Amalor was, and still is, a sort of hub area.  A landmass floating, bouncing, and bobbing on a sea of lava like a cork on the surface of a pond.  Priestesses hold that Amalor is a blessed focal point of the goddesses and the centerpoint of change and mysteries which can never be fully understood, the volatile changes all being the will of the goddesess.  The priestesses use a different analogy, describing Amalor as a finely worked set of shield, armor, and weapons, all being cast in fire (volcanoes) hammered out by the goddesses (earthquakes), and then cooled (hurricanes/floods), all of which are necessary before the result is complete.

History (The Eight Known Eras of Amalor):

It is surmised the very First race to inhabit the region was an insectoid race, long since extinct.  Not much is known of them, or how long their rule lasted (some would say a million years), but a few rare structures and evidence of their ancient empire have been uncovered, though hardly what they must have looked like long ago.  Some sort of illegible script has been found excavated from quarries or found on jungle cliffs worn away by erosion.  Some sages surmise this to be evidence left behind by this ancient race.  A few fossils have also been found of very strange plants and animals that must have existed during the time of the insectoids, but only a rare few fossilized remains of the insectoids have ever been found.

The Second race to inhabit the region were the Reptile Men (or Lizard folk, as some call them).  Their structures and artwork were largely lost due to a cataclysm that shook the area and destroyed most of the life on the planet, according to scholars.  They lived in a time when huge reptilian beasts roamed the world.  These Reptile Men were likely a varied race, with some being lighter of build, and others heavier of build, but most were roughly 5-8 feet tall, from the fossilized remains.  They were apparently masters of some sort of crystal technology that has been lost after their passing.  They had a spoken and a written language, that much the scholars today agree upon, because there are some stone tablets that point to that, however, not much of the rest of their culture is known.  It does appear they were at war with some sort of sea race who existed at the time, which some have dubbed the Fish Men (note: many believe the Fish Men to be the first known sentient race, older even than the Insectoids, and had survived numerous mass extinctions).  There's also some controversial carvings found in at least two ruins of Reptilian structures that indicate a pimititive proto-elven race that had been encountered by the Reptile Men.  There are no other records of mammalian life at this time, which begs the question: where did this primitive elven race come from?  The Reptile Man race vanishes from global dominancy (as does the age of the great reptilian beasts) during the same time as the primitive elves seem to have appeared.  Many would provide answers for why this happened, ranging from the scientific to the religious, but in truth it is all pure conjecture.

The Third race to colonize the region were the Elves, much much later and there is evidence that Amalor was a much different place during the height of their reign (which some believe lasted for 20,000 years, but of course, there is no conclusive proof).  Amalor was much colder, dryer, and forested by massive conifers (redwoods and sequoias) that served as their cities.  Elegant stone structures also dotted the land, testimony to the engineering genius of the Elven race.  Sadly, the Elven structures are all in ruins now, but can still be seen in various parts of the country, crumbling in the mountains, overgrown in the islands, half-buried in caverns, and on the sea floor.  The ancient Elven colony here fell due to violent earthquakes and wildfires that forced them to flee to other areas.  Some of the Half-Elves who have returned claim to be the long lost descendants of the original Elven inhabitants but most sages scoff at the notion. 

The fourth race to inhabit the area were the Dark Elves, who sought to claim the area as a sanctuary and military outpost.  They built incredible cities underground out of the living rock, cultivated a special fungus that produced oxygen, and developed a vast society largely unknown to the savage primitive humans (neanderthals), lurking above.  The Dark Elves built few structures on the surface, as they were constantly at war with the bestial and brutish humans there, often winning battles against them but never gaining a conclusive victory, and so they retired completely to their underground empire where it was safe.  Alas, the instability of the region claimed the Dark Elven colony much as it had done the Elven one previously.  Even the powerful magic of the Dark Elves was not sufficient to hold back the lava and tons of rock that ended their civilization here after it was founded only 10,000 year ago, (based on the best information available).  Some Dark Elves have emigrated back to Amalor for much the same reasons the Elves have, but their claims of lineage are unsubstantiated. 

The Fifth race to claim the area were what many sages dub the Aquatics.  After the volcanic activity that destroyed the Dark Elven colony, there was a long period of time marked by the expansion of glaciers which since melted as the world's climate warmed and further earthquakes caused the entire region to sink beneath the waves and what we now call Amalor became a shallow sea.  Sea Elves, Tritons, and Mermaids created a thriving civilization under the warm, sunny, vibrant sea and built vast cities out of huge shells and living coral.  Some of these can still be found in odd locations (due to the oceans having receded over time) such as on some of the islands, hills, and lowlands.  The Aquatics were a robust and friendly culture, engaging in trade with the surface world races that survived the epic worldwide flood (most of the world was underwater during this time).  This did not last, however, as the surface world erupted into chaos and war from the lack of resources and living space, and the conflict spilled over to affect the Aquatics in a way still as of yet undetermined.  Many scholars believe it was some form of disease which was only a minor inconvenience to the surface races, but deadly to the Aquatics.  Others surmise it was some form of plague brought from a star that impacted in the ocean and dissolved, freeing millions of tiny organisms, but there is no shred of proof of this.  Some priests say it was the wrath of the gods.  Whatever the cause, the Aquatic civilization was abandoned as the various surviving sea races split off and left the area, living nomadic existences and settling in other areas.  Some have since returned, and there has been no sign of the bizarre sickness that affected their forebears, and so they have begun to rebuild new colonies under the sea, close to the islands that dot the coast. 

The Sixth race to inhabit Amalor were the Giants, a huge race of modern-looking humans (by this time the humans had changed to what we know of today) who came to the area when the oceans receded, geographic upheaval thrust the landmass upwards, and the climate warmed.  The Giants would have been the inheritors of the entire world, for none could match their sheer strength and power for long.  However, the Giants were also a warlike people who could not get along with each other and their reign was a short and violent one, which destroyed them, as a people, and their civilization in Amalor was no different.  Only the ruins of their mighty structures remain, mostly destroyed by the forces of other Giants.  The few remaining Giants who inhabit Amalor today, scholars agree, are the direct descendants of the Giants who dwelled here in the past.  They are less warlike than their predecessors and more apt to live in peace with the other citizens of Amalor, having apparently learned the lesson of their self-destructive past. 

The Seventh race to colonize Amalor were the Centaurs, a nomadic tribe who emigrated here roughly 1500 year ago.  They built no grand structures like the previous races, but have lasted the test of time.  Their wars with human invaders have largely shaped and molded both cultures into a warlike one.  The Centaurs,huge creatures, were masters of hit-and-run tactics and their bows and spears are legendary in their effectiveness.  The humans, also quite large relative to other humans worldwide, became masters of infantry tactics, developing the shield phalanx and using heavy armor.  Although the humans would eventually win the war, the Centaurs are still quite numerous in the region (equalling in number the Half-Elves) and now staunch friends of their former foes.  Both races ended their costly war 200 years ago and now combine their might. 

The Eighth race to colonize Amalor are the humans, specifically the Amazons.  A race of humans that has no males, but rather a third sex.  This third sex, dubbed as futa, has a female body but male genitals (they are not hermaphrodites, they do not possess a vagina as well, only a penis and testicles).  It is rare, but some futa are born with two sets of penises.  Unapproved sorcerous experimentation has resulted in even more unusual results (such as four breasts and/or four arms).  Upon their arrival, the Amazon priestesses instituted a program to breed out all the males from the entire population (including every race in the country) and over time this process has resulted in a nation of females and futas only.  Males are only allowed here as visitors for short periods of time.  Male slaves are not allowed.  The Amazons of Amalor ruled with an iron fist, having built their rule on conquest, and to the casual observer their culture would seem barbaric.  Their architecture is mostly stonework decorated with frescoes, friezes, and painted designs ((**OOC: think of Crete, Greece, Babylon, Sumeria, or Egypt for influences**)).  The horses, dogs, and bulls of the Amalor are bred for size and strength and never sold or exported (only the common/lesser breeds are ever traded).  The Amazon race is thought to be at least somewhat related to the Giants (much as some surmise the Centaurs to be) because of their size and strength.  Most Amazons are at least 7 feet tall, some being 8 feet, and virtually all are very muscular or at least physically fit.  There are no sickly, frail, waifish, or obese Amazons in Amalor, thanks to a rigid regimen of daily exercise, a healthy diet, and frequent sparring.  The Amazons are the current predominat race to inhabit Amelor and are well aware of the instability of the region in terms of both the present and the past.  They trust in their goddesses to protect them, and the other races, from disaster, but it will remain to be seen if this is any more effective.

Religion: Pantheistic.  The state religion practiced by every race, is to the Amazon goddesses, of which there are 12.  Every race has their own versions of the 12 Divines, and worship at the same temples.  The predominant one, however, is Syldanism (worshippers of Syldana).  It is Syldana who keeps the Amazons safe by their exclusion of males, and her wisdom that has provided for their continued survival through the other goddesses (via the futas, by keeping natural disasters at a minimum, by the inclusion of other races, by providing ample resources, by keeping them strong and healthy, etc.  a different job for a different goddess). Through the efforts of the priestesses, vampirism and all known types of undead, have been eradicated from Amalor (though in truth, few cases had ever been reported), and lycanthropy is unknown here thanks to numerous medicinal plants.  One type of violent and aggressive spirit, known only as an Entity, remains and resists all known attempts at exorcism.  Entities are invisible, very strong, can discharge an electrical current, and seem to thrive on raping the unwary.  These malevolent spirits are few in number, and no one is certain even what they are. 

Shapeshifters:  Few other nations are aware that a colony of these beings inhabit Amalor, and fewer yet know their true appearance (some believe they are sexless milk-white humanoids, others say they are scaley and dark blue with glowing eyes, yet others argue they are large tentacled horrors).  What is known is that all Shapeshifters in Amalor belong to a secret society called the Protean Sisterhood.  The Sisterhood's motives are unclear but they serve the nation and the Queen in whatever capacity desired.  Other nations, perhaps rightly, believe the Sisterhood to be an elaborate spying operation.  No Shapeshifter has ever actually been caught abroad, however, to corroborate this, but there have been numerous odd occurences and bizarre accounts of certain people being at two places at once.  The Shapeshifters are naturally resistant to magic and psionics, developing this resistence slowly over the course of thousands of years to the virtually impenetrable level it is at today.  An ancient race that has long since been dying out, the Shapeshifters entire culture and civilization has been lost to them over the ages (if they ever possessed one of their own at all) and they now identify with their adopted culture, that of the Amazons.

The population of Amalor is 100,000, and consists of the following citizens:

Humans:          40%
Half-Elves:       15%
Centaurs:        15%
Giants:             05%
Sea Elves:       10%
Tritons:            05%
Dark Elves:       05%
Mermaids:        03%
Shapeshifters: 02%

Population centers: The nation of Amalor boasts three major cities.   The capital city of Gynasica, is located roughly in the center of the country and the nearby terrain is open meadow and idyllic forests, with a river flowing from a mountain to the North.  The second biggest city is Tioniphus, located in a well-defended hilly region Northwest of the capital.  The third largest city is Tanthis, located along the Southern coast.  There are numerous other small towns and villages throughout the country, however, most of these having originated as either temporary camps or military posts.  There are very few permanent villages in the islands of the nation, owing to the ferocity of the hurricanes and typhoons which occur unexpectedly.  All of the three major cities are high-walled and bristling with defenses (some very ingenious in nature), with Amalorian citizens prepared for military duty at a moment's notice.  The open plains around Gynasica are often used for large-scale military maneuvers and drills.  It is not uncommon to see huge troop formations of Amalorians perfecting their craft out on the plains on any given day.  The naval fortress, located in Tanthis, also regularly patrols the coasts and islands in either the large Triremes out in the open sea just beyond the reef wall or the smaller shallow-drafted Destroyers (raiding ships, like lateen-sailed sloops) inside the reef wall where only small craft can go.


Foodstuffs (Grain/fruit/vegetables):                          25%
Master craft items (statuary/paintings/tapestries):  10%
Rare minerals/gemstones:                                        10%
Livestock (lesser horses, oxen, etc):                         10%
Black pearls and rare coral (black, blue, etc)             05%
Minor enchanted items (amulets, potions)                05%
Iron/steel items:                                                       10%
Textiles (wool, fur, cloth):                                         10%
Medicine (herbs, salves, unguents, etc):                   05%
Mithril ore:                                                                 05%
Rare spices (from the islands):                                  05%


Slaves:                               25%
Spices:                               04%
Lumber:                             18%
Stone (masonry):               15%
Finished/worked goods:     18%
Foodstuffs (foreign):           15%
Erotica:                                03%
Magic items:                        02%

Economy: Copper, silver, and gold are all mined on the mainland (no deposits have yet been found on the islands).  These precious metals are typically neither imported, nor exported.  The amounts mined is strictly based on economic need and an effort to avoid inflation.  The coins minted, in order of value, are the copper Enth, the silver Melath, and the gold Janth (all named for Amazon leaders of the past). 

Appearance: Most Amalorians are dark complected, though a few lighter complected ones do exist.  Hair color is usually black, brunette or blonde, with red hair being a rarity.  All Amalorians are heavily muscled and smooth skinned (pubic areas are bald), and body piercings are not uncommon.  Typical piercings are in the nipples,  the earlobes, the tongue (a small stud), and the clit.  Tattoos are not usually seen as attractive and all but unheard of in Amalor.  Clothing is typically sparse, and nudity is common among slaves.  Most citizens wear simple thongs (going topless), or merely a thong and skimpy halter top.  Some wear a simple skirt over the thong (usually the more conservative Amalorians), or the skirt and no thong.  The elderly wear robes or long gowns. 

Military/Defense:  The Amalorian nation is somewhat legendary (or notorious) in that at a moment's notice it can turn the entire population into a highly effective, expertly trained fighting force.  This is entirely due to the fact that all citizens are soldiers and trained from a young age in the arts of combat.  The military regimen continues all throughout life, and dominates the entire culture, ensuring a perpetual state of readiness for battle.  The military, itself, is divided into infantry, cavalry, artillery, and navy.  The Infantry consists primarily of humans.  The Cavalry consists mainly of centaurs.  The Artillery is made up of Giants and Elves, and the Navy is comprised mostly of Humans and Aquatics (Sea Elves, Tritons, and Mermaids).  Part of Amalor's defenses is the terrain of the country itself.  There is a huge reef wall that surrounds the islands and the coastline which would tear the bottom out of even the sturdiest of vessels (and even metal-hulled ships fare no better) and the sea around the islands and coast is very shallow, and almost a maze of channels.  Seagoing Amalorians are wll-aware of how to navigate the shallow sea, but foreign captains typically have no access to this information (hence the unusually high number of shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea).  Even careful Amalorian vessels sometimes founder or get washed up on the shoals during sudden storms, so weather patterns are carefully monitored and the advice of the Aquatic races of Amalor is well-respected by the Navy.    Spells cast into the country from areas outside of it don't seem to work (or work very poorly), for unexplained reasons.  The dual effect is that spells cast from Amalor into other countries also has the same difficulty.  It is as if there is some unseen barrier or screen of static that interferes with the transmission of long-range spells.  Magic cast inside the nation works quite well, however, but only for the Amalorians, it seems.  Many foreign spellcasters who have visited the country have reported that they still had problems working their magic, whereas the native born Amalorian spellcasters had no such problems.  Some believe that the mana of the region differs from that of other areas and merely takes a long period of time for the body to soak it in before magic can be properly cast.  The military does contain some spellcasters but exactly how many may vary greatly (this is perhaps done intentionally so that the enemy never know precisely what the capabilities are of any given legion).

Strengths: Military might (first and foremost, one of the most experienced and best trained armies in the the region at present, and can quickly mobilize virtually the entire population with incredible speed), usually pleasant climate, abundant (and still largely untapped) resources, divine magic (at times this is also a weakness), sexual hedonism, effective communication system that allows quick coordination and information dispersal, and the entire area is a veritable archaeological treasure trove.

Weaknesses: Unstable geology (earthquakes, volcanic activity), occasional very powerful hurricanes (typhoons and floods), no males are allowed to remain here (only females and futas can be citizens), history of poor relations with other countries, foreign spellcasters at a disadvantage (though this is also a strength if faced by hostile mages), and some very dangerous predatory creatures/monsters exist in the wilderness and the ruins. 
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Offline Sasha

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #30 on: January 12, 2010, 04:01:18 PM »

  Wow ...Sydonai ....I love the character profiles done in the Quote like format sexy looking.

  Going to steal that idea ...and praise you for it .

  Not too much though ....cause your making me look bad

  Giggles ,


Offline Phaia

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #31 on: January 12, 2010, 10:27:44 PM »

I am interested in this but I am a bit concerned with some numbers I see tossed about for things like a military. I did a paper while in college on population density of medieval France.

As an example to support an army of 3000 would take something like 50-60000 peasents.

This is a really good guide I have seen used by GMs in the past

on down the page is a SV guide this means the number of people [support Value] needed to support the business

as an example using 10000 as a guide

5 inns, 40 tailors, 67 shoemakers, and about 40-50 noble familys [small familys]

the biggest town would barely be 1000 with a lot of villages.

I would suggest increasing the pop size to say about 100000 or even 1 million; these numbers equal many of the german city states of the medieval [fantasy period]


I have an idea for a small island nation that I am working on.


Offline Sydonai

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #32 on: January 12, 2010, 11:52:40 PM »

  Wow ...Sydonai ....I love the character profiles done in the Quote like format sexy looking.

  Going to steal that idea ...and praise you for it .

  Not too much though ....cause your making me look bad

  Giggles ,


nuuuuuuu! no stealing my ideas! >:(

lol jk go ahead I didn't have time to copyrighted it and thanks for the compliment ;) anyway my nation is up and ready for action

Offline Sasha

Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #33 on: January 13, 2010, 11:43:14 AM »

  Hey thanks ...Phaia

 Interesting site indeed .. though it pisses me off some. I mean , I did google ...How to build a Kingdom for Dummies ...and it came back ...Your Not Worthy . .

 Then went to that dreaded blue screen of death ....the NERVE ...of it all.

 And here ..I just needed to put in ... MADE EASY .

 On a more serious note though ...thanks and look forward to seeing your Island kingdom.

Oh I have a sarcastic hopefully fun type of humor about me sometimes ...hope I don't bother anyone too much as most of the time I mean nothing by it . Its the small times I do mean something that worries me the most.

 Looks over at  Sydoni ...I see your so organized and tidy over there. Motor all purring and ready to go. Next you will be cracking a whip and giving out spankings to the rest of us Slackers.  Least I can only hope for a few spankings .  ;)

 Anyways back to work ...sips my coffee while hiding my permission slip.

I should have it completed in the next day or two Thread for Kingdom is started. Look forward to rping with you all.


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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #34 on: January 13, 2010, 09:22:17 PM »
Question ...smiles ...looked up these words and it gave no help so .

 Option one ..  1. Highest = Adept
                        2. Mid = Capable
                        3. skilled = Impressive

 Option two ...1. Highest = Impressive
                       2. Mid = Capable
                       3  Skilled = Adept

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #35 on: January 13, 2010, 10:01:32 PM »
Adept then capable then impressive.

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #36 on: January 13, 2010, 10:15:19 PM »
So that would be option 2? (I'm a bit thick sometimes)

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #37 on: January 14, 2010, 12:12:32 AM »
option 2 yes :)

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #38 on: January 14, 2010, 12:20:16 AM »

i am happy for others to put up their nation - already there are a few ...

I am happy to manage more but i do need another who is interested in mutally storytelling.

Having your own nation and storytelling an area that is far from your nation is something i think i may need for so many - this can be vivid but also have issues with branching.

Actually to ensure things progress it may be that one has to story tell for a leader or quest for a nation that is on the opposite side of the world to yours.

Would some be ok with that ? it would make matters go faster also you would have a larger ranges of adventures

I need to know any who would happily take on some adventure threads for nations not having anything to do with your own .... if your one such can you please reply here saying so ?

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #39 on: January 14, 2010, 12:29:06 AM »
I'd be interested in being a co-story teller.
« Last Edit: January 14, 2010, 02:50:28 AM by Urbanzorro »

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #40 on: January 14, 2010, 12:54:43 AM »
many more are interested than i thought which could make for a very interesting world.

it would essentially work like this

a) Each nation has its own "prime nation thread" - where the nation is summarized and is where actions concerning your lead city is role played ( wherever city or castle keeps your leader ).

b) All "prime nation threads" are linked to a "world" thread that is mainly is a map of the world plus links to nation's prime threads.

The world thread talks about general aspects of the world (and a summarised overview) but it is unlikely to be a point where role play occurs - its more a overview of matters and a way to navigate between nation's threads and branching threads.

c) Myself and others (who likely are players from a nation far from yorus) will start roleplaying some companions of your leaders in each nations main thread starting adventures, ones that may stay inside the nation or urge you elsewhere. These will be branching threads and will branch from your main city thread to other places.

Branching threads may merge with other branching threads OR others prime city threads or peater out on their own if they are simple

... you the players choose which leaders of your nation will branch off from the main thread into new threads (from your nations thread.) also for a while you can role play in your own main thread what sort of things your getting the nation to do ... or to flesh out some area ... this is useful later when other wish to visit (giving atmosphere and places to go when in your nation)

A nation that is very distant from where you are ones i do want others to offer being the story teller of branches for. I may need at least 1 other preferably more for this to flow fast enough for many players to have their interest retained.

Storytelling guidelines - dark ages fantasy non-comical (ie no terry hatchet fans) must be ok with storytelling some Exotic extreme scenes occasionally. numerous realistic posts is better than a few large ones.

Witchery exists but it is rare and subtle and more like changing probabilities of things happening
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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #41 on: January 14, 2010, 01:01:55 AM »
Phaia's suggestion of a population of around 100 000 on average (unless your a small highly magical kingdom) seems right as buildings that are shown in the pictures couldnt be managed by nation of a population of 10 000 or so.

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #42 on: January 14, 2010, 01:05:47 AM »
Phaia's suggestion of a population of around 100 000 on average (unless your a small highly magical kingdom) seems right as buildings that are shown in the pictures couldnt be managed by nation of a population of 10 000 or so.

so do we need to correct the population numbers? I certainly agree with the population of 100k for a nation even a small one

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #43 on: January 14, 2010, 01:27:16 AM »
yes please do.

As far as politics go... when players meet other players - politics is up to them.

When they visit cities or nations that have nothing to do with players ( there will be two or three powerful ones) the storyteller manages politics directly with the player.

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #44 on: January 14, 2010, 04:08:19 AM »
Sorry Sydonai, stole your layout too... Hope that's okay. >_>

And put up my nation Kate but still working on it as noted at the top of its post. There might be a few errors since I was basically juggling tons of different notepads... >_<

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #45 on: January 14, 2010, 05:55:23 AM »
Ok all - world thread is forming pleas post your nation here AFTER you have told me three candidate locations for your nation (I will choose one of these three to be where your nation is located)

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #46 on: January 14, 2010, 06:22:00 AM »
 I not sure my little Utopia can handle 100K of people . Hate to have a size disadvantage as well but the others put forth are reasonable to me considering some are collecting various kinds as a catch all kingdom. 

   But going with doing the math here ...maybe little more than 1/2 that I could handle.  75,000 ?

 20000  -several underground towns .. (10)  ..say 2000 in each.
   7500  -Tree top smaller comunites spread out  say 75 x 100
  2000  -Beastarian Forts - 4 ..x 500
  2000 - Archarians
    500  - Dwelling up the mountain sides
  7500  - The main trade center ...merchants - commerce ..etc.
    500 - Castle Royalty , Priests , servants and such
  2000 - Children below 12     
  2500 - Various guild- Training centers ..10 x 250
    500 - trapped in the Pleasure centers..
  1000 - misc catch all stoners ..lazy asses not doing a damm thing.
    500 - herbalist
      50 - Seekers

  Then again ...maybe I just add as exports....Trained sexual slaves ..get rid of the excess overflow .
  think someone was wanting manpower ..maybe just better motivation might help.

 Goes to debate that idea.


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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #47 on: January 14, 2010, 06:41:31 AM »
sasha if you want your nation to be less that is ok- you rely a lot on magic for building construction etc. So you can have a small "intense" community.

What you have listed there is fine.

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #48 on: January 14, 2010, 01:32:28 PM »
Unterhia the dark elf dukedom

Population 100,000

Dark elves 65%
Humans (most of them slaves) 30%
Other* 5%

*The dukedom allows some humans dwarf or other races to settle down around border of the dukedom, however the inner territories are forbidden to them.


Iron Ore

Weapons and armour*

*The duke and the Elder council control it


The founders of this dukedom were outcasts from the elven nation. They had a different view of the world than the other elves. They were only a few hundreds of them but they found the land of their new home. It was a forest, which was dark and silent, and most of the plants were poisonous. But nobody else needed this lend so they started to build they own nation, Unterhia.
They found eatable plants and fruits in the forest and they found out how could they eat the poisonous ones. Some historian think their bodies had changed because of the unique food they ate. Some other group believes their elf body changed itself because they changed the way of their life. Maybe the reason remains unknown but the fact is still fact their physical appearances changed.
Their skin turned into dark grey like the ash. Their bodies are more muscular then a normal elf their strength and stamina is also above the elves. The dark elves didn’t really care about they just accepted the changes. Some of them were even glad that they are no more look like the other elves.
After when they build their first towns life was peaceful for centuries. They were too small to conquer and they don’t have any valuable lands. But everything has changed when they got in a way in a barbarian army. However they were training warriors but they couldn’t stop the barbarians, but managed to survive. It pushed the nation to develop more capable warriors and they began to build a fortress.
The fortress soon became a city that called Luin Norno. After fifty years of the first barbarian attack another horde came, but the most of them died under the walls of Luin Norno. After this victory the surrounding lands noticed the dukedom.
During the next century many warlords tried to conquer them but they all failed. They first line of defense was the forest with it’s poisonous plants. Many warriors from the enemy died because they ate the wrong fruit or made their campfire from the wrong trees. Secondly the dark elves didn’t attacked them directly. They let them into the forest. Once the enemy was in, they cut the supply lines. They survived many invasions. The neighbourhood nation gave up the attempts to conquer them and started trading with them.


The dukedom was lead by a duke and the council of the elders. During the centuries the council has the real power the duke simply carried out the councils will. They ruled their people with iron fists. Every dark elf feared their power and obeyed rather then turn against them.
But in the past few years things have changed. The new duke stole the power of the council. Some of the council member was died in a very unfortunate accident; some of them were the duke friend, so easily achieved that they grant him more power. The new duke has ambitious plans to wide the borders of the dukedom.


Basically they have three gods. Manthor the god of war, Polisseon the god of birth and life and Illsee the goddess of death. But these not like the other gods. They don’t have statues or cathedrals just symbols and a few altars. In their beliefs the three god always with them everywhere. They think of their existence as a path. In the beginning Polisseon give them strength and pushed them on the path. They run and run and Manthor protects them and help them fight their way through the obstacles in their life. And when the strength what Polisseon gave them run out they fell right into Illsee’s hand who embrace them.
They have their own mythology and aside from the three main gods they also have a lot of emissary from the three gods. These emissaries cover the other aspect of life.
Amongst the dark elves there is no priest or priestess. What they had they called them preceptors. The preceptors teach the religious things to the population. They are strange persons and all preceptor chosen by the emissary. After that they gave up their whole life and do what they thing would do the emissary. There were never any preceptors of their gods.


The dukedom lands don’t have any good opportunities at first glimpse. But the dark elves made the most of it. From the plants from the forest they’re made various drugs, poisons and love potions. As the population grew the forest couldn’t support them enough food, so food is the most important import product. However they have some gardens near the villages but they keep most of their lands in its original shape because most of their poison and potion ingredients grow in the forest.
They don’t have any ore too, but they have magnificent smiths, who can make swords and armours what a dwarf could envy. Basically they import the raw material and sell the product. The only raw material they have is clay, and they made a lot of pottery.
They economy based on slaves. Every slave is a captured warrior they don’t really buy slaves. They have slave trade but only inside the country. They have slave guilds that go to the surrounding lands and capture slaves for the dukedom. Sometimes they are called by rulers to help them solve a robber band problem.
The dark elves do only the jobs, which require proficiency. The rest is the slave’s task.


The army of Unterhia is very unusual. The dukedom doesn’t have one big army. The biggest legion is the Luin Norno’s guards. The rest of the army is split up 40-50 person bands. Each of these bands patrol in an area, and if they encounter any enemy, the first thing they do to send a message to the nearest areas.
If they force to create an army they just collect the bands and during the battle they stay together. The dukedom has approximately 1000 warriors. Despite the small number each of them very skilled and they can stand against two time’s bigger armies. However the training new warriors take years, so loosing only one of them is a great loss. That’s the main reason they never tried to conquer any land just defended they own.
The dukedom has only one offensive tool in its hand. Assassins. The dark eleven assassins are one of the best in the world. For them killing somebody is an art. They use weapons and poisons to reach they goal. They can work in groups or alone.
Rumour says the dukedom is experimenting to create a slave army. They have a lot of slave, and if they mange to create the slave army they became a great threat. With the lot of slaves and the well-experienced dark elven warriors they have the power to strike.


In every dark elves life fight is an important thing. The average dark elf can use in some level the sword and the bow. It’s part of they religious and takes important part such ceremonies like wedding.
They also don’t trust other species. During they history everybody wanted to kill them, so they careful around strangers. They have a few village what are open to the outside world but the rest of them are forbidden to the guests. They do their trading in their open villages and usually every trader caravan has an dark elf follower.

Cities of Unterhia

Luin Norno:

The one, and only stone city. It is the fortress what they build against the barbarians. About a thousand dark elves live here. Luin Norno isn’t a big city it’s rather an extended fortress than a city. However the streets has many statues and mosaic pavements. On the top of the fortress there is a tower that called the Observatory. It is a tower filled with magic.
In the middle of the Observatory there is a big and clear crystal which can show distant lands. The duke can watch in every village can track any traveller who is within the Observatory’s range. Unfortunately whoever is using it can only watch. Can’t send message and can’t hear what the observered persons talk.  Also can’t allow seeing in houses or tents. But it can be used to track armies inside the land of the dukedom. It is capable to look further but it has a limitation.


This is the second town that has stone buildings. And the most famous as well, because this is the city where most traders go to trade with the dark elves. Several inns located here where travellers can rest. A small castle is also located here. It’s just a tower and a wall around it. This is the place where the dark elves contact other nations diplomats.

Ensallar, the duke

Fighting: Impressive
Tactics: Capable
Strategy: Adept

He is the only child of the royal family. During his childhood he had taught by the most excellent teachers. Beside the etiquette reading and writing he very liked his sword lessons. When he grew up he had a very bad argument with his father, the duke. He accused his father that he is coward and couldn’t stand against the decisions of the council.
The next day Ensallar disappeared. He couldn’t live in Luin Norno any more. Not till his father was alive. He hides his true identity and travelled in the dukedom. For 24 years he lived the life of the average dark elf. Sometimes he worked as a gardener sometimes he escorted the foreign traders through the land of the dukedom. Then finally he joined the army. He had to always on the move because his parents never gave up the search for him. There was only one person in the dukedom that had information about him. He was his old teacher Lurnaen. He gave Ensallar advisees and misleads the elves who were searching him.
After the 24 years his father dead in a disease. This was the time when Ensallar returned. With the help of Lurnaen and two assassins Vexxis and Vessor he had broken the power of the council. He became the new duke and Lurnaen became the leader of the elder council.
Ensallar changed has changed the politics. He didn’t want it that the elves fear him and the council. He wanted that the elves love them. He knew they would do his will if they love him fanatically. Ensallar has walked amongst them, led troops into battle personally, and his presence was always a boost to the warriors.
After he became the duke his still got an adventure spirit and he take care of thing often by himself. Maybe because of this his people love him, his warriors prepared to die for him.

Lurnaen, the head of the Elder council

He was Ensallar teacher, now he leads the council. The trust between them is incorruptible. He agrees with Ensallar’s ways and protects his power. Fortunately it’s not a hard task since the council has eleven members and the most of them respects Lurnaen and trust his decision.
Usually he takes care of the everyday things what needs to be done to run the dukedom. He looks after the economy; he confers with the other nobles. This does really bother him, he likes this job, and he knows Ensallar was born to accomplish bigger things.

Vexxis and Vessor assassins and bodyguards


Fighting: Impressive
Tactics: Capable
Strategy: Adept
(Played by GM)


Fighting: Impressive
Tactics: Capable
Strategy: Adept

They’re are twins. Both of them were orphans when a member of the Magnolia assassin clan has found them. He brought both children to their training camp. The clan liked to train orphans. If they die in a mission nobody was looking for them and they also don’t have to worry about relatives.
Both of them were talented. They were succeeded in a lot of missions no matter they worked together or alone. One of their missions they met Ensallar and after that they did adventures together. Ensallar of course paid a nice sum of gold to the Magnolia clan.
When Ensallar became the duke, the Magnolia clan became the royal assassin clan. They provided assassins and bodyguards to the duke the council members and the other important persons. Vexxis and Vessor became Ensallar’s personal bodyguards. They follow him everywhere unless he ordered one of them to kill somebody. Because of Ensallar request Vexxis learned how she could seduce her targets and how to melt into the high society. After that she often disguise herself to Ensallar’s company and act like an empty headed noble woman.

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Re: Kings and Queens
« Reply #49 on: January 14, 2010, 01:35:47 PM »
Should I post here the possible location or rather send a PM?