Usagi wants to play (M or F)

Started by usagi13chan, January 08, 2010, 10:36:48 PM

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I'm looking for a WWII RP. I really don't have a Plot for it but if you should happen to have any ideas then we can play off each other and come up with one.

Also I'm looking for a RP that would revolve around a locket. It can be fantasy or not. I would like to have it set in the 1800's (I'm a sucker for old days). Once again no plot.

I would like to try a male character out but not with the two listed above. Or even a little girl on girl action.

If you have a plot or an idea then hit me up with a PM please. ^.^
In real life, I'm a sub to a wonderful master. If you have a fetlife then add me (littlemonster13) ^.^ I wont bite... ever hard.