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Started by LittleKitten, January 07, 2010, 09:27:50 PM

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I'm looking for an role play that takes place in a fantasy world. The world is divided into 5 nations.

The first  nation, Taito, is a nation of artists. Their peaceful and are the diplomats between the other nations. Most medicine comes from this nation. They rarely go war, instead they prefer to broker deals and bargains.

The second nation is Elukka. Elukka is a peaceful nation and similar in many ways to Taito. However while Taito focuses on art, Elukka focuses on more earthy aspects. The people of Elukka believe a connection to the earth is the most important thing to have in this life and to have that connection one must control the earth and change it. So they cut terraces into their mountain home for farming and domestic their once wild animals.

Sacerdot, the third nation, is a nation of priests. They have always attended to the spiritual needs of most of the nations. Those nations that do not worship at the alter of the sky find themselves the prime target of the missionaries. Angelicists, or Angelicism, worships primarily among the Spirits, that worships the winds and the sky. The followers, often called "Angels", tend to wear all white, with decorations made from feathers.

The fourth nation is Sodur. Sodur is the most voilent nation of them all and the only nation to seek out conflict and war. A militaristic nation they are ruled by a single Sodan who has the absolute power of a dictator.
Sodur believes woman to be inferior creatures suitable only for housework or bearing children. They raise their woman to be delicate beautiful works of art meant to be sequestered away. The woman rarely leave their homes and are not allowed to step foot outside without a male escorted. An unescorted woman is put to the death.

The fifth and most interesting nation is Loodus. While the other  4 nations take up the continents below Loodus consists of a number of small floating islands. No one knows for sure why the islands float but what is known this small nation has the greatest deposits of gold and precious metal. This nation that is the richest cares the least for richest. The wood harvested on these islands contains the same element that makes the islands themselves float. This wood is used to make primitive wooden airships, boats that float and are controlled by sails.
There are 10 islands with ten different tribes. A leader from each tribe is elected to the Lahn Su or the council of elders. The leaders of the tribes are called Doa with the leader of the largest tribe and leader of the Lahn Su called the Lahn Doa. This leader has always come from Lovi, the largest and strongest tribe
The people of Loodus shun the use of metals and things they deem "un-natural" although some times they must do what they must.  They are in  tune with every single living thing and believe that nature is secret and should be protected at all costs. They have no formal religion but  believe that everything, every object, has a spirit and should be respect. They take and hunt only what they need and always thank the Mother for the gift.

These 5 nations have lived for centuries in relative harmony, while the occasional war quickly settled by the Taitions. That is until the Shodan Hachi took the throne...
Hachi was a spoiled child, one used to getting his way in everything, this lead to a rather spoiled dictator, a dangerous thing to have! Looking around the world at the nations he found himself coveting what the other nations have. With the farmlands of Elluka, he could fed a vast army! With the priests of Sacerdot backing him all civilized peoples will bow to him and to the “will” of the gods!
Oh, and with the airships of Loodus no nation could ever dream of resisting or rebelling.
He already has the largest army, he's already equipped for war! So, why is he holding back? Why honor these treaties of peace made by his father? No, he will invade and rule the world as the Shodan!

Without warning Hachi's army sweeps into Sacerdot, quickly defeating the peaceful priests. Many are martyred after they refuse to preach that Hachi is called by the Divine winds to rule the world. The remaining terrified priests obey and call for all the  Angelicists to accept Hachi and join his cause.
However, the martyrdom of some many of the priests has told the Angelicists the truth. The monks and priests to not believe Hachi, they preach only for him so all are not killed. A few must remain alive for the religion to remain alive.

The 3 remaining free nations gather together a council to discuss Hachi's plans. He's invaded one nation and now rules it as brutally as he rules his own. The council knows even combined they do not have the ability to resist him and survive. They must find another way to stop this mad man!

Days into the council a young Loodus warrior by the name of Nida approaches the Lahn Doa. He drops to his knees before him and begs for mercy as he's committed a terrible crime. He's found his way into Sudor and made his way out again with Shodan Hachi's daughter!

Kidnap is a terrible crime among the Loodus people and Nida is exiled until the Mother calls for his return. However, he has provided them with an opportunity. With Hachi's wife dead and his only child being his daughter, her off spring is his only chance to have an heir!
While it is an affront to the Mother to keep her, she is too valuable to be returned. No, the Lahn Doa must keep her, protect her and use her to keep Hachi from taking over the world.

I'm looking for someone to play the Lahn Doa. I see him as a man who will do anything to keep his people safe, a man who's strong and wild. I'm looking for someone who is gentle and kind while ruthless enough to do what has to be done.

This role play can be as gentle and soft or as rough and brutal as you want it. Teach me the ways of your people so I become one of you or keep me in chains while you rape and beat me.
Pm me if your interested or just have questions!