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Author Topic: Inerrant's Ideas and Intrigues  (Read 615 times)

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Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Inerrant's Ideas and Intrigues
« on: January 07, 2010, 07:58:03 PM »
Since I have my computer back from lengthy repairs, I figure I will get into roleplaying again as soon as possible. Without further adieu, my ideas...

Fortunes and Misfortunes (NC Exotic Freeform)
A sex comedy with the main character being a buxom halfling female who continiously finds herself the victim of humorous and sexy misadventures. Silly and dirty, and there's nothing wrong with that. Already tried this before with Tom, but since I joined the military I went inactive for the longest time. Still one of my favorite ideas that I'm just dying to try again, because a good old comedy is good for the soul- the sex is just icing on the cake. Mmm...cake.

Pan's Labrynth/Silent Hill inspired Psychological Mindfuck (?)
A delving into one's own dark psyche... I'm still iffy on the concept, but the idea of a woman mysteriously lapsing into a coma every once in awhile while she visits a spooky otherworld in her own mind. Eventually, the two worlds become indistinguishable from one another. Rather dark and gothic, and it could easily work without any sex at all- and if it is...something along the lines of vore, which doesn't get me very aroused, personally...but I love it in the context of a horror story.

Untitled (?)
Originally a concept for a book I wanted to write, then it fit better as a D&D campaign. A homebrewed setting that's sorta mid-apocalyptia... the world's dying because all the pantheon of gods have had the divine equivalent of the black death. The party is following the footsteps of a fighter that was once a member of an older party of disbanded adventurers (Now retired epic-level hasbeens) in hopes of finding somebody powerful and influencial enough to help save the gods. A group or solo game with a serious tone, so it could even be completely nonsexual.

Explorations into incest...
I always wanted to try the submissive younger brother trying to hide his unavoidable sexual attraction to his older sister... Or his mom. Or both. Three is better than two, afterall. Heck, the younger brother and older brother works too (Though I'm not too keen on the dad being involved in any case) or twins, same gender or otherwise. I'm still vague on the concept, hence all the different ideas. =3

Star Wars; a morality tale! (?)
Another idea for a book I had... A reluctant jedi padawan is persuaded to go to war against his master's wishes by, of all people, his master. In the book idea, the concept was that the male padawan and his female master would fight together and their supressed feelings for eachother would grow in the absense of the watchful Jedi council... Out in the frontlines of a warzone, there's little stopping them from doing whatever they please since A. the common soldiers think they are heroes and B. they're all going against the council's orders by going to war anyway. Anyways... Over time, the two drift away idealogically. The master becomes convinced that ethics is a small price to pay for victory in war, mainly out of her maternal/romantic instinct to protect her padawan... who is innocent and knaive and believes purity must be upheld even if one is destroyed in the process. It takes place during the Mandalorian Wars, if anyone is familiar with the timeline... but I feel as if I have a sufficient degree of storytelling ability to  place the emphasis on themes- not events. The character development is important, not the war itself.

...Some good potential for a story there. =3
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Offline Keikai Kami

Re: Inerrant's Ideas and Intrigues
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2010, 05:15:40 AM »
Explorations into incest has peeked my interest, I'd be happy to play either the older sister or the older brother, but I'm leaning a bit to the brother side. Just wanted to throw my name out there for the Idea.