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Author Topic: You and Me (Shia & Misery)  (Read 4418 times)

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #25 on: January 10, 2010, 02:48:14 PM »
He taps gently on the door before quietly walking in.  He is saddened to see her in such a state and knew given time he could do so much for her.  As he walks to her bedside, he lightly says, "Good morning Alliana, I hear you had a difficult time last night.  I am truly sorry for that.  If only I could be given permission to help."  he pauses to lightly touch her hand for reassurance, "I don't want to tire you overly much after your ordeal.  If you don't mind I would like to sit here with you for a little bit." 

It ravaged him to his soul to see her like this.  He really did feel he could help her if given the opportunity. 

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #26 on: January 10, 2010, 03:02:51 PM »
Somebody already set her laptop close to the bed and made music for her that generously contrapunted the monotone, restless hissing of the ventillator, pressing life into her throat again and again. This time the Traviata... He couldn't be sure but it was easy to think that 'somebody' was Francis. 
She gave him a weak smile, this morning she was lying there like any other white headed of the unit here, defeated and slowly but definitely drifting towards the edge, tucked under the covers, her crooked thin fingers resting on the blue blanket with jumping dolphins. The only object besides some plush figures, books and bouquets that reminded of the fact: she was a person.
Then her lips began to move, making her whole face strain yet she tried so hard to form a silent word for him, at least.
'Speak', maybe...?

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #27 on: January 10, 2010, 03:12:56 PM »
He returns her smile with one of his most glowing smiles.  He quickly sits up straighter when she she mouths the word he thought speak.  "Do you want to say something?" he asks.  He is unsure of himself, but he pulls the laptop closer and her pen, "Is this what you are asking for?" 

He could see she was tiring rapidly and he did not want to add any unnecessary strain. 

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #28 on: January 11, 2010, 02:11:34 AM »
With a halting nod and another attempt to smile -that finally ends up in a grimace- Allie tries to tell him: this is exactly what she needs now, then when she carefully takes the pen's end into her mouth and the keyboard is within a reach slowly she begins to make sentences once the music is softened.
When one message ended she smirks and soon a familiar voice can be heard:
"Return you are, Michael Knight. Very impressive." - says the raspy tone of Master Yoda.
So this is what 'Knight Rider' referred to - just the old TV series hero, having the same name. 
"Make yourself at home." - she changes back to the usual, slightly mechanic female's voice now as she continues to communicate and gathering some strength she makes something like an inviting movement with her left hand, spasmodic and awkward but still in use, unlike her other arm which seems to be completely out of control.

Then her incredible, still sparkling eyes settle on Michael's face - the pen trembles between her lips and soon falls on the blanket.
Damn it! - she closes her eyes, frustrated. If the stand would be closer, then she could place it next to the laptop when not speaking, but first she should tell it to her visitor. What a devilish circle...!
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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #29 on: January 11, 2010, 06:13:32 PM »
A minor success but it felt right as he placed the pen into her mouth.  It was difficult to see such struggle but he knew with time he could improve her quality of life so much.     

Michael lets out a hardy laugh he replies through his laughter, “Yes, I have returned.”   He now knew that his writing partner online was not Alliana.  He was a little disappointed but he could not say why.  He takes a seat and gets comfortable, “Thank you.”  His eyes are captured by her glowing eyes.  He stares into her eyes, everything forgotten until the pen falls from her lips.   Jolted from his trance he glances around like a kid checking to see if they were caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.  Sitting up, he delicately picks up the pen and with a questioning look.  He points the pen to the stand holding it there looking in her eyes for approval before setting the pen on her stand.

Looking down at his watch to ensure he still has some time.  He wanted to share some thoughts on her condition but his concern that she barely knew him.  “Alliana, I would love to help you, but I think it is important that you know a little about me as a Doctor. “  he takes a deep breath and begins, “I have been a doctor going on 17 years.  I am primarily a primary care physician.  I believe that it is my responsibility to diagnose and work with every one of my patients personally. “  never one to be comfortable to talk about himself he left it brief. 

As he explains a little about himself and his desire to help her what he really wanted to do is just hold her and tell her it would be okay.  While this bothered him immensely to feel this way about a patient, what really bothered him is that he could not place why.  As he looked on her his mind reeled with more questions than answers. 

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #30 on: January 12, 2010, 03:51:12 AM »
He brought life into that room. She liked his full laughter, how he rushed to make her feel more comfortable, the move as he picked up the pen for her - Michael was so vivid. Not just as a physician but as a human being as well. Simply it was good to look at him - he had everything she had to miss. Being doctor Michael Austin, now that could be something really exciting and satisfying! Little she knew about his loneliness, his failed relationships, women as his ghosts, his longing for a family, for a home...! She only saw the disguise and that looked just perfect.
When he offered to pull the stand closer and place the pen there she blinked one, long. 'YES'. But this was just so poor, so Allie added a "Thank you" once she began to stab the keyboard again and also she tried to smile at him though it was too risky while writing so she rather chose to put a smiley after her thanks. What a crazy era! A machine smiles for you... - she thought bitterly, however without her laptop she would have been practically mute now, so it was time to accept this.
And move forward.

"So... Doctor Michael. You're a busy man, eh?" Allie typed when he glanced at his watch, just like yesterday and possibly every morning. "I won... I always know what's the time." She referred to the small icon on the monitor. "I could even ask money for it and build up a carrier here... Don't you think?"
It was much easier to see cheerfulness in her clear hazel gaze than on her distorted face, soon he could figure this out. And those eyes were definitely smiling at him now.
Then Francis entered quietly, to check on her infusion and also to damp her lips with icecubes, which seemingly came like salvation for her, eagerly she tried to catch as many drops of water as she could, whether he was watching it or not. This was her oasis in the desert of so called medical care and also the presence of this nun, her soft smile, her cool palm on her forehead, that little act how she caressed hair back on her temple meant the closeness of an angel for Allie. They shared a warm smile...
"Good." Fran mopped some escaping drops from her neck. "Are you tired, dear?" - she asked her seriously, like she didn't trust the girl's judgement, but actually it was just her motherly concern for this special patient.
Two blinks. 'NO'.
"All right then." The nun gave a friendly smile to both of them and once again she made sure the caller was properly fixed to her left hand, so she could sign anytime.
"Would you like me to take these away?.. Or leave them here?" - she now asked with the kerchief and the bowl containing the icecubes in her hand.

Refreshed by the moisture and her pure goodwill Allie began to type and somehow they could suspect another joke was to come. Maybe that playful sparkling in her eyes...?
"Oh! Could you deprive me of a handsome doctor's fondness?!... Just leave those here. Otherwise how will I ever be married, holy sister?"
Actually she felt thirsty like hell, despite of the fluid running into her vein constantly, despite of the two cubes she already had.
Hearing the mechanic female voice telling these funny sentences Fran leaned closer, cupping her face.
"Okay. Then I'll just leave them here. I could never forgive myself if I spoiled your future, young lady.. Just call me if you need anything."
After another encouraging expression given to Michael she was about to leave but then...
"Fran. This buddy has been a doctor for seventeen years... Don't you think he's a bit too old for me?"
Giggling she shook her head and closed the door as quietly as she came in a few minutes ago. No matter how weak she was this morning somehow you couldn't leave her room without getting into a better mood. She was like the Sun, peeking through even the thickest clouds.
"When I was seventeen year old" - she continued typing. "I tried party drog. Only once... It seems it was an unfortunate try." She added a little face with its tongue sticked out.
"Now you tell me a music to listen. We can retire Guiseppe for today."

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #31 on: January 12, 2010, 08:12:45 PM »
As her eyes sparkled he warmed inside, he replies “Alliana you are most welcome.”  His hands instinctively begins rolling a pen between his fingers.  A poor habit he picked up in med school when he was nervous.  “There are times it can be busy, during flu and cold seasons are typically the busiest, but I have plenty of time to be here with you.”  He hoped that did not come out to corny.    Without giving him self much time to think about his comment, “I just think you could, but then you would have no time to talk with me. “ he feigns mock sadness at the thought.   He was delighted at how her eyes sparkled during their conversation. 

He knew that the person inside was beautiful.  As he was about to comment,  “Alliana….”  the nurse walks in to check on her.  He watched attentively as she moistened her lips with the ice, the exchange of warm smiles.  He knew there was a closeness there that was beyond simply a nurse and patient.  It was good to see that kind of compassion.

He blushed when Alliana and Fran began talking about him.  He could not remember blushing since college.  “Ladies..” he began but got no further.  Her giggling became infectious and next thing he was laughing with her.  “Alliana….Alianna, what am I ever going to do with you?.”  Blood still flushed his face when the nurse quietly left the room.  His smile was largest it had been in years when he looked upon her. 

Her mention of a party drug and he immediately grew very serious, “Do you recall the drug name?  I think it would be an important key. Odd that I saw no mention of that in your charts.”   Just as he finishes asking she is already moving on to listening to music.  “Oh, I do not know, my music tastes are eclectic at best.   But here is a song that is a little sad but special to me.  If you enjoy it maybe we can listen to some other music together.

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #32 on: January 13, 2010, 02:56:46 AM »
Who knows why but Allie enjoyed how he leaned closer and typed the website's address himself - this was so friendly, so casual. With others she felt very uncomfortable even a bit hurt if somebody took over the lead over her very personal computer, her only private room, but somehow Michael prooved to be an entirely different thing, therefore she didn't even mention him her only rule. Simply smiled and enjoyed the music while composing another, longer message she only let to be heard after the song ended.
"Stuff was contaminated. Others who shared it died. I was in coma for three months. And my neural system suffered an extended damage. Parts that are responsible for speech and motion in the brain were harmed seriously. That's the story Doctor Knight." Again the face with the tongue sticked out...
But then a little joyful, dancing figure.
"Your music is great. It has a tremendously large space... Freedom, I think... I'm happy you shared this with me. Thank you... Michael." This was the first time she 'told' his name like this.
Gathering strength she tried hard to lift her left hand again, the caller fixed to her palm, button under her middle finger. But it was for him now. Nothing about calling Francis. Though her hand dropped back onto the blanket soon, it got closer to his one - grimacing she returned to typing.
"Bang. Then just imagine I patted your hand... You are a nice guy, Mikey. So nice that I dare to ask the favour of the century from you..."
Of course, she kept a break, only to make the effect more intense, glancing at him and how curious his expression became...
"I'm dying for another icecube!!!" Smileys, one after the other.
Allie really enjoyed she managed to play a little joke on the big big doctor and chose one more song from the same artist just like asking for his "forgiveness".

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #33 on: January 13, 2010, 08:11:28 PM »
His music had always been something personal for him.  It was a way he healed and to share that with her felt comfortable.  Typing the address into the computer quickly he stood there over her, his eyes closed as he listened to the music.  As he opened his eyes, she further explained more about the drugs that ravaged her body.  He smiles as the face dances across her screen he replies, “I am sorry for what it has done.”   

His eye brow arches when she simply calls him Michael but with a large smile he replies.  “I am really glad you enjoyed it.   Like I said my music is something I consider special. A special person as yourself, I think deserves some special music.”   As she mentions patting his hand he slowly edges his hand so very close to her own that the fingertips are just brushing along each other. 

“A favor, of course name it, anything.”   He was surprised by her request for ice but he was anxious and nervous at the same time.  He picks up ice and as he nears her lips, he recognizes the song immediately.  “Are you teasing me?” he asks with a laugh in his voice.  With his breath held he slides the ice across her lips slowly.  Mesmerized as he moves the ice slowly over her top lip and then rolling over her bottom lip.  The moisture glistening in the sunlight as he continues to roll the ice across her lips.  With the ice quickly melting his finger inadvertently brushes against her soft lips causing him to pull hand back in surprise.  He mumbles an apology, “I am sorry.”  The last thing he wanted to do is offend her or have her be upset with him.

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #34 on: January 14, 2010, 01:13:50 AM »
Like that lost writer in the desert she licked the drops of water, one after the other, trying to capture as many as she could, grateful, relieved, satisfied in a way. Only when his finger bumped into her mouth Allie stopped and looked at him again, a bit confused herself but when she managed to type again yet she took it easy.
"No worries, doc. It happens... A little romanticism for me, yay... Jane Austen hospital version." She tried to make a joke of this little accident but how her hand tried to squeeze his one now that it was right next to hers: that wasn't a joke at all.
"Thank you Michael.. And.. everybody has to tease somebody, I think. And we all have to be teased to feel the real taste of life... That's my opinion. I spoke." - and she placed a little wise native american figure at the end of it, smoking his pipe with a bored face.
She was visibly tired by now and between two message her lids were about to close, time and time again but she fought against it, seeing how much they enjoyed their duo, speaking rather free, thanks to 21st century.
But Fran glanced at them more and more frequently and this was also a polite sign for Michael to make it short. 
"Dear sister watches, eh?"

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #35 on: January 14, 2010, 08:35:59 PM »
Still uneasy but her relaxed reaction set him at ease.   It was an accident he knew that, but it felt different.  Her continued teasing quickly lighted his mood,   “Well I am glad you see fit to tease me.”  Recognizing that  she is growing tired and his day is only starting, he slides his hand further now covering her own.  His smile grows before adding, “I think my time is up.”  He says with a mischievous smile and throwing a glance towards Fran.  “but I would like very much to visit tomorrow morning to continue our wonderful conversation, that is of course if you would have me?” 

Before leaving he gives her hand a light squeeze, “Until tomorrow then.”   Walking by Fran he whispers, “I am sorry….I tired her with my whimsical conversations.  Is there any insight you can share with me about her exact condition?”  He wanted to help wherever he could.  His thoughts were still lingering on that brief but special touch.  He could still feel the softness of her skin against the palm of his hand where they touched. 

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #36 on: January 15, 2010, 02:48:50 PM »
Francis giggled hearing his phrase, leaning her temple against her palm, looking more than tired herself. How was this possible? Around Alliana she didn't show a single sign of it...
"Don't worry Michael. Actually it's.. Allie. She's the one who tires herself with 'whimsical conversations', all the time and we're the ones who are too weak to quit her for her sake, right? But you saw yourself how much she loves life and people... Just a moment..."
Quickly she checked on her again, closing the door extra carefully as she returned.
"Fell asleep.. Now we can talk free." The nun lowered her head taking a deep breath. Hard. It was so hard for this kind soul whose head already started to turn white, yet there was a forever young strength and hope in her gaze.
Slowly sitting back in the swivel chair behind the counter she offered another for Michael.
Then the story began...
"Have you ever heard about the painter, great teacher of art named Henry Stewart?... Alliana's uncle. Died last year. Imagine that the helpless girl watched the whole scene after she called for help.. But that came too late. It was embolism in the lung, nothing to do.. He was her only relative and.. they were really close, I think. Henry was... he preferred men's company if you know what I mean, never married, therefore when he became the person in charge for Allie after that tragic night, he did his best to bring her back to life, after.. months of coma, other long months of rehabilitation... She could even complete five semesters at College... But then her uncle died and since then her condition is only declining."
Francis sighed and poured some tea first to Michael then also for herself.
"Since she's in here she had a stroke that paralyzed her right side.. She has seizures, like never before... Doctor Austin, to be honest I'm really worried we're gonna loose her if things go on like this.. Therefore......."

Lifting her clear gaze at him she spoke with the determination of warriors.
"I plan to take Allie out of here as her caretaker. But.. she doesn't know about this yet as I have no place to go with her. Only if I'm alone.. I'm a nun and my.. superior gave me an ultimatum. If I choose to dedicate my life to Alliana - she's gonna do everything to get me out of the order.. However, I studied our regula, very well, each and every letter from the very beginning to the very last paragraph, and there isn't a single reference there saying a nun can not focus her attention only on one soul in need, once she prooved her unconditional love and willingness for the whole community... Doctor Austin, I've been to the poorest spots of Earth. I've watched hundreds if not thousands of people starving and dying like mosquitos and"
Fran exhaled long and her voice trembled.
"God sees my soul, wherever I was I tried to help, I've been a sister since I was twenty five...... But years before that...... I gave birth to a child... A boy... I was almost a child myself, so... a couple adopted him through the social service, we were poor and with not much future..."
Again she turned her look at the sleeping figure behind the window...
"But this, now.. Allie... I know she's my next mission.. and possibly my personal salvation... I've never been able to forget that once I was a mother.. and she's never had one... She's already so attached to me, just like me to her, so.. I've made up my mind, whether my order supports me or not. I'm gonna take her as soon as I find a place for us... and if she would like to stay with me, of course, that's the main thing..."
Her eyes settled on the motionless girl, smiling softly like she was looking right into her eyes...
"Doctor Austin, maybe my question is too bold but.. do you know somebody who could give shelter to us? Anybody... Henry Stewart was seriously indebted when he passed away so their house is gone, and which remained is there to support Alliana's therapies. She has nowhere to go, that's why she's here and as soon as I leave the order I'll be the same. So.. at least in the beginning we can only count on other people's goodwill."
Francis rubbed her forehead then caressed back her short hair.
"She doesn't know but I'm not working overtime to gain more glory or money to our community... I'm here because of her.. To be by her side... Sometimes I even sleep in the hospital, just like last night when she collapsed... I just.. couldn't leave. I was praying in the chapel.. not to loose her..."
They say affection is a forbidden thing for monks and nuns. But after all, Francis Keller wasn't just a nun anymore.
Invisibly she became a parent as well. A hoping parent...
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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #37 on: January 16, 2010, 01:32:22 AM »
Michael did not expect to be told so much.  He simply stood there in silence for several minutes before he was able to say something.  “I had no idea that her story was so complex.  It is all so sad.”  He continues to digest everything that she said, “I had the impression that some bad drugs were taken.  But it doesn’t matter one way or the other.  I can understand why you want to help her.  She has such a special personality that glows.  That glow is infectious to any one that takes the time to truly talk to her.”  He gives a small smile as he ponders just how much she has infected him. 

Michael reaches out and places a comforting hand on her shoulder.   He takes a minute to ponder his next statement very carefully, “I would be willing to provide a place for you and Alliana to stay.  My home is large enough for several people and yet I am the only one that lives there.”  Pausing for a moment, “and  I don’t want any argument. I am only ever there in the evenings.  Any other time I am at my practice.  And besides this will give me a chance to work closer with her to giver her more specialized care.”   Checking his watch he realizes he really needs to head to his office to get his own patients seen. 

“I will be stopping by in the morning, let me know your decision.  I can have the house prepared for the both of you within days.”  With his last comment he heads for the elevator.  If he hurries he will be there before his first set of patients begins to arrive.

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #38 on: January 17, 2010, 11:14:18 AM »
Forum Start: 

Just like any other day the wind seeped into any crack that was made available.  Just once to feel the kiss of warmth.  Even with layers of clothes it was never warm.  The last month he has taken up to mumbling to himself.
"That is what I get for signing up for this wretched place." 
Having been in his post at the pole, for now 6 months on what was supposed to be a 3 month rotation.  His radio has been down for 2 months and it seems well that everyone has forgotten that he even exists.  Alarms can be faintly heard in the background as generator #2 has just went offline again.  Putting on his extreme weather suit he waddles through the triple exit built to conserve heat but more of a pain than anything.   
"I hate this place so much.  Why did I ever volunteer for this crap." 
Finally outside he slowly works his way to the generator.  A quick prime of the diesel fuel should be all it needs.

'Then she was simply there, out of the blue, like we would say, but it was rather an out of the white, as white was the only colour except his chill-reddish cheeks and warm suit.
She was tall and thin yet so unmistakably feminine, her skin like a vivid grass, her moon-shaped eyes like large, round shaped green crystals, her long hair like a veil of algas. She was like Spring herself peeking out from under the thick icy blanket that wrapped everything around here, and lifting her fragile hand, with a long palm facing him she only said:
"Hello" Stange accent, strange smile, yet she did all this so casual like they were only two handball players on the sandy shore.
Were they?...
And where did she come from? Definitely not human but surely humanoid. Was she another forgotten expert? Was this her special dress to protect her against this lethal temperature?
No, she didn't have a single piece of cloth on her body. For her maybe the pole was actually just a pleasantly warm beach.'

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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #39 on: January 17, 2010, 11:46:24 AM »
Alien Friend's reply was without any explanation, why she didn't answer to Michael's opening post yesterday remained a mistery. After all, it was just one day, one tiny little day, maybe she thought a short delay like this wasn't important for him. Maybe she was away, maybe she was busy with other stories... Anyway, her lines were there and in PM he only got a single smiley like a sign of life. A kind and strong sign of life.

And less than a week later Alliana Stewart also got a happy sign in the form of her winter coat, knitted shawl and hat plus her mittens, she didn't meet them for a year! Now Francis was showing these to her with a wide, pander smile and suddenly Doctor Austin was there too, pushing her power chair in with a similarly mischievous expression - an old friend, stored in the basement until this evening, covered with dust and the memories of a family's last days together...
Something great was about to happen and now that the cursed tube was gone from her throat Allie's strange laughter filled the room as she tried to press herself more into a sitting position, only to see the performance better. She also stuggled to say something to Michael, but only the nurse was able to understand what - she giggled first.
"She says: So you're not Superman.. She thought you would carry her chair on your back, I think."
"Whai no ttt?" Now this was more clear from her mouth.
Fran stepped to the bed and stroked her hair, squeezing the twitching hand that reached out to touch her.
"Allie dear, we hape a surprise for you. Right?" - she turned to Michael, already fighting back some silly tears seeing how prayers can turn to reality.
She was the same fascinated by miracles like ten, twenty, thirty years ago.
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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #40 on: January 17, 2010, 01:59:42 PM »

'Then she was simply there, out of the blue, like we would say, but it was rather an out of the white, as white was the only colour except his chill-reddish cheeks and warm suit.
She was tall and thin yet so unmistakably feminine, her skin like a vivid grass, her moon-shaped eyes like large, round shaped green crystals, her long hair like a veil of algas. She was like Spring herself peeking out from under the thick icy blanket that wrapped everything around here, and lifting her fragile hand, with a long palm facing him she only said:
"Hello" Stange accent, strange smile, yet she did all this so casual like they were only two handball players on the sandy shore.
Were they?...
And where did she come from? Definitely not human but surely humanoid. Was she another forgotten expert? Was this her special dress to protect her against this lethal temperature?
No, she didn't have a single piece of cloth on her body. For her maybe the pole was actually just a pleasantly warm beach.'

It was one of those days that just seemed to never end.  His time with Alliana easily flew by, but the rest of the day drug on him.  Finally with his day ending he walks into his home and looks around.  After his conversation with Fran, his home would have new members, maybe bring a warmth that has been always missing.  His doubts were screaming through his head but his heart told him that this was right.  The warmth that spread through his body thinking of the guests that would soon call this place home.  Shaking his head with a smile, he throws his keys in their customary spot, and makes himself a gin.  Sitting in front of the computer he was slow to turn it on.  His thoughts still swarming from the days events.  Sighing he turns to the computer to see that his favorite Alien’ has replied to the start of his post.  He gives it little thought at the delay for her post.  People's real lives at times get so overwhelming.  As he read through her post a smile lights up his face.

He jumps as she materializes in front of him.  His fear pushes him several steps back as she begins to talk with the most fascinating accent he has ever heard.  He rubs his eyes several times to be sure that the cold or lonliness has not finally driven him over the edge.  Looking again her lithe form flows through the chill of the air. To his embarrassment it was becoming quite obvious that she was feminine and very much appeared to be without clothes.  Luckily for him his cheeks were already stained red from the severe cold.  He asks, “Who..who… or wwwhat are you?  What are you doing in this awful place?”  Her beauty memorizes him alien or not, there was a sense of beauty that he could not place.  He hopes that his loneliness for companionship is not tainting him in some way.  Realizing he never welcomed her he quietly comments, “Hello”

....... She was the same fascinated by miracles like ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

He smiles with her as she comments about Superman.  "Sometimes I wish I was but no I  am not Superman, but on my back no you should be carried in someone’s arms. “   He glanced over to Fran as she mentioned the surprise.  The butterflies swarmed through his stomach as he cleans the chair making it fit for her to sit in.  Kneeling as he cleans he looks up into her eyes, “So do you think you can handle this thing?”  He asks teasing her.   His nerves were taut with excitement.  He had worked very hard to make the place she would soon call home feel like a home.  Being a single man, his needs were very few and at most the house had the feel of the hospital they were in.  He had worked with several people to get things right.  To give it warmth, to ensure clear paths through the home and simply add color.  His hand some how finds hers and brushes across her soft skin lightly.  He wasn’t sure if it was to assure her of the surprise or to reassure himself. 
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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
« Reply #41 on: January 17, 2010, 02:51:53 PM »
Somehow the small UFO sticker avoided Michael's attention as he was cleaning her chair...
"U thi nk u ca nn han ddl mi?" Allie teased him back with a playful wink in those talkative dark eyes as she felt this touch on his hand again.
But as it was her right hand - he had to be satisfied only with her look. Their gazes sticked to each other, sparkling, moments of sweet silent falling upon them...
Francis waited for a while, smiling softly at the scene but then she had to invite them back to reality, in order to make them leave as soon as it was possible.
"All right then, we'll be in the parking place within fifteen minutes, okay?" And with a polite nod she asked him to leave to get Alliana ready for the short trip.
'Will she accept this new life we offer?... She mustn't know I've had to leave my order!...'

Earlier she prepared everything for the Big Day, taking the Stewarts' few remained belongings from the city hall's store to Austin's house by a large used car she got from a family who loved her so much, arranged everything in Allie's future room, large and light, and also decorated it for her arrival -everything had to look perfect and perfectly inviting. Also they settled the safety seat into Michael's jeep(?) and thanks to God, her chair also fit into the back of the car, though there wasn't much space left to see what was behind them. Francis stayed beside this bundle of wool and knitted accessories called Alliana and drank in her excited and happy expressions. When they passed the park and the already floodlit trees she saw tears running down on her cheeks, the city lights mirroring in her eyes...
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His smile shown in his eyes, when she asked him if he could handle her, “Oh I don’t know, but I know there are things in life I would work very hard at trying and that would be a task I would work hard towards.”  Her eyes were like pools of dark water reflecting the light of the stars around.  As Francis breaks the comfortable silence between then, “Oh yes, sorry.” He replies.   

Driving through town his eyes floated from the road in front of him and his rearview mirror and watching her eyes light up with excitement.  He took his time with the drive, giving her the time he thought she would want to take in the night lights.  There was beauty in everything and it seemed that she saw it more than anyone he had ever met.  Most take the surroundings for granted but not her.  It made being alive that much more special.  That made her that much more special.  He looks over at the worried Francis and flashes her a reassuring smile.   Finally arriving after what seemed a very short drive, but in reality was over  30 minutes, he pulls into the driveway of a well-groomed and well lighted home.  “All right here we are.” He announces.  His butterflies had settled but came screaming back in full force.  It felt more like a belly full of bats screeching through his insides.  Will she like it?  Will she stay?

Quickly pulling the motorized chair from the back of the Jeep, he pulls it along the back door.  Opening the door, he hesitantly wraps his arms around Alliana.  He pauses with the lightness of her in his arms.  He is slow to lower her into the chair but eventually does.  Not wanting to say too much yet he asks, "So what do you think?"  He walks along side her chair as they move slowly towards the front of the house.

The ramp still had a look of just being installed in his eye, but he hoped she did not notice.  Opening the door he motions for her and Fran to both enter.  Turning the lights on inside the house he motions for both in.  "Please make yourself comfortable."  He flashes Fran a knowing look and smile.
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And the nun quickly take off her hat, shawl and mittens, loosening her coat as well while they let her time to let the cozy atmosphere of the house filter in slowly. From the curtains through the nicely polished wooden floor till the large antique mirror hanging on the wall of the hall she was enchanted, rolling from one corner to the other then back - it was a happiness only to watch her first moves in this large house that was so lonely until they arrived - until she arrived.
Francis squeezed the soft materials in her hands, giving Michael a grateful look. For her it was a true miracle, whether she'll accept this huge gift or not. For her it already eased the pain of the last one year when she had to watch this flower suffer and wilt under a cruel climate called hospital care.
"God bless you" - she mouthed silently while Aliiana was on her rally to peek into the living room and quickly mopped a teardrop from her face.

To answer Michael's question she had to think it through first, she was sensitive and patient like a cat, like a soul walking on the line between visible and invisible. She took her time, to say so, like every true artist.
"No tt ba d" She stated then, teasing him with another wink as she tilted her head against the headrest. "Wo liv he?"
Sister Keller almost ate her nales by the time they reached this point of their first evening together...
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His smile was enough to light up the room when he answered, “We all do.  That is if you want to.  I would really love for you and Francis to live with me”  His answer was simple and with very little in the way of an explanation.  He was hoping that she would approve of the house.  So far so good but there was so much for her to see and it was a long way from feeling like a home for her he assumed.   He walks over to Alliana and kneels in front of her. “Alliana, this is my home, but before I met you…..and Francis of course, my life was empty.  I only had my work to push me through life.  Since I have met you….well I have something else to look forward to move through life with.”  He reached out and held her hand before arising again.

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Her other hand was still resting above the control panel and with trembling lips she was just staring at him, mind stirring, heart racing...
'How is it possible?? How is it possible??...'
And Francis at her, hands folded like she was praying...
'Say yes! Do say yes, my dear! This is your great chance, angel!...'
At this moment she was an empress deciding about the future of three - and she was a confused girl lost between worlds at the same time.
Feeling Michael's hand on her motionless one, seeing Fran's widening eyes... she struggled to form the words, even her neck was straining she wanted to do this so right now!...
"U ki ll sambod ii bef o rrr Mik iii?" Allie gave him a serious look that was somehow too serious to be real...
...Of course, she was playing a joke on him again, even now and added a few more words only the nun understood, giggling and tearing at once as she translated.
"Allie asks: is this your atonement? To let us live in your house?"
Slowly and carefully she peeled off the coat from her and hung it on the proper place in this friendly hall - for the very first time.
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Re: You and Me (Shia & Misery)
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He held his breath in anticipation of her answer.  His mind screams that something is wrong, or she doesn’t like it or she is not comfortable with me.  He glanced at Francis who was just as nervous as he was.  When she answered he was so shocked that he at first mistook her look as something seriously wrong.  A look of utter panic crossed his face before he realized Fran was giggling.  The look of relief on his face was very evident.  With a large smile, “Alliana,”  he pauses, “nooo, I want you to live here.”  He did not care to mention the loneliness that he has felt growing stronger with the passing months.   

“So Alliana, what do you want to see first? “ spreading his arms wide, “This is your home now.”  It felt good to say that and to see the look on both ladies faces was something he would never forget through the rest of his living years. 

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...And how they were just crying for long moments when Allie realized it wasn't just a dream and finally signed the form to discharge from hell - a magic moment. They were repeating thank you-s to him, like a well organized choir, the girl in the chair squeezing his hand, the lady hugging him, planting a mothernal kiss on his forehead. Michael Austin could feel like the hero of the century, when the nun quickly drove back to the hospital -promising to prepare a tasty dinnner later- to arrange papers and also to get Alliana's modest stuff, books and CD-s and her clothes and he stayed alone with her in her new room. Allie's eyes wet with tears as she was looking over Francis' work, again and again. There was a perfectly home looking and yet practical interior around her, the few remaining paintings of her uncle which wasn't sold at the auction smiling from the walls, her own adjustable bed covered with a new large patchwork blanket decorated with large tulips, old books on the shelves, her dear familiar checked curtains, cleaned and shod.

Only now she was able to reply his last question, still in awe.
"Is any th ng mo rrr to si?" - she joked.
Of course, there was, the house was BIG, and till now they only visited the lower level, where their rooms took place, Fran's was originally a secluded sanctuary to work and Allie's a guest's place to say, two cozy nests right next to each other. What hid at the storey was a mistery, though a question was already on her mind:
If he had this complete castle... then why the heck he had his practice somewhere else??
Two terraces embraced the house on two sides and there was a large, glassed winter garden at the corner of it - the perfect waiting room both for cold and for warm months.
'Maybe he's one of those who must travel day by day...' - she was eying him kindly as she turned the chair to face the doctor again.

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The emotions that swelled in his chest to bursting was something he has never experienced.  On the verge of shedding tears with the ladies, he felt so joyful to have them there.  He has done good things for others, but this was more.  This was so much more, it was beyond helping someone in need.  This was building a family.  An odd family they may seem but a family.   Alliana’s hand felt warm and soft resting in his own.  He would lightly squeeze with reassurance.  Returning the Nun’s hug he blushes faintly when she kisses his forehead.

“There is so much more to see.  Everything you see is for you.  Go where you like, do what you wish.  The terrace is beautiful this time of night.  The moon should just be visible over the horizon.”  He offered to walk with her and enjoy the serenity of the moment.  When he looked in her eyes, the pools of joy that shown brightly swelled him with pride.  Pride that he was able to bring her such pleasure in life. With a large grin, “So what would you like to see first?  I am at your beck and call, my Lady.”  With a flourish he gives her a deep bow.

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The familiar wink followed his last sentence. She was so wise, so over the wisdom of her age, yet she was so lazy, so joking almost all the time, which was perfectly understandable, after all. The other way was depression, self-pity, massively falling darkness. But she tricked and caught Life becoming the Sun herself - her own Sun.
"So... Ho a but th stor ee? Yu sed sambod i shu d cerr i mm in hi zzzz ams." Alliana finished her long battle with words, the spasmodic moves of her head and chest stopped as she lay back... truly hoping he understood what she wanted to tell, now that her best translator was away - an unexpected situation. "The nnn th Mu nn.. me y bb."
She so wished to see the rest of this wonder castle! Or... was this rather the desire to be lifted by him again?... Her heart almost stopped with this thought.
Was this possible he caught her as well?...
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