Brother X Sister RP (discussable tags female only)

Started by Orochimaru, January 04, 2010, 02:27:29 AM

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Chaos and Greed. Two sides of the same coin. It comes in all forms, insanity, unpredictability and uses. The many faces of corruption and in the City of Steel. The largest city in the world. Two faces are shown. The mistress of the words best and deadliest weapons and a master of plans, money and energy. Ruling the city in fear for years. Yet, none of them had met each other until something of theres goes missing and both sides soon feud  Both He and her assuming that the other is some ugly, fat..or whatever sleaze. Only to find that they both are.....ultimately exceptional.

The rest is left to the minds eye. They do not know they are brother and sister till way later. Also, the woman needs to be stunning, but her personality needs to be chaotic and my character. Her brother will cover the Greed. Any questions?


Thing is. Will you even post? You never posted on our metroid one. Not to be mean mind you.