Looking for a Male for a FFM Threesome RP.

Started by Obsidian Isolabella, January 03, 2010, 10:59:34 PM

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Obsidian Isolabella

Okay, so right now I am currently REALLY craving a FFM threesome kind of Roleplay. Now, I can play two girl characters and everything, but I prefer it if I got another girl in the picture because it would make it seem more real. I am also looking for male, duh, and I have a plot in mind. Though, it does involve Incest and Supernatural creatures.

So, basically the plot is this:

There are two sisters that have been sexually exploring each other's bodies and are very much in love with each other. They are not lesbian, but pretty bisexual, so they have discovered. One of them is rather shy and gentle and the other one is rather wild and slutty. I would prefer to be playing the wild and slutty sister because I can do that better than shy and gentle most of the time. And one night, a Incubus, as the girls are out partying or something, sees them and knows that he must have them for himself. He sets a plan to seduce the two girls to be his.

There will be some Romance involved with all three characters, but I would also like two partners that are good with Roleplaying, have good spelling and grammar, and can write a pretty good amount. It doesn't have to be overly too much in certain situations, but I prefer fairly literate Roleplay partners.

So, you can post here or PM me or anything like that and we can set it up.

NEW: I am looking for ONE male, but there are standards. I need someone who is experienced and also very Literate. So, please remember that guys when you message me or respond to this. When I say literate I am meaning about four to five paragraphs with good grammar and spelling.


Obsidian Isolabella

I sent you a PM about this, hun. I am looking for two females so I can do two Roleplays, one with you and one with Ace. ^.~


Aw man i guess that i am a little slow on this but i guess that what happens
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I can and want to play a shy and gentle sister. Most of my characters are shy and 'innocent' so I think this role will fit me quite well. Also the supernatural aspect is something I really like.

I'm not a native English speaker but I like to believe my English is good enough to produce a reasonable post. If any doubts you can always check one of my active games. I also hope the time difference (if any) is not too much of an issue for you.

Anyway, let me know :)

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Obsidian Isolabella


I like the idea, I'm interested so feel free to send me a message or post here if you'd like. I've got a lot of room for New Roleplays and so I've got the time to post when needed.

I've been looking for a Roleplay like this so definitely get back to me if you're still looking.
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Obsidian Isolabella

Updated again!!

We REALLY need a female right now, Ladies, so please feel free to look around and let me know if you are interested.


Obsidian Isolabella