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March 18, 2019, 02:33:11 PM

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Author Topic: A Place For My Head [UN]  (Read 581 times)

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A Place For My Head [UN]
« on: January 03, 2010, 10:44:29 PM »
This was an RP I came up with a while ago on a different site. But, the person I was doing the RP with vanished after a few posts (that happens unnervingly a lot for some reason). Anyway, I'd like to see if anyone will take any interest to it on here, so I can see where it might have gone.

I'm looking for a literate partner for this. They'd be playing the new doctor for a patient in a mental asylum. The doctor would be new to the asylum, perhaps even fresh out of medical school. But the current staff at the asylum are corrupt. They exploit the mentally ill, and the man in change himself runs experiments on some of the patients who no one cares about...How your character reacts to that and to my character are all up to whoever wants to do this.

Note, this started as a F/F RP, and that's how I would like to have it again, but if no one up for that shows interest I'll live with an M/F RP.

Here is how it starts:


"Doctor, perhaps we should stop for the day. We're already over the safety limits, and her new doctor is arriving today."

Doctor James Hayfield frowned when one of the assistants spoke up. What she said made sense of course, but, he could feel it! They were so close to a breakthrough with Alison that he could almost taste it. After four years of attempts, he felt that they were finally starting to get through to the girl. But of course, the girl's previous caretaker had to go and loose their sanity, forcing him to hire someone to take their spot. It had taken too long to get people he could trust together to have everything ruined now by some woman just out of school.

After all, what he was doing wasn't exactly legal, and certainly not morally or ethically correct. But he would, he would, rescue this girl and heal her.

"Fine...Unstrap her and return her to her room. Make sure no trace is left."

With that he left the lab, leaving his assistant to unstrap the still convulsing girl from the bed. Not one of them agreed with what their boss was doing to this girl. Electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, injecting her with various drugs both legal and illegal, all in order to satisfy his obsession to make her come out of her shell. None of them had teh courage to stand up to their boss, however, and by this time they would fall just as hard as he would for allowing this to happen for so long.

Alison was unstrapped from the bed one she stopped convulsing and put back into her straitjacket before she was wheeled out of the hospital's lab. One of the most respected hospitals for those with psychological problems in the Western Hemisphere, the Karlis Asylum had a number of underground treatment labs from the institutions early days. While now they were normally left unused, Doctor Hayfield had taken to use them to treat Alison in, where no one could accidentally find them and see what he was up to. Taken back up to the third floor's suicide watch wing, Alison was put back into her room. The straitjacket would be left on until her new doctor decided whether or not it should be removed.

Once back in her room, Alison sat down on the floor in the center of the room, ignoring her bed as usual and staring blankly at the bottom of the door. She would remain that way until disturbed, which she wouldn't be until her new doctor arrived. Polls were already being taken by the staff how long it would take for this fresh out of school doctor to give up trying to help the girl. Many before her had tried with no effect, and no one was expecting anything new to happen. Except, maybe, another doctor driving themselves insane.

The door clicked as it was unlocked by an attendant, and opened soon after to let her new doctor inside...

Offline Caity

Re: A Place For My Head [UN]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 10:54:26 PM »
Uhmm.... Yes please?...

PM me if you'd like to discuss some things with me.