Literate partners wanted! (M/F & F/F Roles)

Started by lacuna, January 03, 2010, 05:43:08 PM

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Some things you should know about me:

-I'm a 20 year old bi female.
-My characters are generally submissives and generally females.
-I play M/F and F/F roles with a strong preference for F/F.
-I tend to write on the semi-long side, 15 - 20 sentences on an avg post.
-I can write much longer than that though depending on my mood.
-Though I don't write too much shorter, 8 - 10 sentences is a short post from me.
-I value creativity and character development in my roles, I often like focusing on characters.
-I generally prefer to write in third person and to have pictures for my characters.
-I love having more than two characters in my games and often do.
-I'm very kinky and live for taboo and X rated elements in my games.
-I will be willing to play as many characters in a game as my partner does.
-Generally means just that. I may be willing to do something though if you ask nicely.

Things I look for in a play partner:

-Someone who has patience (I'll post every other day at the very least.)
-Also someone who has some time to post or courtesy to tell me when they can't.
-Intelligence, maturity, and creativity
-Willing to play multiple characters (preferrably willing to play the same amount that I'm playing)
-Someone who shares my kinks and turn ons!
-Someone who values description and character development.
-Someone who is creative and can write elloquently.
-Someone who can keep up with the length of my posts!!
-Friendliness out of character.
-Enjoys the sex appeal of an adult RP but likes building up to it.
-Someone who loves character development and plot development over sex

I am not picky about which gender you prefer to play so guys who want to play ladies and ladies who want to play guys. Go for it! :)

Plot Ideas: (bolded parts are the part I'd like YOU to play) :)
Note: When I say 'you' I am just shortening writing your character. Of course I don't mean you, unless you want me too. ;)
Asterisked roles are currently super craved by me! :)

***Beauty and the Brain- M/F  [NC,EX]
Stepbrother or Stepfather/ Stepsister or Stepdaughter
Your father and my mother recently got married, neither of us saw it coming. We both hadn't really met or hung out much, despite us going to the same highschool we were in completely completely different social circles, but before you know it my mother and I moved in with you guys and we settled in like we were all one big happy family as our parents settled in together. It was an unlikely combination, your father was  a well-educated wealthy successful businessman and my mother a secretary for a local dentist who barely finished highschool.  The two of us tolerated each other in front of our parents, the truth is otherwise we ignored each other. There was no bond that could draw us together.

My character is a college age girl (19-21) kind of spunky and outgoing, unreserved. She's pretty slutty as well... that's very clear from both her actions and reputation. Currently,  she is a full time student at community college so she still lives at home but she has a lot of mysterious behaviors, the family doesn't really know a lot about how she spends her time but she spends a lot of time locked in her room during the day when people are home. Furthermore she seems to have a plethora of fancy lingerie and a continuous income of money despite never holding down a steady job... all relatively suspicious.

Your character would be in highschool (I'm thinking 18) and a little bit on the nerdy side and intelligent side. You would not be extremely popular instead but very very smart and naturally inclined towards marketing and business.  Kind of the opposite of my character: very intelligent, the poster child of our family. You would be in your senior year of highschool about to leave to a really great school (Ivy League possibly?).  You really dislike my character personaliy but you two have managed to be civil to one another thus far despite being opposites of sorts.

Anyway so some event ensues, perhaps an over heard conversation, that makes the brother increasingly suspicious of his sister's actions. He does some slight investigative and finds out that his sister is running a website and realizes that it's the cause for his sister's behavior. The website  currently shows mostly pictures of her naked and stripping but also her posing with her friends naked, nothing too raunchy. The brother decides however that with his sister's body and his keen eye for business he could make a killing off this website just with a little revamping. Brother confronts sis about the site; at first she tries to deny it but can't. It's clear he knows... he would demand from her a cut of the money, and full access to the website (making him webmaster essentially) and of course sister is obliged to agree, in essence making his sister a puppet to his demands. 

I'd also like the brother to have business ambitions in the site. Meaning since he's got good business skills and also very tech savy I'm thinking. I have this vision that the sister's site is very much a work in progress... lets say it doesn't attract much traffic, her pictures are sloppy and not well taken, the website has a poor layout/functionality, it's not a very lucrative business as it stands.

Perhaps the brother at first asks for 25% of the income from the website so as not to rat his sister out to the real world... but as he starts making money, he starts realizing that with a little help he could help his sister and himself make a lot more money on the website. Perhaps first he starts by revamping the look of the website, helping her buy a new camera and taking pictures for her so that they turn out better, making the sister start taking more hardcore pictures, adding new features (such as a chat, email and webcam feature) perhaps even finding new girls for her to fuck on the website or new toys for her to play with/ costumes to try out and perhaps even adding guys to the mix having her give live shows, maybe having her partner up with other sites... etc etc. As he adds these changes he ups his own revenue by a little bit each time till eventually they are splitting the money 60/40 but they are both still making more money thanks to the brothers tech skills and business savvy. He ends up becoming her boss/manager which he loves since it gives him further opportunity to control her.

**My Spoilt Brat Niece - (M/F or F/F) [EX, NC]
Uncle or Aunt / Niece
Your character has not seen me since I was a little girl and remember me as a cute sweet girl. My father and I moved away  to the other side of the country when I was 5 or 6 and you haven't seen me since. My father would now be taking a job out of the country and trying to find a place for me to stay while he was there. Having tried all other options and desperate for some place for me to stay and someone to take care of me while he's away, he calls you hoping that you'll be willing to take care of me.  Promising in return that I'll be a good girl and a hard worker on your ranch / estate while I'm there. Your character who used to be quite close to my father agrees to do the favor for my father thinking you'll make the best of it.
My idea is that your character would live in the country and my character having lived in the city her entire life would be appauled at the idea of country life and part of the role would be her adjusting to the sudden change. However, there is also the fact that my character has now become a bratty spoilt rotten piece of jailbait. My father has always given me everything I've ever wanted and all the space a girl could ever need. As a result, my actions are manipulative and demanding as I'm constantly trying to get my way in every occasion.
                   Your character would be trying to cope with my change in behavior. From the beginning when I arrive you are very strict with me. At first this strictness is an effort to build character, but as you begin to uncover your own hidden desires towards me and my own sexual appetite, you find that the control over me is arrousing and exhilerating. Having your own toy to throw around is fun and slowly you begin to slowly train my character to bend to your will by humiliating her, slowly but surely you turn her into the family whore/pet. She becomes in essence a servant to your character (and their spouses') every will and desire. I'm thinking that like I said eventually she would become the family pet and be their entertainment around the house as well as their way to express their sexual desires... maybe not only theirs.

An Exception to the Rule - ( M/F) [NC-H] (F/F Picture Inspired)
Teacher/ Student
QuoteYour character would be a young teacher maybe just graduated recently and has begun teaching at a very elite catholic school. They would sort of be at the standstill with their life, so far having a very successful career and a wonderful significant other, however they still feel there is someting lacking in their life and they can't figure out what exactly it is. Things seem to be at a half and they are having maybe something like a quarter life crisis.
My character would be one of your students who is very bright, beautiful, smart and talented, whom you find yourself having feelings for unfortunately. My parents a re very wealthy and have tried to raise me as a perfect and extremely proper sweet girl. My character is everything a rich girl should be polite well mannered and completely proper. Your character tries very hard to ignore the feelings that are there but finds it harder and harder to do as days go by. One day the teacher finds my character working at a sex novelty store downtown and loses control, he/she decides to act on his/her emotions and slowly starts taking advantage of the secret about you that nobody knows.
              This role I feel should be elloquently played off a slow decent uphill with the teacher showing a healthy amount of interest from day one and the student showing a healthy but inconspicuous amount of interest back and the real fun would start once the teacher runs into the girl at the sex shop. Then the art of blackmailwould ensue... however the bit of the comedic twist is that though this is the exciting twist the person has been looking for in their life.. they've never taken on this role before and so perhaps they need some trial and error to figure out how exactly to turn on student's buttons while still blackmailing her.
(I'd like this to have quite a bit of play with toys and dominance)

If you like any ideas, check my O/O page and then PM me or reply to this. :)

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Hey, checked out your On's and Off's and looked over some of your plot idea's. I'd love to fill the Male Therapist role on your Loving Cock roleplay, feel free to respond to me here or send me a PM.
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