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Started by Marlow, January 02, 2010, 09:55:50 PM

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“I remember reading in the dataries that sex used to be a private affair. It was even considered ‘sinful’ to fuck outside of marriage by many of the old religions. I thought it was all ludicrous. I couldn’t imagine a world like that, a world before the Enlightenment.”

This is the world as we see it today, where human nature and ‘proper’ behaviour are at a head. It may seem like we, the western world, experience an unparalleled freedom of expression, but only when looking at the past. Homosexuals are only beginning to empower themselves. It was not long ago ‘gaybashing’ was a popular pastime for the bigoted and insecure.

When we look at the general path we have taken in sexual freedom, taking out the short-lived jumps, we have steadily moved up the theoretical graph. It also seems that the progress of technology is directly related to the progress of sexual freedom.

Now, this is the world of the future. Six thousand years in the future, to be precise. After devastating war, strife, progress, and setbacks, humanity has finally found equilibrium between all the forces pulling at them.

It all started with the Sexual Enlightenment, in 4389CE. Disease had been all but eradicated from the majority of the world, and birth control was at a point where, unless you wanted a baby, you wouldn’t have one. The Churches fought to keep the old ways living, but had been fighting a losing battle. The Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim faiths refused to adapt, and died out within five generations. Only small clusters remained of the faiths now known as the Old Abrahams. Many other smaller faiths, specifically those centered on personal spirituality, adapted and thrived. Many New Age movements gained strong footholds, adopting the beliefs of the Old Abrahams in a world no longer recognizable to the dead faiths.

The planet had changed, drastically. Old political borders were so warped, or nonexistent, that many countries we know of today are nearly forgotten, their histories misplaced in the shuffle of time. Corporations grew in power, slowly merging with government to become indistinguishable. Of all the nations to fight the longest against the change, ironically, was the one that had most readily embraced the new Enlightenment; the United States of America.

Unfortunately, for so many wide-eyed science-fiction enthusiasts, space travel was still costly, dangerous, and impractical. Only limited colonization of the solar system ever occurred, mostly on the moon, with a smaller collection of colonies planted on the northern Martian hemisphere. The ideas of colonies as rich with raw materials disappeared as renewable, cheap resources were harnessed with the advances in Science.

Work was still a necessity, and the rule of corporate-nations ensured a healthy consumer-based commerce across the globe. That, combined with the science of the future, led to a world where personal pleasures were easily put in the forefront of need. This was all part of the Enlightenment.

As personal pleasure became more and more prominent of the minds of humanity, and the New Faiths rising like the tides, personal appearance was sculpted. Genetic tweaking, cheap cosmetic surgery, all lead to a point where ‘ugly’ was no longer an easy definition to separate people.

The year as of now, is 8013CE, more commonly referred to as 3624NE (New Enlightenment).  To the vast majority of scholars, the Sexual Enlightenment that started nearly four thousand years ago has yet to end, and so the date had long ago been ‘reset’ to refer to the generally agreed upon beginning of the Sexual Enlightenment.

Daily life, despite the millennia that have passed, has not changed greatly. Scientists still argue about the nature of the Universe, religions, although alien to the faiths of today, still argue at who is ‘right’, people work, sleep, socialize, and love.  Although the trends and, as would be obvious, sensibilities of the future are drastically different from today.

War in the conventional, 21st Century term is nonexistent. The Corporate Nations vie for dominance through corporate sabotage, competition, and economic warfare.

Crime and violence also hasn’t been eliminated. The world of the future is not a utopia. It is simply evolution. Illegal augmentations are popular black market items, and gangs run rampant in the crowded Megatropolis’, the police forces stretched all too thin to ever hope to stamp out crime. All they could ever hope to do is keep it from overflowing in to the more ‘sophisticated’ levels of society.

As you can see, the world is still a very familiar place, once you look past the glamour. This brings me to the ideal of the world. Don’t ask questions, and we won’t either.

There are those unhappy with living under a nearly dictatorial regime of capitalism and economy. There are those who wish to bring back the idea of true democracy to the world. They are in the minority, but are not without credence.

This game is set in this world (bet you never saw that one coming) and our characters are from all walks of life. We live in what was once North America, now simply called Norco. It is ruled by the richest corporation among the three worlds (Earth, Luna, and Mars), and enjoys the most prosperity among it’s citizens. It also has the worst crime at its lowest levels.

My characters are two of those criminals. Neither cruel nor sadistic, they were simply given a poor hand in life. They want to stake out a little corner of ‘paradise’, and are not above extortion, murder, or thievery to get what they want. Your characters would be from any walk of life in Norco (a posh, upper class movie star, a Norco ‘official’, etc.) who, for whatever reason, find themselves down on their luck, perhaps betrayed by her fans, or his company. You catch my drift. You eventually end up on the streets, and my two characters see you as a way to get their little slice of the world.

Common need brings you all together, and bonds form to keep you together.

OOCly, this game is meant to be light-hearted, with lots of sex, but also an over-arching plot. It wouldn’t be too extreme, but I’d put it in that board to be safe. For those wondering, the possibilities (as long as no one objects), would include Futas, ‘SexDroids’, macro(blank), and extensive Virtual Reality usage.

If you’re interested, feel free to post and/or PM me! I’m looking forward to this. Of course, any questions or concerns you have, please voice them, otherwise I won’t be able to answer and work with them!



Query: Is there a particular city you wished to place this in? Is it important?

Further Query: Is sex central to the general mindset of this era?

Statement: I wish to register a position of interest.


I'm loudly exclaiming my interest for this one, but am currently so tired that that's about all I can do!  I'll have more later!




Going off of one of your suggestions, I've been thinking about creating one of those "Sex-Doll" characters.  The twist?  She's managed to manipulate and connive her way into a position of power as the owner of a chain of particularly influential clubs scattered in all the key cities of Norco.  The conflict?  You can damn well better believe everyone beneath her is clamoring to depose her in some way, considering her to still be nothing more than a manufactured slut that needs to learn her place.  I imagine the story would begin around the same time certain devious plots begin to come to fruition and bring her own little nightclub empire crashing down around her ears.


I should note I'm not looking for a big group, as I've never had a very good success rate with them. That being said, I would be willing to run this again at a later date. Also, anyone playing needs to be comfortable with people playing a character of a different gender. If you aren't comfortable with that, this isn't the game for you.

Jadeling: It'd be focused in a single city (albeit, one that would be considered a small country in size by nowadays. We're talking thirty million inhabitants.) of some importance as one of Norco's biggest, but the city itself isn't uniquely important. The fact that it is set in a city is important.

And as for sex, yes and no. Yes in that if one wants some, there's nothing stopping them from getting some. For certain people (zealous New Faith members, etc) it could be a more dominant mindset. No in that not every person is sex-obsessed. As a general rule, unless specified otherwise, a character doesn't have a hightened sexual appetite. All in all, they're as horny as we are today. It's just, for many today, if you're horny, you masturbate. In the future, if you're horny, you go out and fuck.

Also, duly noted.

Shihong: The Sex-Doll's aren't programed to be anything more than "horny, dumb, sex-obsessed bimbos", but an abaration in your programming, or some other source tampering with it could easily modify that over-riding trait. The sex-obsessed/horny part, not so much, as that is written right in to the very core of the Doll, but the intelligence is to ensure complete complacancy. Also, I think having a string of clubs in the one city would be a better idea.

As for everyone else, your interest is also duly noted. I'm going to go ahead and say Jadeling and Shihong are in. Everyone come up with a character idea, and I'll see what works and what doesn't.


A question: how prevalent are Artificial Intelligences in this world?  Are wholly synthetic beings tolerated, or do they suffer from social stigma or outright prejudice?  If so, is this condoned by law enforcement?


'True' artificial intelligence is still relatively new. They've only become profitable in the past sixty years to manufacture on a massive scale. Think of how cars were before Ford designed the assemby line. That being said, this world is rather lifted. There is no more racism, or sexism, and so the AI's are a lot better off than 1940's era African Americans were.

That being said, there are those who are wary of AIs, and they are prohibited from 'important' jobs that affect many humans (government, law-enforcement, etc.). Your character would be perfectly in her right to run a business, but as a SexBot, the cheapest kind of AI to produce, due to their rather basic needs, are perhaps looked on most as a commodity, and not an individual.

Also, as in our world, where sexism and racism differ around the globe, so does Synthism. In the most impoverished parts of the world, Synths may very well be burned on masse, but that isn't the case in Norco.


Alright, good to know.  I think I'll write something up later tonight!  Do you have a template in mind for us to fill out, or should we just wing it?


The usual stuff, like age, sex, personality, and appearance (preferably with a picture). If you can think of anything else that would be pertinent, feel free to add it.

Don't bother with the history just yet, though.


Name: Galatea (G-01)
Age: Actual: 12 Build: Early 20s
Sex: Synthetic Female
Model: Prototype Courtesan Android.  Galatea's original function was to play the part of an influential business owner's lover.  The man's desire for pure love was something he felt could not be bought from a mere human woman, and his obnoxious tendencies ensured that no mortal woman would care to remain in his company for anything other than stacks of cash.  This money was instead invested in research for experimental artificial intelligence technology, so that he might create the perfect woman from scratch.  Most importantly, one that could act and feel like a normal woman, rather than a mindless slut with a fleshlight for a mouth.

Galatea is fully modular, possessing a wide variety of replacement parts that may be integrated into her system in a matter of seconds, from longer legs, wider hips, and various cup sizes, to a vast assortment of hair styles and extraneous parts like tails or wings.  In what would eventually be considered a rather poor decision, Galatea was also outfitted with several combat-oriented modes and equipment configurations, namely to ensure the safety of the investment and the investor. 


Unlike more primitive models of "Sex Dolls", a series of androids that Galatea prefers not to be compared with, she is fully capable of independent thought and reasoning on a level equal to (and in some cases greater than) that of humans.  Her years spent in the service of her owner before a certain violent incident left her in a position of wealth, power, and freedom have embittered her some, though her personality was designed to be generally good-humored and easy going.  Though the humor remains, the nature of Galatea's precarious existence has made her rather high strung in recent years.  She has an unfortunate habit of greeting others as though they are beneath her, but is generally friendly to new acquaintances and does not go out of her way to antagonize unless she believes a show of force would be more proper.  Sexual partners come and go, but each one is chosen by her and her alone, tending towards the submissive to ensure that she remains in a dominant role instead of being used like a mere sex toy.


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Quote from: Yyrkoon on January 04, 2010, 01:57:39 AM
Any spots left?
So far only Shihong is in with a character. Jadeling was the first to poster, and I liked his post, so I'm keeping a slot open for him. I'm only looking for one or two others, so if you're interested, post a character profile like Shihong's (great idea, fyi) and I'll see if we can work with that. I know it seems like I'm being very choosey here, and I am. I've never had a group RP truly finish, and I'm trying to keep that from happening, so if you don't get in, please don't feel like I'm playing favourites, I'm just being cautious.


(((Here are my two characters. Note, most people in this time period are bisexual. That doesn't mean you will have to include your character in sex you feel uncomfortable with. If you do not wish to include your character in that kind of sex, just make a note in your character sheet. Speaking of, I'm still looking for two or three more people. Come on and post!)))

Name: Jasper Mannheim
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Jasper is a sour man. Born and raised on the streets to a mother so poor she couldn’t even afford birth control, his attitude has adapted to suit the harsh streets of Norco-3. He is inherently untrustworthy, especially when shown any kindness. From his experience, nothing is for free. The minute you allow someone to aid you, you end up being in their debt. In Jasper’s world, debts unpaid can be deadly.

Very few call Jasper friend, and only one calls Jasper lover. That is the only other person alive that Jasper trusts completely and utterly, Tabatha. As a consequence of that, if Tabatha says your okay, Jasper will go along with it. Almost all who call Jasper friend calls him friend through the vivacious red-head.

Growing up on the streets has led to an incredibly nihilistic view of the world, and he does whatever he needs to live. In the end, he doesn’t care who he has to step on to get what he wants. He isn’t above helping others, but he’s always looking out for his own safety and prosperity, and Tabatha’s.

History: Jasper was born to a mother so poor and broken, he doesn’t even remember her face anymore. She was an embittered woman who had never known shelter or any kind of kindness from the world, and had seen Jasper as a curse. She was forced to live in one of the few places in Norco where disease existed, and of course, she hadn’t been inoculated. That cost money she’d never have.

Jasper was rescued on an Underworld raid, the corporate police looking to expunge the area of its filth. The orders were simple: If it was older than ten, kill it. That’s how his mother died, when he was six years old. He was brought to one of the few orphanages in the Corporation –with birth control and medicine like it is, it was very rare to see a woman unable to reproduce– where he lived until he was fifteen. After that, he left.

He met Tabatha shortly after, being hounded on by some men. The site didn’t mean much. A group of horny men looking for some relief, and the girl certainly was attractive. The fact that they continued after she declined, however, was astonishing. Rape was a capital crime, and knowing where it went, he intervened, threatening the group until they left.

The rest is history. They stuck together after that, formed a bond, and have been working toward greener pastures. Already, they’re doing well. They’re protected, live in a nice, small apartment, and are usually safe from the police.

Name: Tabatha Amsterdam
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Tabatha is, in stark contrast to Jasper, vivacious, friendly, and outgoing. She loves the nightlife, and is, even to Norco’s standards, a liberal lover. She enjoys the company of anyone who would have her, and is constantly surrounded by hordes of friends.

She always looks for the best in people, reluctant to look down on them, no matter how despicable they may be. To that end, she is often landing in heaps of trouble, only pulled out by Jasper and their few, mutual friends.

The only group she holds animosity toward are the aristocratic executives of the Corporation. She can’t stand it when she sees the injustice some more cruel men allow to happen. Jasper is a walking reminder that the good men do is not a universal fact.

History: Unlike Jasper, Tabatha lived a comfortable, middle-class life. Her family worked, loved, and generally enjoyed life. Her parents had, at the day of her birth, sworn a vow of monogamy, a quickly dying practice. As Tabatha grew, and became entrenched in the pleasures of the flesh, she looked on her parents with awe and confusion. Why someone would tie themselves to one person was beyond her. She understood love and caring, but why must they be monogamous?

She lived a happy time until her parents landed in the site of a powerful financial Executive. His plans were, sadly, going to destroy that family, and those living in Norco-3’s fifth sector. Her parents had their land taken from them, their assets seized, and were thrown on the street.

They died three weeks later in a scuffle. Someone had taken a fancy to Tabatha’s mother, and her father would have nothing of it.

She, thankfully, had a quick mind. She adapted, taking shelter in a Bordello, where she was trained in the carnal arts, before taking her leave to strike out on her own. She was sixteen. It was the same year she met Jasper.

Immediately, they made a connection. He had, of course, rescued her from an unwanted sexual encounter. She had just left from a rather raucous gathering, and was sore and tired. They stuck together after that, and in the end, bonded. Currently, she lives with Jasper above the old Bordello she had originally taken shelter in. It’s now a popular night club, if a seedy one. The old owner had passed on the place to her daughter, who had been a friend of Tabatha.

Now they work with that friend, gathering wealth and pleasure to them.



Great characters Marlow!  I'm sure Tabatha and Galatea will get on splendidly.  ;)  However, I do have an additional question.  Once the strings of fate are pulled to land all of these people together, where do you see the plot going?  Is survival the aim, or something more?  From the first post it seems like Jasper and Tabatha will be interested in using these formally powerful individuals to achieve their own ends, but what exactly are those?  Or is it something simpler, that they merely latch onto those who have lived lives much more prosperous than theirs our of curiosity?


Well, Jasper and Tabatha's main goal is always to get out a bit better off than they were going in. That being said, I plan on having the characters form a bit of a bond that pulls them in to a more 'it's the right thing to do' kind of deal. Example, I'm thinking someone has hired some Snythetic Insurance Collectors to hunt you down and 'retire' you (Blade Runner, anyone?), and that's how you end up at the old Bordello. At first, they only help you because they can see profit from it, but soon enough, they don't want Galatea to get caught. That kind of thing.

Also, since it seems Jadeling has poofed, and no one else has posted any serious interest, if I don't get any bites by tomorrow morning, I'm gonna just go ahead with me and you, Shihong, if that's fine with you.


That would be fine by me!  I'm not quite sure about the Insurance Collectors idea; perhaps something more along the lines of attempted assassination by her owner's relatives, who were mysteriously left out of his will.  Galatea isn't exactly a...nice individual.  Then again, one has to go to pretty dark extremes to get anywhere in life if one is built for sex!


Well, we can work with that. Your owner's relatives tried to kill you. When they failed, your relatives had Collectors look for you?


Sounds like a feasible enough plan.  It certainly wouldn't be the first attempt on Galatea's life, but if she was aware of such a huge personal vendetta against her she would probably be willing to sacrifice her power for survival.


Sounds cool.

You can go ahead and write a history for her, if you want. All of Norco's 'main' cities are numbered (Norco-1, Norco-2, etc.), but where you originated is up to you. Just, with the club thing, like I said, they'd be in one city (Norco-3, if she didn't flee to Norco-3 from some other city), since those cities are already incredibly large. Beyond that, go crazy.


I could see her having been cautious enough to move to a different city, just to be absolutely certain of her safety.  Where would you like me to start off after you make the initial post?  After her escape, or perhaps a bit earlier and leading up to it?  I'm not precisely sure where you're going to start us off at.


I think I'm just going to close this off now, and just go with me and you, Shihong. If anyone else still wants to join, I'll be game to run another game in this setting later.

As for the first post, I think it'd be interesting to start off with her entering the Bordello looking for some shelter. We can extrapolate what happened as we go. Sound good to you?


Sounds good!  In the meantime I'll probably write up a history for myself to draw off of.  It'll be a bit more natural to let it all come out through conversation than for me to write several pages just to introduce her.


Makes senbse. I wouldn't mind seeing a small hisory like for my characters, though, just so I can get a bit of a grip on her (even though I've got a pretty good idea already). No rush, I'll probably post the thread either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.