Musings (BON) (Seeking DOM M)

Started by Ariabella, January 02, 2010, 06:42:48 PM

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1. The Writer TAKEN

An erotica writer decides she'd like to write a BDSM story, but having always heard you need to write what you know, she needs to find out what it's like to be tied up. She goes to the city to explore a club, but never did she expect to discover that she loved being tied up.

Note: I'm not looking so much to play out the day to day slave aspect, more focusing on the erotic creativity and sexuality of her being tied up.

A few ideas that were started before and dropped for various reasons. Things I'd really like to play out.

2. The Fantasy Journal  TAKEN

Either a friend of my character or a robber/stalker finds my character's fantasy journal and they act on. An abduction then to slave story.

3. My character has always played around with tying herself up but she asks an old friend to do so, as she wants to play with some inescapable ties. He decides to keep her. OR, along the same line, my character decides to treat herself to a photography shoot involving bondage, she's a natural, the photographer keeps her.

4.The Coup (medieval fantasy)

A warlord conquers a neighboring kingdom and captures the Princess. Her country is one where the women have been kept bound and enslaved for years, but her father, The King, was planning on marrying her to another kingdom, where she wouldn't be enslaved. Isolated in her room and untrained, the Princess aches to be bound, gagged and used.

5. Outlaw

The Old outlaw who's terrorizing the town...or maybe just the wealthy cattle rancher. My character in the wrong place at the wrong time or the cattle rancher's daughter.
Read my ons/offs. Want to one-on-one? PM with ideas

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Read my ons/offs. Want to one-on-one? PM with ideas

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I'd love to try either The Fantasy Journal, or, #: 3. Feel free to shoot me a message.
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Kane Gunlock

I'm interested in #4 because thats my favorite period in history so how about it ?

Nathan Malreaux

I like all of them, especially #2, but since that one is taken, any one of 3, 4, or 5 looks awesome.

I'll PM you.