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Started by Queen of Blades, January 02, 2010, 02:45:46 PM

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Queen of Blades

Hello I am The Queen of Blades and I am searching for pleasure in all the right places. I already have a thread like this but I would like to revamp it and make it much more effective. I will keeping some of the old plots, adding new ones and also adding characters to go with it. I hope that you will find something that interest you.

About me...

I tend to do most of my role plays in the forums but I am open to emails and private messages.
I am rather open to hear new ideas but if it is in my offs I am sorry I will not to be willing to do it. But if you can't find it in my on's please feel free to present it to me.
Feel free to post here. I would love to hear some of your ideas!
My o'o's
Red Font will indicate I am really craving to do this plot
A plot that is striked through means it is being played at the moment

My own Ideas

Straight woman turned lesbian...
A young girl who is shy and can't seem to find a date, has seemed to given up. She comes into work every day sad and depressed. A female co worker has been watching her from afar and really wishes to take her home. One day she gathers enough courage to take her out after work. The young girl gets hammered and the lesbian co worker takes her home and shows her that you don't have to be straight to love.

Character For this Rp.....
Name: Aranna Connors
Age: 24
Bio: Aranna is very shy and nervous around people, which tends to let other people walk all over her. Her father always made her feel like less and her mother never helped her gain that confidence she needed to meet men. She tends to freeze up around them as well always making her self look like an ass. Aranna has no trouble with talking to women and expressing her feelings.

Office Romance
A young woman works at a large business firm and has no luck with men at all. She can't seem to get a break. But when a new boss, is hired she thinks that maybe he will be the guy for her. He is sweet, caring and generally an all around good guy. But when she has to stay late for some extra work with him, she ends up having sex with him. Now he using the sex to black mail her into be his sex slave

Character For this Plot
Name: Tressa Moore
Age: 26
Bio: Tressa is strong and independent which tends to turn men off from her. They don't like the way she dominates the conversation. She doesn't know what to with herself, she really wants to just have a healthy relationship. Most them just end in one night stands.

A young woman in her twenties is looking for love in all the wrong places. So she decides to go on a dating website. She doesn't put up a photo of herself, only details about her likes and dislikes. Someone responds and they really hit it off. Soon they discuss their sexual preferences and decide to meet one day. When they meet up, they finally find out who they were talking to. Their sibling
My Character for this plot....
Name: Maya Walker
Age: 21
Bio: Maya is an intelligent young woman who ends up looking for love in all the wrong places. She goes to school full time to obtain her degree and start here career. Her brother always teased her for being so smart and she never liked to be around him. The two haven't seen each other in 2 years since she left for college.


A scientist and reknowned professor who has wowed the public and been a great success in the world has a dark secret. At night he has a test subject who he tests to see how much sexual pleasure she can handle. He is sex demon that can't stop. Bondage involved
Character for this plot
Name: Test Subject 1 aka Soryu Aya
Age: 20
Bio: Aya is a young girl who loved her life as a student at the local university. She partied and studied. But her grades were slipping and she decided to take up an extra credit with her science professor. She has been missing ever since. Aya has always had some secret desire to be controlled.

Body swapping
A young pair of students were working on a project in the library when they came across a book of ancient spells. They read it and find that they have swapped bodies. Open to ideas.
Character for this plot
None Yet...

A Bleach related plot
Many years before Kurosaki Ichigo was even born, Soul Society only had to concern themselves with the hollows. Not many complications until A large group of hollows began to snatch lower ranking soul reapers from Soul Society. They would pull them into the shadows and they were never to be found. The central 46 chamber has begun to get scared so they had assembled a small force to search and destroy the hollow force. It consists of the Captain of 11th company [ A combat based group] and the captain of 4th company [ A medical division]. The two begin their journey hating each other and then begin to fall for each other.

If you would like to do this please be prepared to make a distinct character with Zanpakutō and Bankai Description.
My Character....
Name: Furude Miyuki Captain of the 4th division
Bio: Miyuki is a very sweet young soul reaper who is a skilled at the healing arts. Even though, she is trained in the art of combat. She tries to avoid at all costs. As a lover of life, she puts herself on the battle field to conserve those who are almost lost to Soul Society. Many people love her easy going attitude and think she is a sweet heart. But most of those in 11th company just think she is healer for them. The 11th company make Miyuki so furious and she never likes to heal their captain.

Miyuki is also thought of as the sexiest captain in the company. They howl and whistle at her when she makes her way through soul society. Some even try to grab her ass or cop a feel of her breasts. She wishes that people would just stop
staring at her breasts and respect her for the captain she is.
Appearance: Furude Miyuki
Haruko the divided one
Wing Undine and Wing Necro
Haruko is a vision of Miyuki's personality. A kind healer who cares for life, but a true devil when mad.
True Appearance; Haruko
Undine is the healing and defensive part of her Zanpakutō.
Shikai Appearance: Undine
White Wind: Shields Miyuki from any incoming attacks and heals any fighters near her.
Diamond Shield: Puts up a shield around her allowing her to hide away from the battle but if drains alot of her energy.
Angelic Light: Blinds an an enemy so she can get away from the fight.

Necro is the offensive and destructive part of Zanpakutō.
Shikai Apperance: Necro
Dark Strike: Summons dark energy into her sword to release a powerful strike.
Black rain: Dark Energy rains down from the sky which can pierce skin and possibly kill.
Hands of death: Energy emits from her body that help her fight.
Cloak of shadows: Summons a cloak to cover her body allowing her slip through the shadows but takes a lot of energy to perform.
Sword Appearance: Darkness and light together
Combines Undine's and Necro's powers together.

MY Sexy Vampire....
The plot is based on this song and video.  If you are interested please watch the video and pm me. Really craving this one and open to ideas.

Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire / Fright Ranger (High Quality)

More to come....


Queen of Blades

Anime Related Cravings

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei x OC [can be male or female]
NOTE: If you would like to do this role play, please be ready to treat rei as your little play thing and sex slave. Dress her up, take her, whatever. Story will be discussed when somebody requests this rp

Ichimaru GinxOC
YoruichixSoi Fon
Shuei HisagixOC

Rurouni Kenshin

Lucky Star
MiyukixOC[could be male or female]


If you're still looking I may be up for the Body Swapping roleplay. Feel free to shoot me a message.
.Make me Combust.