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While I'm not looking for a total grammar Nazi, I will ask you to just show some form of thought when it comes to RPing with me. I'll let some typos slip every so often, but if it gets to a point where I can't read it, then I'll unfortunately have to stop the RP. You don't want me to do that, do you?

A few more things you need to be aware of.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone, (-5) so I'll definitely be posting/responding at odd hours of the day and night. However, I'm not afraid to pull all-nighters to get some posts through. I also have a dominant RPing style that doesn't bend easily. You would have to do quite a lot in order to get my characters to break. If we're going into IM RP's, then should you run into an AIM, Yahoo or MSN Away Message that either reads "I'm a little busy at the moment" or whichever, then that means I'm currently not available. During that time, just wait for me to come back or leave me a message. I promise I'll get back to you ASAP.

The Punisher
The Matrix
Silence of the Lambs
Red Dragon
Death Proof
Planet Terror
Escape From LA
Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer
Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Fight Club
The Dark Knight
The Devil's Rejects
The Wolfman

Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball/DBZ
Eureka Seven
Air Gear
Outlaw Star
Black Blood Brothers
Elfen Lied
Darker Than Black
Chrono Crusade
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When The Cicadas Cry)
Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star)

Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit

TV Shows
The Sopranos
Law & Order/CI/SVU
CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI: New York
The Shield
Spawn (animated series)

Video Games
Final Fantasy (either 7, 8 or 10)
Resident Evil (preferably either 2, 3, 4 or Outbreak)
Mega Man/MMX
Grand Theft Auto III/GTA: Vice City/GTA: San Andreas
Kingdom Hearts
Metal Gear Solid (1, 2, or 3)
Golden Axe
Soul Calibur

Boarding School
High School
Furry/Neko/Other Anthro
Romance (I'm a sucker for this)
Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
Government Agency (i.e., ATF, FBI, etc.)

What I WILL NOT do
Rape (I might loosen my grip on this, but give it a purpose.)
Yaoi (Sorry guys, no can do.)
Watersports (Hey, I gotta use the bathroom. Not a person.)
Scat (Same as above)
Vampires (Not a big fan of them anymore.)
Unoriginal Material (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. If it's been done before, then chances are I'm not gonna do it.)

Sex (This is a given.)
Kinky stuff (The kinkier, the better!)
Characters fighting back (I don't want it to be totally one-sided)
Violence (Also a given. Because without violence, how would've our forefathers settled things?)
Thrilling Stuff (This could be just about anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat and waiting for your next reply.)
Creativity/Ingenuity (Sometimes actions speak louder than words. If you can pull a MacGuyver out of your ass during a post and when the situation calls for it, I will be forever amazed.)

There'll be more to add to this, I'm sure. For this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!!! But, if you got something better or something entirely different, hit me up and tell me your ideas.

For more in-depth details of about how I go about RPing, you can take a look at my Ons And Offs for more information.
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Plot Ideas

Resident Evil RP (Not sure.)
It had been several months since Leon S. Kennedy rescued the president's daughter, Ashley Graham from the clutches of the Los Illuminados cult that was planning on using her to spread the Las Plagas virus to the United States and the rest of the world. During his travels, he had encountered a familiar face in the form of Ada Wong. It was there that he openly accused her of working with Albert Wesker, but what for wasn't known to him. However, he knew it had something to do with the sample that she took from him then vanished like a crimson shadow in the night.

Vowing to uncover this mystery, Leon took his personal time off to leave for Europe once again. Armed with a handgun and nerves of steel, who knows what he might encounter this time around?

Mission Codename: Cannon Fodder (Not sure.)
Thanatos was designed to be the ultimate super-soldier. However, when the funding of the project was cut off and he was scheduled to be disposed of, Thanatos struck back and slaughtered everyone. Now free, Thanatos roamed the city almost unnoticed to the naked eye. However, he has no recollection of the vicious atrocities he had commited before he left. Since then, the military has ordered a press blackout and refused to discuss anything of the matter, thusly sending the major news networks to suspect foul play on their part.

However, every piece of manpower was sent after Thanatos, feverishly attempting to either capture or kill him. However, day in and day out, there have been bodies strewn about in bloody messes, usually with heads or limbs missing.

Reports of a serial killer then began to spread and a huge bounty was posted for Thanatos' head. The amount that was placed on his head was 300 trillion dollars. Anyone that could take this guy down could stand to live quite handsomely.

The problem was... Who was brave enough to accept such a task?

Deus Ex Machina (LE, can be turned into a group project.)
William Belmont was a Marine Corp captain that was introduced to modern warfare in 1991, the year of the Gulf War. During one routine walkthrough of the village he and his group was patrolling, a whistling sound was overheard. It was an incoming mortar. Ordering his team to get down, William sarcificed himself in order to protect the rest of his team, getting shredded in the process. No one knew what happened to his body since then.

It was 50 years since that incident happened. When he awoke years later, he found his body encased in a suit of cybernectic armor and the place he came to in was dillapitated. After freeing himself from the capsule, he ran out of the place, not before taking a plasma sword that was laid out for him on a table. What would he encounter here, now that fifty years had passed? One thing was certain. He was a soldier first, and his instincts had to be sharp.

For the extended edition of this plot, go here. It's not done yet, but the opener is solid.

Golden Axe: The Next Generation (possibly NA, can can also be geared more towards EX)
It was said that whoever held the Golden Axe would hold a commanding presence over those who saw the bearer of this mighty weapon. Death Adder's lifelong quest was to obtain this and rule the world into an age of tyranny and darkness, crushing all that stood before him.

Thirty years had passed since the vicious Death Adder had been slain once and for all by the hands of Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead and returned the Golden Axe to its proper place. There was finally peace throughout the wartorn lands and the three heroes had long since retired their weapons.

Those thirty years came to a crashing halt one fateful day when an entire city was overrun and its populace slaughtered. Of the things that went missing was not only the Golden Axe, but the infamous heroes that had brought peace had also either been severely injured or killed. It was presumed that Death Adder had returned, but not even he would do such a thing. So the question remained: Who was it that commited these atrocities?

Regardless of which, three new heroes answered the call of duty to set out and challenge this mysterious foe. What dangers await them this time around?

Sweeney Todd/Law & Order Crossover (EX)
It's been said that the ghosts of the past never stay dead. For the once infamous barber of Fleet Street in the 18th century, he sensed this and began a secret plan of revenge when he was sentenced to life for the false charge foolishness. From then onward, the bodies began to pile up alongside with his cohort Mrs. Lovett before tossing her inside of an oven when he saw that a throat that he slashed belonged to his wife, even after he finally got revenge on the crooked Judge Turpin. Lamenting over this loss, he offered his throat to Toby, thusly putting an end to the serial killer of London.

In 2008, the detectives of New York had been receiving word about the odd occurences of people have their throats slashed by an unknown murderer. According to the M.E. reports, it appeared that the instrument of choice was something bladed, matching the killer's modus operandi. However, what was the exact weapon of choice and what was the reason behind these atrocious murders?

A Demon's Hunger (NC)
Dead has been hiding out amongst the shadows of humanity for several years now and no one is even aware of it up until one night when there was a brutal rape of a woman and the murder of her husband/boyfriend/some other significance, no one believes she was attacked by a demon except for one individual: The very same demon that had attacked her previously, but in human form. From there, it blends into a sort of wicked mix of Master/Slave with any kind of kink that's acceptable to you.

Snuff TV (EX, can be made into a group session)
Reality TV gone from bad to worse, this network specializes in the field of some of the most brutal slayings of some of the most unlikely of people, only it's all legal. There are no holds barred, there are no safe ways out, there are limited survivors - if any, that is - and there are limited commercial interruptions. After all, controversy creates cash and cash creates even more controversy. Each contestant of every show must contend with the most insane of challenges, most often leaving the contender rarely unscathed.

For contact information, view my profile for details.
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The Characters

Character Name: Vincent Cooper
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human


Vincent is in no way a bantamweight. Standing 6' 6" and weighing 320 pounds of pure muscle, this guy has a physique that could have been made out of solid granite. He has several tattoos on both arms and his back, consisting of a Samoan tribal wrap around his right bicep and a pair of Japanese characters on his left. The tattoo he has on his back is a jailhouse style version of Jesus Christ hanging from a cross with the words, "Jesus Saves" running from his left shoulder to his right. He also has a scar that bisects cleanly through his left eyebrow and runs down to his cheek, possibly when someone tried to attack him with a knife.
Personality: Vincent has always been known to be a trash-talker, but he knows when to shoot his mouth off when to shut up. Other times, he has a gruff disposition and rarely speaks much.

Character Name: Dead/Damien McCallister
Age: 1500
Gender: Male
Species: A-Class Demon

Description #1: A demon worthy of his rank, this montrosity stands a whopping 7' 3" and weighs about 600 pounds of extremely well chiseled mass. His skin color is completely stone gray and his eye color is completely black, save for two white rings which could be considered irises. Long black hair falls to his shoulders, doing nothing to conceal the equally impressive silvery-gray horns sticking out of the sides of his head and sweeps upward then forward, something along the lines of a Mexican fighting bull. He also sports apolcalytic markings on his face and arms: Both of his tremendous arms are emblazoned with red dragon-like tattoos snarling towards his chest. On his face are markings of another sort, looking something similar to most warrior demons of this type. At his back is a extremely large pair of gargoyle like wings that extend outward to about double his height which he can conceal courtesy of two well hidden slits on his back.

Description #2: In his human form, Dead goes by the name of Damien McCallister. He stands about 6' 3" and weighs about 250 pounds of the same musculature as he would look in his demonic form. However, his human features are completely different. He retains the same long black hair, but his horns are nowhere to be seen as his wings. His eyes also become more humanlike, shimmering a bright shade of a glacier blue that seems to haunt you no matter where you went. The outfit he wears is a white t-shirt that's concealed by a long, black leather overcoat. The shirt itself is tucked in neatly into his black demin jeans wrapped with a chain belt. He retains the same boots, but not as pronounced as they are in his demonic form. The weapon he wields while in human form include a broadsword that bears the name, Kingslayer. The true power of this weapon is unknown other than he can summon this to his side at anytime or when he feels threatened.

Personality: Although he can be a charming sort, this is only a cover. Beneath the surface of this clever beast, beats the heart of a sadistic monster that doesn't care what he has to do in order to find out what makes his victims tick.

Biography: Being the envy of other demons is never something to shy away from. For most of his life, Dead was said to be the son of Satan, but this story has never been argued. Most that did kept quiet and dared to talk about with fear in their voices. Other things that had never been argued is his innate ability to control not only the elements of lightning and fire, but also the hearts and minds of human men and women alike, enslaving them to do whatever he wished. Some of these things can be either heinous to outright despicable, depending on what he felt like at the given time. For what that is, go here.

Character Name: Deadman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Resurrected Humanoid Cyborg


He stands about 6' 3" and weighs about 250 pounds of metal, wiring and encased in a suit of pure adamantium alloy, thusly rendering him capable to take an unbelieveable amount of punishment and deal it right back in spades. Weaponry includes his arm cannon capable of flattening an entire army. Attached to his back is his prized energy blade in the form of a longsword that can slice through even the hardest of metals like butter, appropiately dubbed the Razor Blade.

Personality: Being an cybernetic humanoid, he's supposed to be uncaring or neutral. However, this doesn't stop him from kicking your ass in a fair fight when he gets mad. But because of his programming, he can express other emotions such as guilt, joy and fury all at free will.

Biography: In life, William Belmont was a top notch soldier in the United States Marine Corps, willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his team. During one operation in Desert Storm, he heard an incoming mortar that was coming closer and closer to his group. At the cost of his own life, William ordered his team to get down, nearly getting blown to bits in the process.

When the dust settled after the explosion, William's body was in ruins. Pieces of his body were scattered about everywhere.

Some years later, a doctor by the name of Zander Octivian Kalishnikov used the broken pieces of William's body to reconstruct him piece by piece and even went so far as to encase his torso and head in a suit made of the highest quality metal, adamantium. The codename, Deadman was appropiately given to him on the account that William was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good on numerous occasions. However, before the final touches could be completed, the doctor suffered a massive stroke. It was then that for his final act, Zander wound up placing Deadman in a capsule where the rest of the programming would take care of itself and remain in stasis for years to test his internal systems.

When Deadman awoke some 50 years later, he had long since forgotten who he once was or how he came here. All that mattered was that he needed to leave this place.

Character Name: Thanatos Von Howitzer
Age: Unknown, but looks to be about 25
Gender: Male
Speices: Genetically Enhanced Human


Thanatos stands about 6' 2" and weighs about 220 pounds of slim muscle, sporting a black leather jacket, black t-shirt, black denim jeans and black dress shoes. His paled appearance may give off an air that he might have died recently, but he is very much alive. Short, black hair falls over dark brown eyes which become a bright gold color, thusly becoming a ruthless murderer.

Personality: Prior to the genetic alterations, Thanatos was arrogant, brash and crude. He was of the opinion that those lower than him should be of no concern to anyone and deserved to be where they are. However, as his anger increases, his other side comes out, thusly turning him into a vicious, uncaring and ruthless monster of sorts. His skill with a sword becomes unmatched, swinging with incredible speed, power and accuracy.

Biography: Thanatos is the brainchild of a series of experiments to create the ultimate super-soldier, everything from genetic experimentation to virtual-reality training, Thanatos was destined for greatness. However, when the funding was cut off from the project, the experimentation ceased. One night, when he was scheduled to be terminated, Thanatos struck back, killing the scientists that created him. The image above was the final thing the camera caught before being destroyed. However, what was missing after the wreckage was cleared was Thanatos' handmade and modified katana, the Nightmare Reaver. This weapon was capable of splitting a human being in two at the speed of a thought once his rage hit a certain point, thusly making him a certified killer.

What happened afterward could be anyone's guess.

What was known was that every piece of military might was amassed to find Thanatos and eliminate him, all in the cover of a media blackout.

Character Name: Samuel Clark Davis
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Samuel stands about 6' 2" and weighs 230 pounds of pure athleticism, and keeps after it at every chance he gets. A piercing gaze of sapphire blue sparkles from under those eyelids of his, more than enough to intimidate the weak and entice any woman who dares look at them.

Personality: While cultured and refined, Samuel has a ruthless streak that runs for miles on end. He is not above cracking someone in the face just for looking at him the wrong way as well as doing anything he can to get what he wants and will bulldoze anyone who stands in his way.

Biography: A perfect ensemble of street smarts and business smarts, Samuel has a double life. During the day, Saumel runs a tight ship as a cutthroat CEO of a major congolmerate. As night falls however, he takes off the business suit and dons a black, pinstriped one as he heads for his territory in the Las Vegas area where he conducts the other side of his business. Namely racketeering, arms dealing, drug trafficking and money laundering all while retaining his viciousness to do it.

Character Name: Nathan "Silver Talon" Leone
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Neko

This "cat" stands about 5' 11" and weighs a sturdy 180 pounds of lean muscle, making him more than capable of feats of agility that most humans can't even comprehend. As quick as he is with his claws, he's also mastered two forms of martial arts, garnering a 3rd black belt in Capoeira and a 7th degree black belt for Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Personality: Given the fact that he appears quite calm and relaxed, deep within the recesses of his soul hides a cold and uncaring individual who wouldn't hesitate to smack the tar out of you for no apparent reason and never apologize for it. Even if he did, he would only apologize in a sarcastic manner then smirk at you, knowing full well that he would do it again some day.
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Character Name: "Dead Eye" Dante McPhadden
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human


Dante stands 5' 11" tall and has a slim but wiry 200 pound frame to his credit. Rusty brown colored hair sometimes falls over his face, partly obscuring a brown iris but a simple push of these locks reveals it and a green iris a little more clearly. His attire is fairly simple, consisting of a dark brown, gold trimmed jacket concealing a green undershirt tucked into a set of gray denim jeans, accented by two leather belts. One hangs off of Dante's waist while another is strapped to his right thigh while black leather boots cover his feet. Of the weapons he carries, is his personalized .38 pistol that he always carried with him. Another weapon he carried is a revolver, but is one that he handmade himself. This one is a .50 caliber revolver capable of punching a hole of just about anything that he can set his eyes on.

Personality: A quiet and calm sort, Dante usually comes off as stiff or blunt, but the opposite is true. He is actually more laid back than anyone suspects. A few other times, he uses his bluntness to drive a point home, but he has a tendancy just to be sarcastic in a friendly manner. What you shouldn't do is get him angry unless if you were looking to get psychologically cut down to size.

Character Name: Heishiro Kenseth
Age: 22
Gender Male
Species: Human


Heishiro stands about 6' 2" and has an athletic build of about 220 to 230 pounds of toned muscle. The armor he wears is something that was given to him by a fellow mercenary after a raid on an armory of about four years ago. Since then, he keeps it as a memento of times long forgotten in the annals of his history. When not in that armor, he is normally seen wearing a sleeveless white shirt, black pants and black leather boots. Short brown hair juts out mostly in front, sometimes aggravating him whenever it got in his face and brown eyes.

Personality: Heishiro has an aura of arrogance, but not as pronounced as some would have suspected. Whenever he does something, he follows it to the very end and spares no quarter to those who get in his way. If the unfortunate DOES in fact do so, that individual might as well have grabbed a noose and start looping it around his or her neck, because he will just plow right through them all with seemingly reckless abandon and never look back. In his opinion, it was either (as he said it) his way or get out of his way.

Most other times, Heishiro can be seen playing around on a mah-jhong board by himself and rarely ever speaks up unless if he was spoken to. Yet he would get so lost within the game, he had a tendancy to tune the person talking to him completely out and never say a word. A few other times, Heishiro can be socialable. However, he doesn't really flaunt himself out so much like some people do.

Biography: Born into a life of poverty, Heishiro's family was pretty much one of the many that was considered the low man on the totem pole. His father worked three jobs, his mother had three children (he was the youngest of three brothers) and there wasn't much that they could do about their situation as they all lived from day to day from paycheck to paycheck. A few times, they snaked in under the wire and sometimes they went without for a while.

The last time they went without, the entire family was casted out of the house they lived in for about 12 years of Heishiro's life. In turn, the mother and father agrued about who should be where and where should they live until the time was right for them all to reunite under the same roof. During this time, Heishiro did the mature thing while the parents squabbled and offered himself up to be placed in an orphanage while the family decided their next move.

Several years had passed since then and during this time, Heishiro enlisted in the military at the age of 17, serving his country as one of the top ranked knights. During one night, on a routine city patrol, word had spread to Hei that something happened in his old hometown. After being granted permission to leave and hurrying back as fast as he could go, he would soon come to a startling sight.

The house he had come to know all of his life was burnt to the ground and his family was brutally murdered in cold blood. When it was discovered that deliberate arson was to blame, Heishiro was absolutely livid at the fact that there was nothing being done to find the arsonist/murderer. This would eventually cause Heishiro to leave the knighthood and eventually took up the profession of a mercenary. He still wonders as to who might have torched his old house and killed his mother and father, but because of his current employment, there was almost no time to stop and think.

Character Name: Samson DaVinci
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human


Samson stands six feet two inches tall and without the armor he wears to a battlefield, he weighs about 215 pounds of purebred athleticism, spending every waking day of his life training it into a well-oiled machine and honing his skills to a razor's edge.

Personality: As they say, there are two sides on a coin. In Samson's case, his demeanor is usually just that. On one side, Samson believes in what is right and looks down upon those who commit their wrongdoings. However, that is the law-abiding side of him. The other side showcases something that no animal nor man was ever meant to see. He is the epitomie of evil, using the laws to twist and bend anyone to his will and then some for the sake of upholding the law, even going so far as to kill, destroy, torture and implicate those who commit the worst possible offenses. All in all, his behavior (while considered irrational but is very much competent) is something more along the lines of a paladin, but has no regards for who it may hurt.

Character Name: Michael St. Johnathan aka "Grimm"
Age: Unknown (Died at 24)
Gender: Male
Species: Soulless Human


Michael stands about six feet, one inch tall and has a slim but slightly muscular build of about 160 pounds soaking wet and carrying two heavy luggage bags in each hands. Long, dark gray hair stops at the middle of his back while some of it hangs in front of his face, partly getting in the way of his extremely dark brown (almost black) lifeless eyes that can glow an ominous red whenever something rubs him the wrong way. The large red scythe he carries and the black outfit he wears is a living (or unliving) testament to the fact that he now serves the Grim Reaper as an angel of death.

Personality: Michael in life has seen him something more of a loner, unwilling to budge for anyone and anything. Even in death, his demeanor has hardly improved, yet he seems to relish the fact that he's now a soulless being as indicated by a dark smile of sorts.

Biography: In life, Michael was just you typical run of the mill worker bee trying to make ends meet the only way he knew how: Scrimping whatever he could save and spending it wisely. Sometimes, his grubber of a girlfriend often took more than a lion's share of what he earned, but still, he just went on about his way. This pattern just seemed to repeat itself on a nearly constant basis day in and day out for about several months before he came home one night to find his girlfriend cheating on him with another man.

In an explosive fit of rage once he had finally snapped, there was very little anyone could do to stop Michael from grabbing the nearest thing he could find - which in this case just so happened to have been a 12-gauge pump action shotgun - and committing the most heinous act of violence ever. Once the event was over, Michael had been unaware of the fact that he had literally blew the heads of his former lover and the man she was with off in a bloody mess.

Without even thinking, Michael soon ran out of the place and soon went into hiding for several days, hiding from the face of the public until he was soon spotted by a passing pedestrian. Soon, the police were on him, but not before he was then forced to take his own life into his hands once he had stolen a car and attempted a daring escape. Tragedy would soon strike several hours into the chase, for his left tire blew out from a policeman's pistol shooting at it, causing the stolen vehicle to careen into the median at speeds of roughly 120 miles per hour head on then flip over it end over end violently before coming to rest in the middle of oncoming traffic in a wrecked heap. While other vehicles were fortunate enough to veer out of the way of the wreckage, a semi wasn't. About 10 tons of steel barreled into the wrecked car, crushing Michael's body into oblivion as a result.

Character Name: Reagan Kharn
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Feral Human (Canine)

Description #1:

In his human form, Reagan stands roughly about 5' 9" and weighs about 180 pounds of slim but toned muscle. His hair is somewhat shaggy and falls over his golden irises that are slitted like that of his animal-like side, but overall, he looks human enough save for the fact that his superhuman strength, leaping ability and savage attacking style are dead giveaways to his true nature. Another peculiar feature of his is that while he appears to have no visible marks on him, he does have, however, one physical characteristic that makes him stand out from the rest. On the right side of his face, is a years old scar on his cheek that he received courtesy of an accidental knife swipe.

Description #2:

In this form, Reagan grows to about 6' 10" tall and weighs about 300 pounds of sinew, fur and well defined muscle, this is one feral dog you shouldn't mistake as any mere pup. The scar tissue on his face that while is still present even as his face becomes more animal-like, it is partly obscured due to the fur.

Personality: A seamless mix of both Russian and German, he also speaks the English just as clearly, despite the fact that he speaks with a predominantly Russian accent. However, if you get him angry enough, his words will come out in what would normally come out in German but he sometimes unknowingly spews out some furious Russian words as well. Be warned if you're the target of his venom. However, he has a very impeccably long temper despite it's offset by an intolerance towards unimportant and ignorant matters. He is of the opinion that idle chatter is just useless noise, according to him.

Character Name: Cyrus Armoni
Age: Unknown, but looks to be about 22
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon-Human Hybrid

Description #1:

Cyrus stands approximately six feet tall and has a medium frame of about 180 pounds in his human form, but he makes an effort to at least keep it maintained whenever he has a chance to do so. Long, black and sometimes wild hair is usually seen whipping around his face with a strong wind blowing around him, occasionally getting in the way of his extremely sharp and intelligent eyes that bare a striking resemblance to droplets of ice.

Description #2:

In this form, Cyrus grows to an immense 20 feet long, has an 18 foot wingspan, weighs about as much as ten buses and has scales that glimmer like freshly driven snow. However, he only has a need for this form when he needs to get to a destination over a long distance that requires him to get there as soon as possible, otherwise it will be a tremendous waste of energy to just morph into a dragon and go to someplace that isn't too far away.

Personality: Cyrus is actually one of the kinds of people who would actually give the shirt he has off of his back and give it to you without even considering anything in return. This was considered the norm for Cyrus, for he had always been brought up in this fashion, something along the lines of the classic biblical saying, "Do unto others as they do unto you." But unless if you do something that takes advantage of this kindness or betray him, then expect to be punished severely, for he will deem the offender's actions to be unforgivable.

Character Name: Jack McKenzie
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human


Jack McKenzie stands roughly about 6' 2", has a neatly chiseled 230 pound frame adorned with several tattoos on his chest, back and arms. Most of them were prison tattoos he received when he was incarcerated for five years under a vehicular manslaughter charge, but they were tattoos nonetheless. One tattoo showcases a skull and crossbones adorning his right shoulder, another on his back showing a set of bloodied angel's wings with the words "Fallen One" written in archaic lettering and a set of crosshairs on the right side of his chest with the words, "Kill Me Here" written through it.

Personality: More of the strong and silent type, but easily irritable when something or someone aggravates him a great deal. He is under the assumption that whatever comes his way can be dealt with if one were to use everyday logic to solve most of today's problems. Those that do not possess this logic are unable to survive in the modern world. Other times, he has a tendency to clam up about certain things and refuse to answer anyone's question.

Biography: An former prisoner released from Folsom Penitentiary, Jack has since hid his face from the public after certain events that he claimed he had nothing to do with. Nevertheless, he has since moved on from the incident, wanting to continue with his life the way he thought it would be.

Character Name: Benjamin Hudson aka Ronin Hiroshi or "Benji The Heartless"
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Appearance: (as according to his last known Predator record prior to termination)

Rank: 1st Class Edge Wielder
Height: 6' 1" tall
Weight: 230 lbs.
Blood Type: A-
Hair Color: Black w/ silver bangs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Body Type: Medium build, athletic tone
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned
Ethnicity: Chinese/American

Despite what his last known record said about him, the majority of what was written about him is correct. The one thing he felt they got wrong was his ethnicity. He was actually of pure Japanese descent, but he has since disregarded it. His style of clothing reflects his demeanor; care-free yet conservative and professional yet not too uptight either.

He carries his treasured katana closely with him at all times, the blade itself sheathed and strapped to his waist with the blade's edge facing up. This alone gives him an advantage especially since his main area of practice resides mostly in iaijutsu and battojutsu. On some occasions, he carries his revolvers but they were mostly for show unless if he was pressured to use one or both. On extremely rare occasions he's seen carrying the .30-06 rifle, but once again it was also merely for show unless if he was absolutely and positively certain that he needed it.

Personality: Hateful would best describe Benji, but that would be an outright lie. Apathetic could also describe him just as much, but he would just look at you with a cold look in his eyes before giving you an equally chilling smirk then slicing your head clean off of your shoulders without so much as batting an eyelash. Arrogant is yet another good choice, but then his only reply would that he couldn't care any less of what you thought of him before forcibly removing your head from your shoulders in one swing. This attitude alone was what cost him his standing in the world the Predators have long since fought for, claiming that if it were not for the Wall, the Slingers would be running wild in the streets.

But even with all of these "so-called negative personality traits" as he called it, Benji isn't really all that bad of a guy. He makes it rather clear to those that invade his personal space that they are either looking to offer him a job or they can kindly move along. Be it man or woman alike, they are only given one warning and one warning alone and that one warning comes in the form of a vicious looking glare before splitting you straight down the middle.

Faction/Ranking: Ex-1st Class Predator now working as a lone Slinger mercenary for hire. He never really cared which side won the battle, just so long as he gets paid after the job is done. But if one were to earn his loyalty and trust, not only would that person need to go to a great length due to his lack of sympathy for Slingers, Predators and Disruptors alike, but one would also need to come up with a great sum of money as well.

To find Benji for anything these days, it wouldn't necessarily be all that hard to find him. He often comes and goes as he pleases throughout the Wasteland, never really settling down in one town or one settlement. However, there have been times he's been spotted in a town known simply as Shadowspire Village where he maintains an office of sorts. If one were to locate him here, they needed to travel 25 miles southwest of the Tower and keep going until they came upon it. Just be warned upon arrival in this town. When it comes to strange looking folk, the 500+ people here don't fuck around. Ever since the construction of the Tower, the citizens here went a little paranoid, fearing that one day soon, Hell was going to come to them first, resulting them in stockpiling as many weapons and as much ammo as they could find, even if they had to fashion it themselves.

Equipment: His prized katana he dubbed the Black Widow, two Colt Single Action Army revolvers and a Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 National Match .30-06 lever-action rifle.

Abilities/Skills/Style: When it comes to swordfighting, Benji is the kind of guy that would soon reduce you to ribbons if you got too careless or cocky all while giving you a fair chance as according to the bushido code he strictly adheres to. Gunfighting on the other hand and while it comes as no surprise that he has his own personal taste in what type he uses, views it as a means of a last resort should there be no other option. He believes that being all flash and no substance was just another way to get yourself killed out there.

Character Name: Siegfried Arlovsky
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human


At six feet, eight inches tall and weighing at about 275 pounds of military-trained muscle, this is one Russian that doesn't know the meaning of the words defeat, quitting and submission as indicated by the menacing glare he gives off by the looks of those cold and dark brown irises of his.

Personality: Stiff? Possibly. Uncaring? Most likely. Calculating? Always. Fierce? Undoubtedly. Easily driven to kill? Without a moment's hesitation, especially if it was someone that he didn't like. But hey, it's not like he does it to be an outright asshole. He does it for business purposes and nothing more. Besides, it's all about who has the deeper pockets they can reach into to procure his "services".

Biography: A former Spetznaz and member of the Russian GRU during the events of the Cold War, Siegfried was a man that was trained at a young age of how to fight, how to survive, how to kill and how to beat a man into submission by destroying him mentally. There really isn't anything he remembers from his childhood, and even if there was, it was probably beaten to death and torched in a fire with the rest of his memories. His entire life was focused around these aspects.

Training and mastering the martial art of Sambo. Weapons and firearms training. Tactical skills training. Stealth operations. Mastering foreign languages. Resisting and administering torture. Everything that had everything to do with becoming a career soldier in a world that feared what the Russians had in store for the world. After the Cold War had ended and there was no need for someone of his standing, Siegfried easily became dissatisfied and outright despised what his once great country had nurtured him to be: A minister of death, praying for war. A hardened killer readying to put the first bullet into a man's skull from more than a thousand yards out. To break each and every bone in a man's body until he was screaming like a little baby looking for its parents. Siegfried soon left both the GRU and the Spetznaz, stating that he had outgrown them all and didn't belong to useless generals who have nothing better to do with their time other than pushing pens and papers or talking with the very people of whom they were fighting against in the first place. He was met with an immense backlash because of his outlandish remarks, but Siegfried didn't care.

Ever since then, Siegfried decided to put his talents on the market, selling his skills out to the highest bidder.
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Jack McKenzie sounds like an interesting one to work with.  Wouldn't mind trying to find something in common that would work.

I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end and all the plastic people have now become your friends before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream.  Ons and Offs]    []  []  BY THE WAY.... If I am slow in posting I apologize.  I have reasons, they aren't always the same so if you want to know why ask me, I won't be putting it for all to see.


That so? Alrighty. Shoot me a message and we'll discuss. ^_^
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Chrono Crusade?!
You rock.

Other than the possibility of doing a CC role play, I do like Cyrus and after reading off his character profile, I'm starting to get a small idea of something to do with him.


Really? I guess I'll have to shoot you a message so we'll talk more.
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Oooh, "A Demon's Hunger" sounds really intriguing!  If you're still looking/open to playing that plot, I'd love to throw my name in for consideration.
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Made some additions and changes to the list, folks. So come on down and ask me for an RP!
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More new stuff added, folks. So whaddaya waiting for? Drop me a line! Do it!

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I would love to play something involving, hmmm:

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop-

Lulu from Final Fantasy:

And, perhaps the most strangely, Shiva from Final Fantasy.

I'm not really into the bishonen-type look; I'd love to play a lighthearted, rompish game more about the misadventures of the following heroines, with plenty of chances to get themselves into and out of trouble, and to exploit their...feminine wiles, usually with a succession of burly men, instead of a single partner. You could say it'd be something *very* much like the original mood of the series they're from- While I'd like the encounters to be somewhat exploitative, there should be plenty of chances for the vixens involved to look *and* act sexy, as well as to put their unique skills to use...


Made some changes and added some new genres this time, folks. So come on down and hit me up! Also, if you happen to be a partner of mine from before, don't be afraid to shoot me a message if you wanna continue! ;D
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Ack. I do apologize to everyone for not being as active as I should've been. But, I'll make up for it with getting some RPs with folks. So come on down and let's talk shop, eh?
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