Craving: Star Wars [ NC, BON, EX, etc. ]

Started by Hemingway, January 01, 2010, 08:23:17 AM

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As is often - usually, even - the case, I've started playing a game, and suddenly find myself wanting more than the linear story can provide. You know, wanting the sort of freedom only RP can provide.

It's not something I do often, but for once, I'd like to play a thoroughly evil character. A Sith, Dark Jedi, something to that effect. A female character preferably ( this would preferably be F/F ), as I can never bring myself to playing a sadistic male character. Your character would be a captured Jedi, slave, prospective apprentice, or something along those lines, and be forced to endure harsh torture and degradation.

I think it's safe, and only fair, to say that this is unlikely to be a plot-heavy game. However, I would still like a certain depth of character, and interesting interactions between our characters.

Little to no limits would be preferred, but just what will be included isn't set in stone, so if you're at all interested, but unsure of whether your limits are too, err, limiting, I suggest you ask regardless.

That about covers it, I think. Now, to play the waiting game ...

Actually, I think I'll play some KotOR while waiting, but it's all the same.