[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 125-127

Started by Marguerite, December 30, 2009, 08:12:04 PM

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Dec. 19th-21st [125-127] - Fazed & Confused

It was really a blur because I mostly slept in to take back the hours I lost in waking up early for morning classes or going to sleep late after studying for an exam or watching Sons of Anarchy. During those few days when I was out of it with the need for sleep Maja and lil' Mar-Mar were packing anything that was not packed for the trip. All in all, between the two the pair planned to take five bags with them and it was miracle the airport allowed them to take all five onto the airplane. This was before the whole terrorist with the flaming crotch thing happened. I was around on Elliquiy but kept getting distracted by sitting on a luggage so that it would zip close when Maja tried to use the zipper. It took lil Mar-Mar, Faja and I to aid in shutting the luggage close and even then we had to wrap rope around the thing to keep it from opening in case the zipper snapped.

This is really it. Maja and lil Mar-Mar are heading off to Guerrero, Mexico. No idea where it is? Here you go:

It is famous for a few things but you can look it up on Wikipedia which boasts more information than I would have known about my mother and fatherland. Yes, both of my parentals are from Guerrero and in fact lived only thirty minutes away from each other. Did the two meet in Mexico? Nope, both men up in good old California and made moi the same week the two became a couple. Maybe that is where I get my seduction skills if my Faja could be the Casanova and woo Maja. Hey now, my Maja and I joke about it and she even admitted that Faja was the second man in her life she ever dated but the first she become intimate with; you do not see anything like that anymore.

Honestly, I am going to miss them and another part cannot wait to cause a bit of mayhem. By mayhem, I mean sleeping in and making sure to keep in touch with friends. N and S, my good friends and new roommates are back in their own hometowns but I talk to them through text and chat when I want to see what each are up to; N. is being a very bad girl and I am proud of her. S. I will get her to at least stop on the Lords of the Ring saga and not try to convert me to watch or be interested in the books. I have no interest in Lords but will leave her to it when she wants to watch a marathon of the movies in the living room.

On that note, this female is off to watch a marathon of movies with a few loved ones. Adios for now.

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments.
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Snow Cherry

Hello Miss Marguerite,

Because you love comments so much, and because I did read your blog entry, I would like to say:

That I hope your parents have a safe and wonderful trip to Guerrero. I find it impressive that they both grew up 30 minutes from each other and met for the first time in California. I once saw a luggage bag wrapped up with duck tape like they thought it needed mummified in an airport... it is funny you had to wrap rope around their luggage, haha.

~ Cherry