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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 124

Started by Marguerite, December 30, 2009, 07:37:27 PM

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Dec 18th [124] - Finals Is Done & Done With The Roommates, Thank Christmas!

I know I have not made a blog in the past two weeks or so. Things have been up and down, roll it around and make it a cake. When you spend a lot of time with nieces and nephews for the holidays you tend to recite a few of the nursery rhymes while alone. I caught myself the other day singing Down By The Bay and even making up words to keep the song fresh and interesting. Nonetheless, time to get back to what I was trying to say in the first place. Past two weeks have been interesting. Let me break it down starting from the 18th of December which was the last day of finals and last day I would spend in the hellhole of a house with the three former roommates.
18th of December: It was my last final of the semester consisting of one hundred questions for Human Sexuality. I remember going to sleep early because of the week of finals I went to be earlier than usual. Usually, my body clonks out at ten o'clock because of the things I pack into the day. Not only do I go to school, work a vanilla job, enjoy the town with friends but I also need to think about the clients who paid for my Domina services. It never hurts to do a few sessions before I leave San Francisco and bring some spending cash in my pocket for the next five weeks. Once finals were over, I would be able to spend five weeks with the familia to rest up and take care of Faja while Maja and lil' Mar-Mar were away in Mexico.

Maja and lil' Mar-Mar always go to Mexico every winter break to visit familia. I have gone before a few years back but since then either school or work got in the way of visiting family. Now, honestly, I am not fond of making the trip to Mexico. To make it to the particular state in Mexico where Faja and Maja were born it takes a plane, sometimes two if there is a lay over, a small plane ride and a bus traveling against the side of a mountain to make it to the little town. I remember timing it the first time I went because I wanted to know how long the trip might take versus how long my Ipod would hold out with the music. The whole she-bang took around twenty-four hours. I think I slept for twelve hours to make up for now sleeping for most of the trip.

For the last three years I have stayed behind and hung around with Faja. Faja and I usually have the same tastes in music, literature, etc but we also have the misfortune to carry the tendency to argue and fight until we get the last one in. So far we only had one spat in which I went to bed early to avoid having to argue even more with him. We made up the next day by going to Old Sacramento on the 27th of December and topping it off with hitting Golden Corral.

Now as soon as I finished my final on the 18th, I made it back to the house to pack the rest of the things and wait it out for Faja and a cousin to come over to pick up the bed and dresser. The bed and dresser were too large to put into my little car but I could put about ninety percent of the items I had in the half room in my car. As I packed G, the roommate I shared the room with kept whining and asking me to stay a few more months or until I found someone to replace my space. I talked it over with the landlord and let him know my situation. I was not going to be held responsible for the room but I needed to come back on the 29th to hand over the keys and do a walk through of the room. Really, I spaced out on what the roommate kept talking about and concentrated on lugging my television and stuffing it into my car. When Faja and my cousin F. came to put the dresser and bed, I was out and had no plans to talk to anyone of them again.

Where the room once held everything I put together on August 16th, it was gone by December 18th, all of it planned to go back to the familia's place in the Valley. It will be there until I move into the new place with my friends and new roommates on the 21st. After that, the three of us plan to stay in to watch movies, gossip and eat as much ice cream as we all can consume. Hell, it feels great to be done with finals, the semester and most of all the roommates. Still, I have to come back to return the key and do the walk through but I am not going to let the old hellion roommates rain on my five week parade.

Miss Marguerite & The City
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