Looking for a patient female

Started by Lucinda, December 30, 2009, 08:55:41 AM

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Hi! I'm hoping to find a female roleplay partner for my first proper scene here on E.

I have filled in the ons and offs section, and i'm more than willing to discuss any aspect of then via PM if you wish. As an initial idea i'd like to try something in a high fantasy setting with myself as an elf girl. I'd like my partner to be dominant or at least willing to be equal in the relationship. For now i have no other roleplays going so i expect to be able to post at least two or three paragraphs around two or three times a day give or take.
Is there a lady of some experience out there willing to teach a few things both IC and OOC? PMs welcome!
"She distrusted a moon like that. A full moon could only wane, a new moon could only wax, but a half moon, balancing so precariously between light and dark ... well, it could do anything..."

*Luci's Ons and Offs Post*

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