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September 27, 2022, 03:59:20 pm

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Author Topic: Sub F Seeking Dom M - Heavy & Light Plots Included in this post!  (Read 661 times)

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Please private message me if you are interested with what you are interested in, your time zone, how often you are online, and when you are normally available. A bit of an introduction of yourself never hurts, either =)

When you private message me, please include a few roleplays you are willing to do from my list (or a few that you have come up with that you think I might enjoy based off of what you know already)

Also, I am very open minded. I always play the submissive role. I need a dominant male. I have not roleplayed with an overly dominate male (ex: rape, bondage, etc.) but I am very willing to. I can go either way. If your  character is more light, but still has a bit of a dominant side, then that's fine too. I just don't play the dominant role, not because I can't. Because I don't enjoy doing so. :)

Let's see if I can make a list of the roleplays I have done or am willing to do:

Dying to do it
It will take a bit of coaxing
I don't mind either way. Not dying to do it, but I don't need any coaxing, either

Harry Potter(Mind you, this happens to be the first simply because it is the very first roleplay I ever began so many years ago...)
I'm not dying to do a Harry Potter roleplay, though, usually when I do, I play Hermione. I can play Ginny very well, also. The pairings run from Hermione with Ron, to Hermione with Draco. I know it sounds absolutely absurd to put Hermione with Draco, but it does make for a rather heated roleplay... =) It's been years since I've read the books, so I am a bit rusty on every detail, but I do know all the main information. Also, don't mind me, I use a lot of smileys when I type. =)

And now, onto the pairings! Also, feel free to suggest any pairing that I have not included below! I am very open-minded...

Abusive relationship
She has stayed with her abusive boyfriend for far too long. He truly loves her but does not know how to show it. She is halfway out the door. How can he keep her? How can he stop her from leaving? Is it already too late?

Also, craving a roleplay pairing of the nice guy who helps the girl out of the abusive relationship.

Best Friends
For years, he has always been around. When her parents were divorced, he was there, and he helped her through. When her brothers would beat her, he would offer his bed for her to sleep in and they would stay up late into the night, simply talking about nothing. When her first boyfriend broke her heart, he was there with open arms and he wiped away her tears. Now they're both going to the same college and bunking together in a co-ed dorm. For years, she had tried to only see him as a friend, but her desire for him will bubble over during a drunken night. Little did she ever know, he kept the very same information she had kept from him. (Willing to compromise college. Perhaps just out of college. Perhaps they grew apart over the college years and meet up 5 years later. Perhaps one is married or engaged to be married. Willing to compromise anything, I love ideas. =))

Black Man x White Woman
It never crossed her mind that she would be so turned on by a black man. It was absolutely disgraceful in her incredibly Irish family to even give a black man a second look. She was the farthest from racist you could find, but this did not mean that she did not keep up appearances for her family. Her good italian boyfriend has been there for a long time. She is going behind his back to have relations with a black man, and meanwhile, she has fallen head over heels for her ebony lover.

Boss x Assistant

I am craving a bit of a extremely dominant/submissive on this one. Perhaps, they both work in the office. One of the two characters begins working at the others job. Either way will work. And your character slowly begins to get inside my head. We begin with light flirting. Of course, I find your character attractive, just as yours does mine, so I don't mind the light flirting. Perhaps, we go out for a business drink or a business dinner. Still, very professional besides the conversation begins to become a bit inappropriate. They both entertain it though, because they have had a few drinks.
They get to the point where she will make special trips to his office to simply tease him, nothing too obvious, but they both knew secretly, what she was really doing. Wander around his office, looking for those business cards that someone misplaced. Eventually, you can't stand the torment any longer, and the night you have been waiting for, comes. I have stayed late, and so have you. No one else in the building besides us, and you come onto me in a way that is incredibly menacing and I am unable to stop you. Of course, my body reacts in a way my mind is willing it not to. I swear that I'll go to the police, I'll quit, I'll leave. I'll get him locked up, but you have some sort of blackmail on me that will basically ruin my life if I don't do exactly what you want me to do. She'll never admit it, but she begins to enjoy being raped and taken advantage of by him very much.

Ex-Boyfriend x Ex-Girlfriend
(Time frame since they have broken up can vary. Weeks to months to years. No matter really...)
They meet years later, and realize the passion had never left either of their eyes. During their relationship, they fought hard, but they also loved hard. It was an intoxicating relationship, but it poisoned their minds. Eventually, it ended on a hot summer night, and neither of the two ever really got over the other.

Blind Date

Friends with benefits
It was an odd relationship. They were together a lot. Almost as if they were in a relationship but neither were at all. It was clear between the two they were only 'friends with benefits' and they were good at pleasing each other. At times, one would have a boyfriend or one would have a girlfriend. Still, they would continue to be friends with benefits without their boyfriend/girlfriend knowing. It was almost a bit more fun when one had a girlfriend or boyfriend. They would taunt the other and ask them if their girlfriend or boyfriend was as good as they were. Of course, they weren't. Now, what happens when he has feelings for her, and she has been proposed to? These little games can't continue, can they?

I prefer a male who plays a male, but I don't mind a female who prefers to roleplay a male. I just don't like to double and play male.
Oh, and unless you are actually a creepy pervert, there is very few things you can say to freak me out. Suggest whatever you like, the worst thing that can happen is I say no. =)