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Author Topic: Thymoit's Story Ideas [M/F] (looking for F)  (Read 724 times)

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Offline thymoitTopic starter

Thymoit's Story Ideas [M/F] (looking for F)
« on: December 27, 2009, 09:46:08 AM »
Love and Bondage Robert = me, looking for F co-worker

Robert works in the IT department for a small company in a suburb of a major US city.  He is a bit overworked.  He is more competent than his boss, but rarely gets credit for it.  With the economy as it is, he isn't really in a position to change jobs.  While he is fit and attractive, he is the classic computer nerd, introverted and quiet.  However, he has a secret double life.  Robert is fascinated with bondage and master/slave play.  More than settling down and marrying he wants to own a slave of his own.  That hasn't worked out too well for him so far.  He has read extensively, roleplayed on the internet, bought toys, but his attempts to find a slave in real life haven't worked out too well.  He has visited a local B&D club a few times, but didn't really fit in.  He dates on and off but his girlfriends haven't been really interested in exploring bondage.  He may have made a mistake with that.  He recently dated Clarissa who worked in the accounting department.  Things were going well, dinner, dates, sex, but when he suggested tying her up, she freaked.  Apparently Clarissa can't keep her mouth shut and is apparently spreading rumors at work that he is a pervert.  To make matters work the company has a strong puritanical streak which is making things more awkward.  Robert has started looking for another job, but isn't having luck finding one.

Looking for a female co-worker whose experiences mirror Roberts.  She's fascinated with bondage and being a submissive/slave, but it hasn't worked for her in real life.  When she's tried voicing her desires to her boyfriends they didn't treat her well.  They either couldn't deal with it or took things too far too fast.  When your character hears the rumors about Robert, she talks to Clarissa to get the scoop and finds out that Robert had only tried to tie her up.  While that horrifies most of the other women in the office, your character wonders if Robert might be the kind of lover who she could explore her dark fantasies with.  So she flirts with him a bit and Robert eventually asks her out.

I'm looking for a story with romance, dating and bondage all in the mix.  This is a story about exploring secret fantasies and I'd like to take it from the inital date all the way through collaring and marriage.  I don't want it to be all sex.  The plot revolves mostly around building trust.  Robert wants to take the master/slave past the point of play into reality, collaring your character and having her wait upon him.  I'm looking for a female character who has that as her deepest darkest fantasy and a player who will roleplay a realistic reluctance over turning over her autonomy to someone else.

Some factors to note in this roleplay:
Inexperienced - Neither Robert nor your character have done more than dabbled in bondage
Slow Escalation - Both characters want to explore bondage and have a master/slave relationship, but let's not jump into the deep end
Monogamous - I don't share well with others
Romantic - I think this story would end with a combined wedding/collaring ceremony
Secret - I want to play up the double lives aspect.  Both characters want to keep the bondage aspects of their relationships secret.  To crank this up a notch, they live in a city in the bible belt and the company they work for is privately owned.  The owner is very openly Christian and the company is very conservative.  Part of the sex antics will include doing things just out of sight.

Taken by Imogen:

Taken 'Master' = me, looking for F kidnap victim

This is a story I've played out many times over the course of several years.  The scenario is simple.  The girl goes to sleep at night in her own home.  She wakes up in a ten by ten foot cell totally at the mercy of her kidnapper who refuses to give his name and goes only by 'master'.  Master proceeds to break and tame her using a combination of physical force and brainwashing techniques.

While there is plenty of sex, there is a plot as well.  Ultimately the kidnap victim is the protagonist.  'Master' is static, he doesn't change.  The kidnapped girl goes on a journey from unwilling victim to slave.  I like to focus on the mindscrew aspects as 'Master' does everything in his power to break and mold his victims into the perfect sex slave.  I've played this scenario out before, what makes it different every time is my writing partner.  I want to see your character's thoughs and feelings.

I'm already playing this story out with some writing partners, but those threads are going really slowly so I might take on another.  This story starts as a one-on-one, but this is a shared universe.  I'm interested in taking this eventually into more of a group roleplay where 'Master' will be controlling a harem and the slaves would cross over making guest appearances in other's threads for MFF or FF roleplay as well.  However, I'm not taking any shortcuts to get there quickly.  So expect a long Master/slave breaking and taming session before any MFF or FF play.
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Offline Ms Mad Hatter

Re: Thymoit's Story Ideas [M/F] (looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2009, 05:39:10 PM »
Both of them sound highly interesting to me. The first one, mainly, because the second female character reminds me of me. Shoot me a PM or an IM if you feel like taking it up.